Stella Dimoko Amebo Column -Dont Let Fashion Trend Define You


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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Amebo Column -Dont Let Fashion Trend Define You

Elders say na early morning you go know if your woman fine or not and Na true talk oo...

I heard trouble burst amongst new lovers over the use of waist trainner (*sipping water*).

The Man said it is deceptive,and the lady said it is like POP to help reform her shape! (side eyes).

The Man say na wetin im see outside attract him but after 'comoting' everything nau?! Na Oblivion!

Let us be honest,Some women case pass only shape restructure;They have lost other natural elements that could substitute for the shape in process.

Some don't have eye brows and lashes again, you have used fake lashes to 'comot' the original lashes God put there.

Some have neglected their natural hair so much that they can't go a minute without wig or weave.

If you watch some hair stylists trying to mat hair on some scalp before attaching extensions, your mouth will drop because there is No strand left Except the hairin the middle of the head, behind the ears and the back! 

Kiloshele gangan lai se irunmole! (when you are not a deity!)

You have no health issues neither are you loosing hair because of age. So what is the matter? Carelessness and laziness!

I have seen elderly women with neatly plaited hair, the grey hair is just another shade of beauty. So you are in your 20's and this is your case*

You cannot ask boyfriend to help you loosen weave, it is in the dark you go to salon! You will cover head with wrapper to remove weave!

Why you do yourself like this because of fashion trend,and laziness?

Men dey shout upandan say women now na ' the more you look the less you see'!

Some are battling acne, instead of letting him know that you are treating a stubborn acne case on your skin, you hide it with concealer when you step out ....

If the man has sense, he will accept you the way you are, Na pimples you get, no be person you kill oh and You won't have to carry make up to bed without having your bath fearing his reaction when he sees the real you without concealer and photoshop.

Why let the loss of a concealer, foundation in your make up purse throw you into panic mode? Your man seize your wig and you cannot go out!

If your waist trainner goes missing or gets spoilt, you cannot go out!

If the hair is not growing equally or fully, scrape entire thing and rock your gorimapa with swag! Na you get your head, na dem get dem mouth inugo?

Was this not how ladies from that popular church started rocking their 'natural hair' in buns and scarfs and the world began to swing that way!

Nothing stays in trend for so long so let us embrace it!

Na me
Amebo (Drining water but not minding my business)


  1. It's obvious you do not know where or how the natural hair movement started.

    1. Loud it! See her ascribing the movement to that church. Mtshew. If I were to go by how that church and its members handled natural hair, I no go near that hair. I know one of them that her frontal hair is lost due to tight Kiko and Didi. Is it the way it smells too? Abeg leave mata for Mattais. Nonsense and ingredients.

    2. Which church is she referring to? First time I am hearing this one.

  2. My natural hair is very precious to me. The amount of money I spend on it is not beans.
    I always love the compliments I get 😀😜😜😜

    1. Same here, going natural is the best hair decision I ever made. It doesn't cost me much to maintain though. Water/aloe vera juice spray and castor oil go a long way.

    2. @Zara
      But you don't have natural hair in this picture?

    3. 16:19 but that's mercy big brother on her picture nau

  3. Let's not deceive ourselves, men love and are attracted to ladies with makeup,wigs,shape wears etc.

    Most men will choose ladies that wear makeup over ladies that are natural.

    They will even tell you to "package" yourself.

    They deserve whatever they see/get afterwards.

    1. Who are you to speak for men? Speak for the men YOU know.

    2. I beg to differ @ gorgeous lilian. I'm a team natural lady (hair, body, face e.t.c) and my natural look is the first compliments I get from men.

      Men are aware of plastic ladies around and some of them still want a real looking woman.

      Not that I'm against any of what the writer mentioned.

    3. Not all. I've been practicing less is more these days and the compliments I get are more than I used to with wigs and all what not

    4. Be deceiving yourself. Shebi you are now "men".


  4. Without women issue, O wonder what will be left of artiste to sing not blogs to write...
    Practice what you preach tatafo, drink water and mind your business!!

  5. Moral of the story... be REAL.
    Whatever is trending now must surely end before you know it.
    A lot of people are not confident anyway. They try to hide their natural flaws to attract “men” who aren’t really worth it. Be brave and accept yourself for yourself ✌🏿

  6. Thank you amebo oo
    So many people are now talking to Naija girls.
    I've been saying it tey tey say them no get hair again o. Because of sewing and tailorings on their heads and scalps. The arrows always target my smooth nyansh 🏹🏹
    Some I think are even using super glue to gum strange hairs put there.
    You go jam persin for house come dey ask am where Angerina dey but you no sabi say na the reformed abi na self-deformed Angerina dey look you face to mask eh?😮😮😮😮
    Make una carry softly o. Some of these (ATM) men wey una wan catch get bald head and pot-belly and they carry it proudly like pregnant women on antenatal visits. They don't care!
    The other day I embrace one Naija sisi, I no sabi whether na electric pole I jam so. 😮😮😮
    Woman belle wey suppose soft like my own come dey like granite.. I been think say na outside clothe we dey wear belts but my Sisis dey wear plenty carry clothes cover am o.
    Whether na new suffocating style be that one,🤐🤐 how I go take know?
    Ajuju ooo

    1. Your yansh must be very rough now from arrow shooting 😏
      Lol @electric pole.

    2. @Slutty Chikito
      Na that roughness be una wishes but una no fit na
      If no be for Jesus, una for don turn am to concrete
      but e smooth pass butter o

  7. 'Was this not how ladies from that popular church started rocking their 'natural hair' in buns and scarfs and the world began to swing that way!'
    Abeg the world is not swinging the way of that popular church o! The ideaology behind the movement for natural hair totally differs from the reason why that 'popular church' is preaching natural hair or how they take care of it. I am proudly a naturalista and it has nothing to do with that 'popular church'. For decades, their members were preaching natural hair and yet they did nothing to improve the prevalent knowledge on how to manage natural hair until the so called 'people of the world' came to show us how we can better manage the hair and rock it well. Now they are learning from the 'wordly people' how to rock their natural hair. The irony of life.

    1. God bless you. This Amebo person is so ignorant, it’s actualy laughable

  8. Replies
    1. I beg to disagree. Allow people live however they want. If using waist trainer is what makes you feel good about yourself, by all means do. If a man won't be about it when you remove it, that's his business. Women should learn to do things for themselves, for their own happiness & not to please men. No, I am not fat, neither is my face acne prone, infact, it's smoother than ANG's bum 🤣

      In essence, a man that is not comfortable with however way a woman decides to look has problem with himself. Women weren't created to to always dance to the whims & caprices of men!

    2. @Odun, probably the only sensible comment so far. This policing of women has no place in the world today. SDK, please reconsider what you use your platform for. Its your site, yes but you owe society a duty of care. Let women live.

  9. My wife was pretty. I adored her. But two years into the marriage her father died. And by tradition, she is supposed to shave her head. When I saw the moundy hammer she carried for head with a valley in the middle, I no do again. I am happily divorced now.

    1. Ha! Just because of that? Did she create herself?? You never really liked her. SMH.

    2. What a shame. Just because of the shape of her head, you divorced her.
      There are people who still love their partners even if they go crippled.
      You never really loved your wife.

    3. You are silly for this comment.
      You had no business getting married in the first place, you are still a little boy.
      Marriage is for adults.

    4. She's better off with you.

    5. See this psychotic element, women please before saying i do, observe the mental health of the man.. My ex was exactly like this, i notice it and ran away

    6. 😂😂😂😂😂 the human beans here are something else

    7. These are the ‘men’ the columnist is saying you should bare yourself to


  10. My mom ,my dad and my boo in particular hates natural hair no matter how lovely you style it ... my mom even gave me an ultimatum to relax my hair by December or she will apply it while am asleep... 😂😂😂

    1. Hate is a strong word and it's very strange for someone to simply "hate" natural hair

  11. Is this supposed to be funny?������. If this is true, you are wicked. Someone who is supposed to be your wife mourns her Dad, and you claim you divorced her cos of her head. ����

  12. In as much as I'd love to be all natural, but poster, I strongly disagree with you when it comes to hair.
    I'm a lady who has done everything humanly possible to grow her natural hair, but its not yielding, its scanty with very annoying receding hairline, no I've not done anything harmful to my hair, guess its hormonal, I've prayed, cried and all.
    You think I don't want to rock natural hair?
    Anytime I want to go into a relationship, that's the only thing that discourages me, how do I face my boyfriend with such hair? I'm tall, fine babe, with a dark beautiful skin but for bad hair.
    Just as mum ll jokenly say, I was on a journey when God was distributing hair.
    I've stopped going to the salon because of the embarrassing questions and the look I get. Shaving the hair isnt even an option, because the bald patches ll be so obvious.
    You don't know the battle people are fighting, you think I want to spend so much money buying wigs, you think I don't want to look natural?
    There's more to all these my dear. If you're blessed and endowed as a women shouldn't make you think everybody is same, just thank God for your life and face front.

    1. Have you seen a dermatologist? There is a procedure they do (even now in Lagos) that the inject blood from your face into your hair follicles to stimulate them and make hair grow. Alot of US celebrities have been doing it for years but its abit popular now. Why do you think they all have fine hair? You think they were born that way? Try it first and see. Reduce money on wigs.

      You can also go bald and rock it without patches. Theres something they apply on scalp that makes hair not grow for a while. Men who shave bald do it.

      Sometimes it's just information we need. Your case isnt the worst abeg.

    2. Visited trichologists countlessly. I'm saving up for surgery

  13. I am all up for wearing wigs but sometimes, take a few weeks to treat your natural hair. Do weaving or thread and apply treatments to help hair grow.

    I am all up for makeup, but ensure you practice good skin care and get into a sustainable routine according to your budget. Wash makeup off every night, apply facial treats and moisturise. Use sunscreen during the day as a base for makeup. Get a clinical formula for your acne if you have to.

    I am up for wearing body shapers but eat right and hit the gym too. If you cant hit the gym, work out at home.

    Articifical things aren't meant to replace natural things. They should enhance. Take care of the natural one you have, first. Balance is key.

    1. SDK, see how Chikito phrased her opinion? Tactfully.


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