Stella Dimoko Actress Ada Ameh Says Nigerians Are Entitled People And Advises Her Colleagues


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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Actress Ada Ameh Says Nigerians Are Entitled People And Advises Her Colleagues

Nollywood Actress Ada Ameh,has advised her colleagues to learn how to privately keep their relationship from the public

Ada maintained that it is better when a relationship is kept as private as possible, and that everything shouldn't be make it to social media

Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats , she said, “ We emulate people that do not have values . It is better and more beautiful when one's relationship is kept as private as possible . Being a public figure doesn’t mean one should share what happens in one ’s bedroom. Even the ones that are doing it know they are doing the wrong thing. It is not part of our culture .”

Asked if she thinks Nigerians expect too much from celebrities

Ameh said , “ Nigerians are entitled people . I grew up in Ajegunle ( Lagos State) and in Ajegunle, what we do is ‘ one for all , all for one’ . If one has , one shares with one ’s friends and acquaintances . That was where I learnt practical love. 

In Nigeria , if one is working , people act like one owes them . Somebody once told me that, ‘ Madam, we buy your CDs ’ and I said I work for it . They paid me for the job. This generation doesn’t have respect . Their values are too cheap . They are too materialistic; all they care about is money . They don’t want to work or suffer . ”

On how she fared during the lockdown declared to contain the COVID -19
pandemic, Ameh said , “ There was panic everywhere but we are being comforted by the word of God. The worst that will happen is that we will die. I used to be very scared of death until I lost some of my siblings . The one that I experienced two years ago shook the foundation of my life . The fear of dying is no longer there . One will be afraid of dying if one ’s relationship with God is not intact. What I enjoyed the most during the lockdown was intensifying my relationship with God.

“ Also, we all now seem to agree that whether we like it or not, everyone needs a side hustle . People mistake Nigerian entertainers for their Hollywood counterparts. The moment one begins to compare them , one misses it . They are not the same .”

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  1. This woman can act, I love her. #spotremover#

  2. Where is the lie?.even though relationship wey wan spoil go spoil is it not better when noone is able to witness n make fun of your pain n heartbreak?. Some ladies post a new guy every now n then and followers are there helping her count the number of men they think she has slept with. Posting a guy also makes him feel too comfortable and start misbehaving. Only post your husband abeg

    1. Even husband or wife is really nobody's business sef

  3. True talk my Emu Akpo Johnsons. Hollywood and Nollywood no be d same abeg

  4. Onga spices ah tankio o

  5. With the accent she speaks pigin English in the Johnsons you will think she was brought up in Warri

    1. She was interviewed on a radio station in Lagos about 2yrs ago & I heard her say she stayed in Warri for some time.

      She even said in the interview that she briefly played for Ufuoma babes football club in Warri. Her dad I heard was a naval officer & might have been transferred there.

  6. I love her so much,her smile lights up a room. God help this generation .


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