Stella Dimoko Apostle Ebonyi Predicts That Nigeria's Number 2 Man Will Become Number 1 Without A Coup


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Sunday, January 03, 2021

Apostle Ebonyi Predicts That Nigeria's Number 2 Man Will Become Number 1 Without A Coup

The Senior Pastor of Faith on the Rock Ministry International, Apostle Theophilus Ebonyi, has called on Nigerians to pray for President Muhammadu Buhari.

Apostle Ebonyi in his prophecies for 2021, predicted a change in Nigerian government without a coup or election.

He disclosed that God revealed to him that the number two man will become the number one in Nigerian government.

Addressing journalists in Nasarawa, on Saturday, the clergyman said Nigerians should pray for Buhari’s government to over come demonic agenda against the country.

He said: “2021 is the year of the Lord where God himself will be humbling some demonic powers, forces and satanic agenda bedeviling the Nation.
God revealed to me in the place of prayer his blessings and intervention in the affairs of the Nigeria that government will witness a shift that is going to give ground to the number two citizen to become number one so saith the Lord.

“We have to pray for the government and Nigerians, God loves this Nation, but the kingdom of darkness has come out fully against it, if we call on God genuinely he will still deliver us as in the case of Israelites in Egypt.”

The clergyman also said the COVID-19 virus would continue for another six months.

He claimed that government is not ready to end the pandemic, hence it would continue.

Apostle Ebonyi, however, assured that life will be more meaningful in 2021 without food for the citizens.

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  1. Muhammadu Buhari is gradually getting to the nadir of his health deception. Recent developments point to this. It is gradually becoming evident that he MIGHT not make the entire journey. I said this to my friends recently and they said they had thought of the same thing. This is pure common sense not prophecy. There's no God anywhere that told this wayo man anything. He just mirrored what people have been saying. Say 'NO' to Nigerian pastopreneurs. Let's increasingly help them demystify themselves.

    1. Asin ehn.. jubril who is in his village since and has refused to return back to state house.. this country na real shit hole.. na so president dey relocate from state house just like that? Even first lady sef don japa Lol.. funny but not funny..

      Anyway, I'm more concerned with Tunde bakare who said the lifeless one is number 15 and he (Bakare) is number 16, that his God revealed that to him..

      I dey wait

  2. This one is no longer their normal predictions tagged prophecies. It's an outright prayer for the death of the President. But let me remind them that many people who wished Buhari death many years ago are already 6 feet under while the president is still standing strong and healthier. The ways of the Lord is not the way of man. Osinbajo will be a very good successor for Mr President, but why the wicked prayers? Those who wish other people evil, back to sender!!!

    1. Exactly. God bless you. Nigerians are wicked. Imagine praying for the death of their president. Who does that? Are they God? Life and death are in Gods hand. The man has outlived people that wished him death on multiple occasions. Let the man be .

    2. Lol the same president that murdered his own citizens in cold blood without any remorse or apology afterwards, ok nahhh

  3. Back to sender

  4. Stellakoko, this your dog πŸ•πŸ• smile got me...

  5. The same Buhari who died in 2017? Please stop fooling yourselves!

  6. They've come again,it's the season,orishirishiπŸ™„πŸ™„,I thought Corona humbled us all but no,they must talk,abegi make person see road biko!


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