Stella Dimoko Comedian I Go Dye Implores President Buhari To Free Sowore And Make Nigeria Better Than It Was.......


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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Comedian I Go Dye Implores President Buhari To Free Sowore And Make Nigeria Better Than It Was.......

Comedian Francis Agoda (I go Dye) is one of the few who uses his social media handles to try and right whatever wrong he perecives......
This memo to President Buhari is everything right!!!

''YOUR EXCELLENCY @muhammadubuhari

Nigerian's predicament has been long frustrated on us, even then as a young youth like sowore, President Mohammadu Buhari you were 41 years in 1983
When you overthrown Shehu Usman Aliyu Shagari the first democratically elected President of Nigeria on December 31, 1983 our nascent democracy was truncated, but you had your reservations based on the 1983 coup, which aggregated some of the decisions and policies you instituted after taking over as Head of State. Your excellency, then ,you felt unhappy with the political structure as you highlighted in your speech back then in 1983.

Let me remind you that under Shagari government in 1982 fuel price was just 15.3 Kobo before he was later increased to 20 Kobo on April 20th, 1982
today fuel price is now 147 Naira .

Indeed, the story has even gone worst now, without hope insight, please sir, consider the pains that sowore might be trying to express.
We all cry everyday for freedom from poverty, insecurity, unemployment, poor health conditions,ethnic and religious intolerance, freedom from police harassment of our youths on a daily basis just to mention a few.

We cannot totally agree that all is well,when more than 10% percent of our population have left the country in search of greener pastures, while some of our youths are being killed everyday outside our border, What then is the hope of those left in the country? Our legislators have not added their voice of reason towards finding a way to bring about efficient and productive governance. I want to remind you that Nigeria belongs to all of us, the objectivity of sowore actions need to be considered.

The conscience of man is better than the Law of white man. Please kindly treat Sowore like one of your sons, whose ultimate goals is to have a better society, I am human and I feel the pains of millions of Nigerians who sleep every day without a meal, blinded by an hopeless situation. Please sir. on behalf of the voiceless listen to the voice of reason #freesowore and make Nigeria better than you met it. Thanks Amb Francis Agoda'' .

What do you think of his memo?


  1. mennnnnnnnnnnn, am seriously loving I go dye for this. please pa Bubu do the needful

  2. Please PMP, listen to the voice of the voiceless. "We all cry everyday for freedom from poverty, insecurity, unemployment, poor health conditions,ethnic and religious intolerance, freedom from police harassment of our youths on a daily basis just to mention a few".

    #freesowore and make Nigeria better than you met it.

  3. I like Igodye's use of social media

    Of all celebrities and famous people in Nigeria, I think I like his use of social media the best.

    He never shies away from topical issues.

    He advises without sounding self righteous, he fights causes and speaks for the voiceless.. He also cracks jokes, true to his trade.

    As for this memo,I agree, but expecting mercy from Buhari, would be like waiting for water from a rock.

    I wish Sowore the best, and pray it doesn't get ugly, because from the look of things, the Govt want to frustrate and break his back.

  4. I don't understand what Mr President is gaining from suppressing peoples voice, this country can't continue like this, we won't get to anywhere.
    I am severely in pain seeing the way the youths of this nation are gruelling in pains day in day out trying to etch a living for their selves and families.
    Paying tfare and feeding properly is so hard for the majorities.
    People can not feed on salaries, the ladies are going into runs and all sort to feed themselves and family.
    Moderate clothes are expensive, small businesses can not survive, power, road houses medical facilities are not there, even sporting facilities are hard to come by these days. The police and the military are not up to world standard, our airport and seaport are just there, pensioners are lavishing in poverty. Sowore is not the problem.
    Mr buhari, pls jettison politics and appoint the right people, stop inserting square pegs in round holes. Enough of loyalties to the cabals and god fadas if there is any.
    Pity the masses and honour ur vow to God. Aboro l'an so fun omoluabi

  5. Pmb didn't lock Sowore, the security of the country are doing their fundamental job. Whoever that's not okay should go out and protest against his arrest.
    He got himself in a mess and he need to witness the consequences of his stupid action..

    1. Don what did he do? Is he the first to mention revolution? This government is just crazy n inhumane. Thank you I go die for using your voice positively

  6. Bubu do the needful.Free the man jare

  7. Sadly the man from daura never listens to people other than maman daura,Isa funtua and his controllers,buharis incompetency and dictatorial tendencies is unmatched.

  8. May God Bless I go dye for this memo. There’s a lot of suffering in Nigeria. Sowore didn’t have to come home to run for office or speak up on the current or past administration’s failed governance, but he did. How many people dared to speak up?? Sowore should be released. If anyone actually believes he was going to overthrow this government, their mental health needs to be evaluated because they have lost their minds.

  9. Will he (the president) hear?? Someone they are supposed to send back from Japan abi where did he go sef. Nonsense!!!

  10. Thumbs up for his write up. This government is a disgrace, I swear.

  11. Good but he should be writing to the president Abba kayri not present buhari

  12. We all know Buhari is a dictator and not a good leader. shameless president. On Sunday, my Pastor did an alter call for those that wants to travel out of Nigeria, 98% of the church members came out, even a woman of 70 years, its as bad as that. May God destroy the generation of every evil leader in this country. Free Sowore, evil Man.


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