Stella Dimoko Entrepreneur Wale Aladejana Talks About Generational Patterns That Exist On Families...


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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Entrepreneur Wale Aladejana Talks About Generational Patterns That Exist On Families...

Sapphire group CEO and social media evangelist, Wale Aladejana has given an insight into generational patterns that exist in every family....This is a must read!

He lists some things that could be a generational pattern...oh wow!!!


  1. Kia this is what i just discussed with my sister this morning. I just finished reading the book of Genesis and i had to discussed this with my sis. It really opened my eye

  2. He's so right. I saw the one in my family earlier and prayed against it.

  3. Women, before you marry a man, watch the men in his family. Chances are high he'll treat you the way the men treat their wives.

  4. In my hubby's family they are ten,
    8 has never stayed with one man or woman.
    One is in married
    My hubby's is the only one whose marriage is still standing,
    That scares him greatly from cheating.
    He always prays about it.
    That the grace never to break his family must continue to stand.

  5. My grandfather had an incestuous relationship with his cousin when they were kids. It produced a child. Our family was big in our state then. so big that musicians even sang a song about it! Hmm! It was a big scandal. It’s a family secret and a family shame. It was so shameful that family members claim more my grandfathers maternal ancestry.

    My brother tried that shit with me when we were small and I fought him. Only to hear the story when we grew up. I have forgiven him because we were little kids and he was acting out what he saw in porn. But when I grew up and heard this gist I wonder. Even before hearing the gist it makes me watch my nephews and nieces very carefully because kids like to act out what they see. I sincerely hope it’s not genetic!!! Our family girls can fine too ehn! All my nieces are extremely gorgeous and I am not even saying it because they are my nieces.

  6. anon 16:42.Have you been going for deliverance?(I speak in d continuous term becos these things take time to clear away).If you haven't,pls do.


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