Stella Dimoko Grandfather Accuses Wife Of Bedding 9 Men And Begs Judge For Divorce But He Is Told To Settle With Her


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Friday, December 20, 2019

Grandfather Accuses Wife Of Bedding 9 Men And Begs Judge For Divorce But He Is Told To Settle With Her

What kind of story is this?why are people like this?OMG!!!!

Sunday Udo, a civil servant, on Thursday begged the Jikwoyi Customary Court in Abuja to dissolve his 28-year-old marriage over his wife’s flirtations with nine men. Udo made the allegation in a divorce petition he filed against his wife, Alice Udo.

“When we got married, we were living together in Lagos, after she delivered our first child, she travelled to the village to see our parents, instead of her to go to my parent’s house, she went to her parent’s house.

“She soon started having affairs with different men which she confessed to me, saying there were nine of them,” 

 Udo told the court that he reported the matter to his father-in-law who said he was totally against such act.
“I reported the matter to her father, her father asked if that was madness or if something was wrong with her. “When I told my mother about it, she advised me to come and pick my wife and child and take them with me to the city,” the petitioner said. 

Udo also told the court that his wife travelled to campaign for politicians without his permission.

“My wife made arrangement with one of her boyfriends so they can travel together and she spent three weeks with her so-called boyfriend,” he said. Udo begged the court to dissolve the marriage. 

Alice Udo, the respondent, who was present in court, told the court that she was not willing to open the case herself, that her lawyers would be present at the next sitting. 

The Judge, Jemilu Jega, advised the petitioner to reconcile with his wife, saying: “You are already a grandfather, any lady telling you that she loves you, at your age, could probably be talking to your pocket because you have a job,” Jega said. The case was adjourned until Jan. 13, 2020 for hearing or report of settlement.

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He is already a grandfather but the Instances he cited were things that happened in the early Marriage.....This is the kind of man that keeps a book recording wrongs and will never let one have peace of mind in the marriage...9 times and he forgave her?So,if it is true,why bring it up in court as excuse for wanting a divorce?.....Toxic husband!!
He got good advice from the Judge


  1. Seems he is fed up. I pray he does not harm the woman

  2. How is he Toxic Stella?. Nawa O.

  3. Na wa....o,how will she go to your parents house when hers is still alive and she will be more comfortable in her own house.I'm sure thats the info her inlaws gave to him.

    1. So, that's the only thing You read on the post?πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  4. Cheating is not good. But if I should catch my partner cheating, forget it because I will so cheat.

  5. Stella, I don't understand this your judgment o

  6. How has the table turned to curse the man instead of the woman that rode 9 men?
    The one that is toxic in this story is the woman.
    The man might have forgiven her. But forgiveness does not mean he has decided to live
    with her. He might have waited for their kids to grow with their mother/father before
    seeking for a divorce. This man is rare in the Nigerian setting.
    When your wives tell you they want to go to their parents house to birth safely, this is it.

    1. If a married man was having 9 mistresses, even one, all the ladies on this blog would have castrated him with their mouths. Now the orchestra is singing another tune. Blaming the man for his wife who is a serial hoe.

  7. The man has seen a new woman. That's why he wants the divorce. And what other excuse to use than something he had supposedly forgiven his wife for years ago! I don't condone adultery but the moment you accept your cheating partner back, the sin suppose don wash away

  8. Stella the woman cheated then and she's still cheating. The election thing should be a recent one.

    So a grandfather can't complain but a grandma can be going about fucking?

    Grandpa is tired biko

    1. "So a grandfather can't complain but a grandma can be going about fucking"


  9. The adulterous wife is the toxic one here!
    That judge is not a good judge... The woman is still running things with politicians.

  10. there are more to dis, the man is really hurt, because his wife betray his trust, the marriage is toxic , i pray dis do not destroy the children.........steps on how to create a user name


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      Now click on that letter "B" by your left which is where your photo is supposed to be displayed..

      2) A page would be shown,then click on "EDIT PROFILE" at the top,by your right..

      3) Scroll down and locate "PROFILE PHOTO" then click on "CHOOSE FILE" and select any picture of your choice..
      Be patient and allow it load properly(a spinning circle) then scroll down and click on "SAVE"..

      4) To edit your BLOG ID,scroll down and click on "PROFILE NAME" then edit it to any pseudonym of your choice..

      Hope this helps..


  11. Nawaoooo... The man is tired, he has endured for too long and the wife refuse to repent. Dont blame the man he is tired.

  12. this kind of man will never forgive you.

  13. Grandpa has gotten a young Fish that wanna ride him...hmmmmm Grandpa becareful o the Judge has said it well...


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