Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Coronavirus Cases Rises To 5621


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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Nigeria's Coronavirus Cases Rises To 5621

Hmmmmmmmmm.......The number of Officially reported cases is not the problem,what worries me is the unreported cases.....


  1. Put your hand up if you have personally heard of or seen someone with the virus.
    State your location for clarity.

    1. Hahahaha me i haven't.
      How many of us have even seen or heard where they are testing people yet new figures everyday.

    2. I have...a colleague in another branch tested positive.

    3. I haven't seen. But believe it's real, God help us.

    4. We are a populous nation.
      It’s perfectly normal to not have personally seen or witnessed any case near you.

    5. I have seen. My uncle had it. He survived it We lost two people in a space of one week from the virus( died in the UK) I even think I got it as it was the mild one cos I started wheezing from nowhere. My throat was painful. If I touch my throat it seemed like I had a wound somewhere inside. I had dry cough. If I talk for like 30secs, I would breathe in heavily. The self isolation/lockdown helped us all recover from it cos I stay alone and I was on the ginger therapy and lemon stuff.

      I think I may have got it cos that period we were surrounded by plenty returnees from the UK not US especially who came in even before the govt started tracing people with their dates.

      Most people actually got the virus and brought it home long before we started realizing what was even happening. It kind of creeps in on one and if you are not observant you think it’s just a mild cold.

      All this happened in March and early April.

    6. I know about 5 staff of a private hospital in Lagos who are positive. I know them personally. My dear it's real.

  2. Each time l see this. All l look at is the discharged cases. Thank you lord for healing your people.

  3. There are unreported cases in all countries regardless of how advanced the countries are


  4. May God help us so that things can go back to normal 🙏

  5. Oyo result is fake

  6. imagine Zamfara has a new case, but has asked churches and mosques to resume their activities. Jumat service was observed as well, My Neighbors are on their way to who is deceiving who🤔


  7. For every number of cases shown, I subtract the number of discharged. It’s easier to handle like that make person no worry too much.

    Most countries are underreporting. It’s not peculiar to Nigeria alone. Most of them are not even adding those that died at home. I think what we should concern ourselves more is the discharged cases and deaths.

  8. Have not seen, heard of someone having it but I know Coro is in Nija.

    CNN and their network stations shows people who are sick or have it. Here in nija na figures I dey see on this blog.

    Everyday ncdc will bombard my phone with messages.

    Time will tell. Also fgn asked that none should talk what treatment they gave them.

    This country self. Only God can deliver this country

  9. I guess Nigeria is reporting according to their test capacity. No country has been able to test every citizen so there will be a lot unreported cases especially those without any symptoms. I think Africa is doing good compared to the predictions of the so called developed countries. Wash your hands as often as you can, use mask when you can't guarantee a social distance of 1.5m, we'll get through this but this Covid-19 will affect the way we live and think for a very long time!
    God protect our country Nigeria!

  10. It is definately real, but i think this thing has been in Nigeria since January February. The only thing is we became recently aware. Alot of people have caught the virus and gotten better or died and we would have associated it to either witchcraft or BP or one of the other symptoms without thinking of any other disease. I think our ignorance has allowed us have it and then moved on. See the anon above who said she had the symptoms, alot of people have had it but being undiagnosed treated for malaria and typhoid. Or took herbal drinks and started getting better. God hasn't forsaken Nigeria o. He loves us

  11. Lagos state govt are lying

  12. May God heal the world in Jesus name amen.


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