Stella Dimoko Musician Mr Bombastic Explains How His Father Abandoned Him At Birth But Now Running After Him...


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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Musician Mr Bombastic Explains How His Father Abandoned Him At Birth But Now Running After Him...

Musician Mr Bombastic who is signed to Chocolate City record label narrated on Tiwtter how he Father abandoned him and didnt give a hoot but now trying to demand 'Respect' because of his new status....

Lol @ ''Warm Regards''................This is emotional blackmail.


  1. Na their way be that,just forgive and forget.

    1. Same as my dad who was never a part of our life but disturbing me with text messages to buy him a phone and a car 😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔.
      Can you imagine, a man I've never known all my life. I am 42 years now and my mum paid the price since I was born.

  2. The father is here for the fair weather, once weather changes,ogbeni will return to default mode.
    Emotional scammer.

  3. God forbid this kind of Father. Such fathers are nothing but users. Mtcheeeeeew.

  4. Correct emotional blackmail. Very annoying!

    No child deserves to be neglected. He/she never begs to be born. Abandon them at your own risk cos old age will gist you what's up.

    1. Now you all know how it hurts. Have you all forgotten that Meghan is wicked and bitter because she cut her father off? Keep the same energy here.

      Cynthia thanks for sharing the space with me.

    2. @Chomil, don't mind them. Everybody forgot how Meghan's father and siblings demonized the girl even before her wedding. I'm shocked at the reaction of most BVs when most complain of bad in laws who interfere in their marriages. I pray her marriage to Harry lasts till death do they part. Is that not how the British Media were hounding the Beckhams? They are still together despite the naysayers.

    3. What are you saying Chomil. This case is far far different from meghan's own.Meghan's dad took care of her,she stayed with him most of the time.Her father took care of her and her education.Her uncle even linked her to a reputable firm in canada for her internship. She is even his favourite daughter. Go online and see pictures and articles ,i rarely saw pics of her mom with her.Before she met Harry in 2016,she actually said so many nice stuff about her dad on father's day.
      I believe her dad was not good enough to met Harry,Terrible daughter.
      The fact that she pushed her dad aside was when her problem with the British public started,no family member attended her wedding except her mom who was not there most of the time,it shows alot about meghan's kind of person. Big red flag.
      She used her mom,so that blacks can identify with her .She dey find support. Her mom was never in the pic .
      And yes ,she is bitter and wicked.
      I hope you keep same energy when your love ones sees you as not good enough after toiling for them,when they make it.

  5. The guts of the man to guilt trip him.
    Why is this particular christmas suddenly important to him? Cos the boy is popping now.

    He reserves the right to ignore his messages too,until he is ready.
    Btw, Didn't know his name is Eneka, he is super talented.

  6. Mtcheeeew he should take care of his mum and siblings

  7. Hmmmmmm,,,! He wants to reap from where he never sowed. That's how they abandon you when you need them after they will be running after you when you make it or have turned gold.

    My own experience is same ooo. Father never cared. Slaved myself through youth. Went to Uni without help or a dime from father or mother. But at old age with no other child of his hitting it big he now wants to reckon with me. Never knew or cared if i was alive or not. Now a successful woman in goverment, my phone will not stop ringing.
    Bunch of gold diggers.

    So what is disrespecting about telling him you will get back to him? Abeg ignore him. For now I am facing my lane I do the little I can but not as i should have done if they looked out for me.

    1. Anon, did I type this. My father raped my mum, abscounded when she got pregnant, my mum had to drop out of school to give birth to me, bore the stigma solely. Today, I am a graduate and I cannot wait to put a smile on her face for all the years lost to shame and ridicule. God, please bless me with a job this year so my mum can enjoy the fruit of her labour.

  8. Really emotional blackmail. SMH. The young man ain't got no "son feelings" towards him. Its going take a great deal of time for his mind to psychologically & emotionally reset back to "his Dad's son" status.

    The Dad is just using the wrong approach + pride that will further push the boy far away.

  9. Emotional blackmail in the highest.

    Forgive him, move on no need to stress you. When you have friends willcome if no money friends will go.

  10. Mtsheww, sadly this happens a alot!

    1. Even the ones that didnt run away when you were born but just manage to train u with a grudging face because of what society will say. Are behaving like Emeka's father just because you just started working with a meagre salary they now feel you must begin to share in the 'loads' of the family just because Maazi Nnamdis son who works in oil company is building a house for his parents, feeding them, training his younger ones etc so they feel that's the thing to do. Stella the pressure in Nigeria society is becoming too worrisome especially in Igbo land. Stella when are we going to talk about African parents entitlement mentality?
      Pls this should be a topic on its own.
      I wonder how a man who desired for 6 children by all means will not want to take care of all of them again only because he has two or three older children who just graduated and haven't barely stood on their feet. They must jointly train the other kids who are still behind...this is a father who has landed properties and was still building while we were growing up. What is he really using the money for? Abi we shouldn't be planning for our own future family?

      So Emeka u better run away from a father like this or else he will use demands upon demands to finish your career...even bad advise won't be far from him.

  11. I hope other absentee fathers learn from this. Never abandon your seed, never ever, irrespective of your issues with the mother.

  12. My dad (my stepdad ) Married my mom when she was pregnant of me .i never knew he wasn’t my real dad till I turn 14 they burst my bubble !
    I was told the whole truth , it’s kinda ruin me for a while. So when I turn 16 I decide to make my own personal findings and I started using archive and certain documentations to find my biological father .
    I was curious , I wanted to hear his side of the story .my search wasn’t successful sigh.
    I had to summon courage,I spoke to my dad about my desire to hear from my biological father we both know my mom will be mad and not oblige to such request .
    My dad did his findings a few travels on his part here and viola he found him lol.
    I was so overwhelmed, I had mixed feelings I wasn’t quiet sure what I wanted but I still went on to meet him 😂
    Good lord , we look so much alike ! Same unruly curly hair ,same eyes colour , same high cheek bones ,our mannerism was similar I was basically is female version .There was no way in hell he’ll deny me 😂
    Oh well we spoke a few times after That day and each time he’ll tell me he’s not my biological father(We met three times after that ) , he kept coming up with all sort . I told him I wasn’t interested in him raising me I just want to hear his own side of the story more like a benefit of doubt . We were both civil with conversations And that was the last time saw I him or have any conversation with him ..
    Im 28 years old , an expatriate, I’m Doing okay financially
    Since last year he’ll send me emails every week and constantly “gaslighting “Me , I heard goes over to my parents house to threaten my dad and all that Bs .
    I really can’t be arse to be honest

  13. Life! Whatever you sow, you reap.

  14. I wish every child would ignore their sperm donors who were never there when they were needed. It pisses me off when I see those children suddenly buy into the "I am a changed man/woman" story. Most are not. They are just looking for who they can leech from.

    Yes, I know the Bible says we should forgive. You can forgive and keep them off your life.

    A woman would singlehandedly raise her child/children while the sperm donor is busy donating his sperms to others, then the child grows up, becomes successful then the man shows up?!

    1. I just taya o

      Every sperm donor should keep calm because what you sow you shall surely reap no time.

      I am single handedly raising my son with zero support and input from his father which is his choice. I will never beg a man to take care of his child. He can spin his story to my son in future because i will never ever sit down to hear stories or apologies. I am facing my responsibilities with my chest!

  15. Irresponsible creatures everywhere

    The worst are the ones who abandon or ghost children, deny pregnancy

    Then those who have issues with the woman and deliberately abandon financial and paternal care of children to the woman to " deal with or punish her " with the burden of children care and cost

    If you are such a man

    You are worse then an infidel and GOD must surely reward such evil and wickedness against innocent children.

    Fear GOD and do the right thing /do good!


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