Stella Dimoko Housewife Hacks Mother In Law To Death For Interfering In Her Marriage


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Saturday, April 04, 2020

Housewife Hacks Mother In Law To Death For Interfering In Her Marriage

Some Mothers In law can be nightmares but to kill anyone is not advised or recommended....

A housewife, Rosemary Osegha Chem, in Abena Community, Doma local government area of Nasarawa state has hacked her mother in law, Mrs Ashi Chem to death over her undue interference in her marriage.

Rosemary who got married to her husband, Abaagu Chem in February 2016 said her mother in law opposed the marriage from the beginning and insisted her son would not marry her.

Abaagu was not perturbed by his mum's dislike for his love interest, Rosemary and went ahead with the marriage.

Three years down the line and with Rosemary unable to have a child, Mrs Ashi was able to convince her son to get a new wife who would bear children for him.

Rosemary said

“My mother-in-law made life unbearable for me because I could not bear a child for her son. It has been hell for me from day one of this marriage. My mother-in-law did everything humanly possible for me to leave the marriage including bringing in a new wife for my husband.

Rosemary revealed that in order to save her marriage, she decided to kill her.

She confessed that on the morning of Saturday, March 18, she took up an axe and hacked her mother in law to death in her sleep.

Rosemary said she could not afford to leave her marriage since her parents were dead and she noticed that her husband was beginning to do the bidding of his mother.

Abaagu Chem who was questioned by The Nation correspondent countered his wife's report. He noted that his mother was compassionate and caring.

"Never did I doubt her unconditional love for me. She had taught me to dream and ultimately to live unselfishly.
“My mother was not wicked or cold-blooded as my wife is painting her. I used to tell her to be calm, but she refused. What does she want me to do? To fight my mother who gave birth to me?
“Now that she has killed my mother, she will be the one to tell me what she wants, and at the appropriate time, I will battle it out with her. I won’t take it lightly.”

The Nation

*Will she not go to Jail?


  1. Replies
    1. Now we see that the mother in law was right in opposing that marriage from the beginning. I am sure the woman saw straight through to the venomous heart of her daughter-in-law

  2. She should be killed too, shikena!

    1. Many ladies give poisons to mother in law

    2. 14;12 spiced with plenty curry, open a portion and drop snipper. Told my mother today that with her behavior as a mother I would kill her if she were my MIL.

  3. Oya clap for yourself na. You don win. Oya stay married to your horse and.

    Foolish woman. Don't worry, your parents will welcome you soon

  4. This one don't want to leave her husband but think killing the woman will give her peace.
    I don't know how some people think like a lunatics like this.

    The husband will dishowned her and she will be jailed eventually.
    Stupid woman.

    1. It beats me too. It's a pity.


    2. By the time some mothers in law are done frustrating your life, you will prefer them dead and you going to jail or even being killed

    3. Okay, kill your own mother in law too and watch yourself join this fresh inmate in jail.
      Ita not by force, pack out if you're tired. Anon 15:47

  5. Well she has saved her marraige for the other woman by going to jail and maybe death for manslaughter. Foolish, foolish rage.

    Ecclesiastes 7:7 Opression makes a wise man run mad........
    Opression, affliction (no child since she married) plus provocation and plans to be bounced by her mother inlaw turned her to a MAD WOMAN.
    Lets be slow to anger with wisdom.

  6. No need for you to battle anything out with the shedevil.
    Foolish woman. Has she now saved her marriage? Mumu girl. Ode!
    The Law will do the needful.
    Rest well Mama.

  7. This story is somehow. How can you kill your mother inlaw and then you think your husband will support you and you'll have peace? That's the height. I can't deal

    1. She probably did not know she would he found out

    2. She obviously has a mental illness and maybe depression from being barren plus mother inlaw wahala triggered the disease

  8. This is so sad ,
    Now she would end up in jail , the husband would get married to someone else and possibly have children ,
    She would end up in misery , it would have been better if she walked away .
    How do people kill another human being?

  9. Rosemary should be featured on the ID channel program, Snapped.

    1. Hahahaha Snapped.....women who kill.
      Love the programme.

  10. SHE-DEVIL.
    Hope you have saved your marriage now. Your husband will now have a happy marriage with his new wife and kids.

  11. This one no follow o.
    She is just wicked.
    No matter what, the woman did not deserve death🤦🏽‍♀️

  12. Hmmmm...

    There's no excuse for murder.

    People who make life miserable for TTC women, God is watching you all.

  13. It is well oh... Everyday one story or the other...


  14. Evil Rosemary! No wonder her mother inlaw never liked her!
    I've always said that if your parents say no to your choice of husband or wife, think twice before screaming "But I love her or him" ask questions. They might be right.

    Don't be adamant, don't bring problems to those who have been there for you all your life before one stranger came all in the name of husband or wife.

    Any woman that does not want her husband to love and care for his parents and siblings is evil and should be ready to be disgraced by her own children's spouse too.

    He that kills by the sword shall die by the sword.

    God is not mocked,whatever a man sow,that shall he reap.

    1. So none of you saw how the late MIL made her married life miserable and even got a second wife for the son because the woman is TTC? Pray not to have that kind of MIL.

      But she went too far o. She should have left the marriage instead. Now she has lost everything

  15. No be jail o. E fit be hangman. So sad
    Naija girls.
    If you have killed before (in the wombs -shooting off babies)
    And you have not repented, made Jesus your Lord and mourned for those
    You can kill again.
    But note that "by man shall your own blood be shed". Genesis 9:6
    So sad to read this.
    Ndi uta can shoot at God's Word up there.

  16. Some day,some of you women will become mother in law.

  17. Her husband may never get married again!

    She will most probably be sentenced to life imprisonment or to death.


  18. This is so sad, now she will rot in jail without the husband she was struggling to keep.

  19. Nasarawa State with weird weird news.

  20. She is so silly

    Why kill her?

    Whenever a mother oppose your marriage to his son? Walk away. The son might be fighting tooth and nail but at the end, if there is any little challenge, he will do the bidding of the mother.

    As you killed her, you proved her right that you are are not a good person.


  21. Nawa oo!! End time daughter in law

  22. Mama you for mind your business now!! Rosemary you see where pepper body carry you land now?? It is well.

  23. This is one of the reasons men should rent apartment before marriage if possible stay a little bit far from your parents

    1. Anyone who cannot do so is not ready to marry


  24. This is wickedness
    Now you will go to jail

  25. Honestly some in-laws are wicked! My brother’s girlfriend keeps staying on my matter. I have never spoken I’ll about her but she will tell him lies then he will come and attack me. Meanwhile I have never quarreled with her. I can’t wait to get a job and move out of here

  26. Good for the stupid mama, rosemary you'd have just poisoned her

  27. Haba

    Please don't poison anyone
    Nobody is worth it


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