Stella Dimoko IPOB Members Perfect Plans To Protest Aganist President Buhari In New York..


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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

IPOB Members Perfect Plans To Protest Aganist President Buhari In New York..

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, on Tuesday, disclosed that its members have “perfected arrangement” to protest against President Muhammadu Buhari during the United Nations General Assembly, UNGA.

IPOB disclosed that its members would protest against Buhari’s tyrant rule and in support of the actualisation of Biafra “right in front of the UN headquarters in New York.”.

In a statement signed by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful, the secessionist group said Buhari who was billed to address UNGA this week, has destroyed Nigeria, hence the need for the protest.

The statement reads: “IPOB family worldwide especially our great family members in the US are on ground waiting for Buhari to appear in the United Nations General Assembly this week, the General Assembly is scheduled to start deliberation from 25th of September 2019 in the city of New York.

“Our people in the US perfected every arrangement necessary to protest against the dictator Buhari and his government in Nigeria during the summit to prove our resoluteness and determination for the coming of Biafra and how tyrant Buhari has become. The world must understand why Biafrans need outright freedom from unworkable system of Nigeria without much delay.

“Buhari and his Fulani government in Nigeria have totally destroyed this country and we must let the world know what transpired between Biafra and Nigeria since 1945 till date. We are aware Buhari departed Abuja for New York with 3 governors, 7 ministers to attend the UN General Assembly.

“IPOB is going to stage a powerful and unprecedented protest against him in US for the purpose of continued and incessant killing, arrest, destruction of properties and secret abduction of Biafrans both men, women and children every day and night in Biafraland. The plans by Fulani government of Nigeria to stop IPOB from demanding their right for free state and independent nation of Biafra will not work. The whole world must see IPOB right in front of UN headquarters in New York.

“Our case is now before the various specialised UN agencies or working groups with specialty in various specific monumental human rights abuses systematically perpetrated against Biafrans and other vulnerable individuals and groups in Nigeria.

“The Camallard’s recent press release on Nigeria is one such example that shows how irredeemable Nigeria has become. You can understand that only the press statement has rattled Aso Rock and Fulani cabals in the presidential villa Abuja and particularly those on the seat of power in Nigeria. IPOB is strategically moving forward to restore Biafra sovereignty in no distant future.

“Our meeting with UN officials last week were frank and forthright. If there were doubts before in their minds that Nigeria is one almighty calamity, the feeling we got after our discussions is that they now have a proper appreciation and deeper understanding of how irredeemably hopeless the case for one Nigeria has become in light of the reign of impunity, poverty, repression, unbridled corruption and collapse of the legal system.”
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Na wah.....


  1. But they said Buhari would be arrested in Japan.. Have they released him or they failed to arrest him? If the arrest didn't happen, I doubt if this new threat would happen

    1. Read very well again. They didn't say they will arrest him this time around but a protest to express their desire of a separate state. The way the struggle is gaining international recognition, I won't be surprised if the UN will compel Nigeria to conduct a referendum for the Biafran agitators

      Japan has already given them a seal and the full right to operate in the country. For those who will come up to argue it, please Google it before you do so. Nigeria is at the brink of collapse and disintegration.

    2. In April 1993 nearly 1 million voters in Eritrea (a quarter of the population), cast ballots to become "sovereign and independent" of Ethiopia. This vote was the result of thirty years of war by Eritreans during their War of Independence. The result was a vote for independence by 99.8% of the voters.

      History has proven that when countries  are asked to vote  on independence, more often than not, they say yes.  Do you know countless referendums have been  held across the world over the past seventy years i.e seven decade. According to Pew Research Center, eight countries  voted against independence referendum  while twentyfive voted for.

      Now let me give you the countries that got independence through  referendum. 

      1957---  Guinea
      1961--- Samoa, Jamaica
      1962---  Algeria
      1964---- Rhodesia, Malta
      1974---- Comoros (3 islands)
      1977----- Djibouti
      1979----- Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
      1990/1991---Slovenia. (Armenia, Azerbaijan,Croatia,Estonia, Georgia,Latvia, Lithuania,Macedonia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan).

      1992--- Bosnia & Herzegovina
      1993--- Eritrea
      1999--- East  Timor
      2006--- Montenegro
      2011--- South  Sudan.

    3. Kai Teejay; voice of doom!!!!! And maybe people like Teejay only make their contributions from the safety of their homes on a keypad.

      War has never benefitted anyone but the rich! Let's be guided in our utterances.

      Let's use our vuvuzelas to spread love. Let's proffer solutions instead of Fanning the flame.

    4. Adesega this is another Buhari. You know IPOB have plenty

    5. Just couldn’t hold this anymore, don’t you think you come out as someone who is so naive and gullible if you believe things said by the IPOB people without investigating further and having rational thought. How can you allow your fellow men brainwash you in this 21st century.

    6. Anon 20:01 you claim to be intelligent but you disappoint good reasoning. Where in my comment above do you see me mention war? Is an unarmed protest a call for war? I only gave insight on the issue of referendum and you have misconstrued it to mean war to you. Now let me explain to you that referendum have been held in Nigeria before you were born.

      A referendum on becoming part of Nigeria was held in Northern Cameroons in November 1959. Voters were given the choice between a union with Nigeria and postponing the decision. Voters favoured the latter, with 62.25% voting to postpone the decision. A second referendum was held in 1961, with 60% voting to join Nigeria and 40% voting to join Cameroon.

      The referendum  held in British Cameroons on 11 February 1961,  the Muslim-majority Northern Cameroons saw a majority of 60% in favour of joining Nigeria, whilst the Christian-majority Southern Cameroons saw 70.5% in favour of integration with Cameroon. Northern Cameroon officially became part of Nigeria on 1 June, whilst Southern Cameroons became part of Cameroon on 1 October.

      Those that canvassed for a referendum then were not labeled war mongers. It speaks of the magnitude of prevailing ignorance in Nigeria that people are in this age unaware of the fact that referendum has been used in Nigeria before to resolve a seemingly intractable issue.

      No war was fought and no ethnic group was threatened with annihilation.  If those parading themselves as leaders, with their much touted academic accomplishments, are not aware of this relatively modern history, then the pervading ignorance in Nigeria, occasioned by the spectacular collapse of the education system, is more generational than earlier thought.

    7. Lafresh I gbádùn you. This is definitely another Buhari not the one trapped down in Japan, àwọn afofun gbé mú.

  2. "I had to agree with late Chinua Achebe. You may openly disagree with late Chinua Achebe because of partisan-politics and crumbs that fall from  the corridors of power’s table, but when you are alone, on the inside of your bed-chamber, when you are face to face with the reality of Achebe’s stance, you know he was right. There was a country—where men of excellence held sway!

    During the lackluster and bland-reign of Obsanjo, when Femi Fani Kayode was speaking for him, Achebe was supposed to be decorated on a 1st of October, but he refused to accept the robe of honor that Nigeria wanted to use to cover his back. He reeled out the reasons for rejecting what many Nigerians would gladly pay millions of naira for. When Fani Kayode heard what the late literary giant said, he did not waste any time before lampooning him by reeling out non-existing statistics, pointing Nigeria to a state of Eldorado! This is what happens during every administration, since the birth of Nigeria. People are usually paid to lie to Nigerians, saying that Nigeria is working when obviously she is critically sick. Instead of Obasanjo’s administration to respond positively to what Achebe said, they attacked him, saying he was playing politics.

  3. Also, during the reign of Goodluck Jonathan, Achebe rejected our national honor for the second time. This is the reason he gave for rejecting our national honor: “for some time now, I have watched events in Nigeria with alarm and dismay…I have watched particularly the chaos in my own state of Anambra where a small clique of renegades, openly boasting its connections in high places, seems determined to turn my homeland into a bankrupt and lawless fiefdom. I am appalled by the brazenness of this clique and the silence, if not connivance, of the Presidency.” Till today, individuals are still stronger than Institutions in Nigeria. And the law that binds poor people is still enthroning rich people.

    Goodluck responded by calling Achebe’s refusal to accept our national honor, a regrettable decision, which may have been borne out of misinformation as to the true state of affairs in Nigeria…” For the umpteenth time, this is what happens in every administration. No one knows the true state of affairs of Nigeria—apart from those in power. When they are praised, they accept it, but when they are criticized, even objectively, they reject it. Some hours ago, a world-class organization spoke about the true state of things in Nigeria, relating to insecurity, but those who are being paid to speak for President Buhari said the organization is ignorant of the true state of things in Nigeria. Same inglorious-lines: from one administration to another.

    Even when you say that the roads to your village are not tarred and that there is power-outage everywhere in Nigeria, those who are in power would still say you are wrong—that you do not know the true state of affairs of Nigeria. No one knows anything, with the exception of those in the corridors of power. Political power—that is transient—makes people live in denial. Till today, everything late Achebe complained about is still with us. We don’t solve problems in Nigeria, we play politics with them. And it is so sad."

    1. I love the way u called obj reign and how u called gej reign.. Teejay u are just naturally biased.

    2. reign in other words means govern or rule. Check it out. I don't understand what you mean by naturally biased. Maybe you can do better to explain.

    3. What he means is that Obasanjo’s reign is bland and lacklustre (according to your article) but you did not qualify Jonathan’s reign with any such adjectives and that is just disingenuous.
      Anyway, we all know you did not write any of the stuff you posted. This must be the information IPOB circulates amongst it’s members. Teejay, it would be nice if you could give credit to the writer when you copy and paste.
      *omo Iya Doctor*

    4. If you read the Chinua Achebe's comment above, you will see the quotation sign at the beginning and the end as well to let you know I was quoting someone. The referendum analysis above is a historical facts so how is it copied when they are variable facts online which anyone can read and pick out the points?

  4. Article 20 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Right most lucidly proclaims in clear language that:

    “All peoples shall have the right to existence. They shall have the unquestionable and inalienable right to self-determination. They shall freely determine their political status and shall pursue their economic and social development according to the policy they have freely chosen.”

    Then the UN puts it clearly;

    The right of a people to self-determination is a cardinal principle in modern international law (commonly regarded as a jus cogens rule), binding, as such, on the United Nations as authoritative interpretation of the Charter's norms. It states that a people, based on respect for the principle of equal rights and fair equality of opportunity, have the right to freely choose their sovereignty and international political status with no interference.

  5. Like they truly had meetings with UN officials and they didn't blow the trumpet and release the video or audio coverage? 😑
    Teejay nobody gave anybody any seal or anything and which one is the full right to operate in the country? Any organization or group of people have the right to protest at any international gathering of it. That ipobs protested is nothing special because protesting/protesters has always been from time immemorial at such events.
    They will still protest at this one and nobody will be arrested if they're not going about it in a violent or disruptive way.
    Beer palor jist should not be thrown about as if it's the gospel.

    1. Ralu, can they lie with a country like Japan even in their soil and made a video of it and pictorial evidence displaying the certificate given to them to fully operate and open an office. Okay, What will you say about the head office in Germany? You should know better that IPOB have decided not to make public their meeting with the UN to keep Nigeria on the dark.

  6. And they had to let the cat out of the bag.

  7. IPOB is increasingly becoming an embarrassment. An association of touts. When you read through what that clown Teejay wrote up there you will begin to understand IPOB. Bunch of clowns. I feel so embarrassed to be an Igbo person

  8. Bunch of fools. Thought they said Buhari died long ago, that's the person in office is Jibril?
    I haven't seen a bunch of confuses clans like this before.

  9. Seriously, Teejay you are something else. I hope the money you're paid is worth the BS rhetoric you're spewing. World class organisation that's made up of heavenly angels that haven't been corrupted, abi? You think cutting and pasting things out of context can deceive people into thinking you're smart. You shamelessly irritating, half-baked, semi-literate IPOB stooge.

    1. Why are you crying? Did I beat you? Abeg swerve make I see road. Irredeemable idiot you are.

    2. See him wanking all over this post. Keep wanking all over the place, thats the only thing you know how to do best apart from talking through your ass.

  10. see people should not mind teejay. dude be saying nonsense from time, using style to stoke already burning flames. sometimes I read his comments and all I do is smh.

  11. Gosh why are this group of people always giving us the Igbos bad name.


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