Stella Dimoko Wife Of Bank MD Involved In Paternity Scandal Says Her Marriage Is Still Intact


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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Wife Of Bank MD Involved In Paternity Scandal Says Her Marriage Is Still Intact

Hauwa, the wife of the Managing Director of First City Monument Bank, Adam Nuru (now on leave) has debunked reports about her purported divorce bid over allegations of infidelity and paternity scandal against her husband, and a former staff of the bank, Moyo Thomas.

In her response to series of publications alleging that she had decided to move out of her matrimonial home in reaction to the scandal, Hauwa said there was no reason for her to seek for divorce or to pack out of her matrimonial home.

In the statement titled, “I’m still with my Beloved Husband”, which was made available to Thisday, Hauwa described the publication as “malicious and a deliberate falsehood,” asserting that she is still very much with her husband.

She stated: “Following several calls from well-meaning family members and friends over a malicious publication and deliberate falsehood that I have packed out of my matrimonial home, I want to clarify for the avoidance of doubt that I am still very much with my husband.

“This fake news was published by an online newspaper in a calculated attempt to further demonise my beloved husband and a loving father.
Let me reiterate that at no time did I contemplate leaving my matrimonial home or filing for divorce as no grounds exist for such. I really have no idea where this is coming from.”

She cautioned the media against pushing out unsubstantiated stories, saying, “while I owe a debt of gratitude to all those who have genuinely expressed concern about the fabricated story of moving out of my matrimonial home, let me appeal to the media to abide by the ethics of their profession and avoid the pitfall of rumour mongering and sensational reporting.”

She vowed not to make further comments on the issue which is currently being investigated by her husband’s employers: “There is no truth to the tale whatsoever. I will not be responding to any further comments made by persons who obviously have an agenda whatever it may be.”

For some weeks now, the social media have been awash with allegations that Nuru had an affair with Moyo, a former FCMB employee, fathering two children with her.

It was also said that the alleged paternity fraud resulted in the death of Tunde Thomas, Moyo’s husband but Moyo has since denied that Nuru fathered her kids.

In her statement, she also denied ever telling her late husband that he was not the father of her children.

Nuru volunteered to go on leave to enable the bank investigate the allegations against him.
From Thisdaylive

*I wonder why anyone would even think she would walk away because of an alleged rumour...If it is me eh,this is the time i will stick to him like aradite and do more love.......
Abeg we move


  1. SDK!🀣. You're really good at what you do. See how you're stylishly inviting comments over this matter: playing devils advocate...

  2. Replies
    1. E shock you? Women like these plenty die. Enablers of adultery

    2. Mtcheeeeew, their business🀷🏾‍♀️. If it was the other way round, the man will send her away.
      If it was me I MIGHT forgive him but I won't be writing and putting this crap on social media.
      Let the man write a letter to apologize to me and my children. Beloved husband 😏πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄πŸ₯±πŸšΆπŸ½‍♀️🚢🏽‍♀️🚢🏽‍♀️

  3. Wailers will soon come here and start calling her (Mrs. Nuru) names like 'low self esteem, I must die a Mrs, Africans and suffering in marriage' among others names, meanwhile, if we could have a peep into THIS their perfect lives (not online life) I go shock you to the marrow.

    Nice one Ma'am!

    1. Almost 30 comments yet no wailer. Sometimes the enemy you think you have is in your mind 😊

  4. Replies
    1. She said my beloved husband. Hahahahaha
      Just have money in dis life.

    2. Money does wonders eehhhh πŸ€“

    3. Bed And Roses as in eh !
      This life big o !

  5. It's smart for her to stay n reap the benefits of his finances. She's not about to leave just cus of some bitch. Duh. Lol. But that doesn't mean she won't have one hot young guy on the side ready for steamy revenge sex. First to do no dey pain

    1. Your head dey there. She should move out for that idiot say wetin happen? She's carefully planning something out.

  6. But she is from the north and they allow polygamy, so why will she leave?

    Me too I follow wonder sef oh.

  7. Hahahahaha madam said she no meuveee

  8. I'm shook, Stella Me I don't concur to this your submission oooo. What if he turns out guilt. If he's guilty, he won't be getting excess love anytime soon biko

  9. She's an African woman, known to keep their home even at the detriment of their health. If she leaves, she gets the blame from families and society, so let her be.

    In my place, we call them strong woman and award them certificate when they celebrate 25yrs anniversary and turn them to over night therapist for young marriages. What I'm still confused about is how a bleached woman can give birth to light skin children with features like Hausa/Fulani color and hair texture, not forgetting the chubby cheeks, hmmmm...... That's another strong woman that will be celebrated in 5yrs for supporting her children and protecting them from pubic shame and depression. I hope the news is deleted on blogs too altogether to save them in future.

    African women are the best especially my people, they can gather certificate from Harvard plus Cambridge and still marry to be number 4 wife, like say men finish for the country of study or no more single men in Nigeria. Oh I get it, they all choose comfort over love and die there when shit hit the fan. Abi they do it cos the man go change after the call out abi na to avoid broken home cos of children or cos of patriarchal society where divorce is frowned upon. In her case, I could also consider staying but I go call the shot this time, trust me, even his wandering minimee go know say there's a new boss in town.

  10. Madam you for no talk

    You for be "electoral observer" simple
    Siddon look!

    When the matter happen your opinion was not sought

  11. Afterall, marriage is for better or worse. Madam biko, right time to hold ya husband tight oo

  12. I said it here that she’s not leaving.

  13. Why should the woman move out when the husband has plenty money? Is it easy to be a bank MD?πŸ€ͺ

  14. Abi o, why move out so that one Moyo can move in. This Hauwa might just be a woman with a plan. I have read statements like this from two other Nigerian women before in the papers years back. It's when I see them today looking fresh, enjoying life and looking younger than the horsebands that I realise what they were doing.

  15. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    Where are the awon "I applaud her", "She's a strong woman", "her family is supporting her". If I hear.

    I knew the woman isn't going anywhere. No be Nigerian woman, northerner for that matter, muslim kon join.

  16. So she should leave for one small girl to enter. Una funny sef

  17. Thank God! All these people who haven’t really had any life experiences talking about divorce.
    Hauwa is equally very accomplished and has chosen to be with her husband and father of her children.

  18. Let her be there na and die of heartache

  19. That’s why I love Caroline Danjuma she damn everything and everyone for her peace of mind if not sorrow for be her name.

  20. Eweleke! See comments o. Same people that will tell a chronicle writer to move on from a cheat of a husband are the ones now applauding this woman for staying with her husband that allegedly fathered two kids by another woman. Most of you are hypocrites aswear!!

    1. Terrible hypocrites. They are the reason why Nigerian men don’t rate and respect Nigerian women.

      I left my husband because we sat down one day and he told me to my face that I should not be bothered about him cheating as long as he loves and cherishes our family. Why should I settle for an adulterer when I have my dignity? Till today people don’t believe it’s cheating that made me leave. The story going round is that I’m dating my boss that’s why I left my husband. When my boss heard the rumor it even made me more cherished by him and I now get enough time to juggle being a single mum with handling a career in finance. God never sleeps. My daughters birthdays don’t go by without some sweet dollars touching their hands from my boss. As long as the false insinuations continue my blessings will keep on doubling.

      Nigerian men know most Nigerian women will gladly cover up rape and murder just to remain married. That is why a lot of them misbehave and are quick to crucify any Nigerian woman who does the same thing patriarchy allows them to get away with.

      As for me, I was too loved by my parents and have so much love for myself, and I will never stay with an adulterer.

      Someone should do a study on the psychology behind the mentality of the average Nigerian woman. Because it’s a very sad phenomenon and I don’t want my girls to get caught up in it in any form. Anyway, when the time comes we will move to an environment that will allow them be the best versions of themselves. Domiciliary account target almost hit. Vision 2025. Amin.

    2. I like you anon 16.17my kind of woman . God bless you and your girls πŸ™ everyone should do what works for them. Nigerian married women thrive on pain. Na them sabi. Sad souls

    3. Nwanne e shock you???
      So many people on this blog are not truthful people and money drives them,take some of the advice you get here seriously and you doom yourself!
      And to think that some of them are daft and asslickers is not helping matters!
      Stella played with their minds with her red pen and they fell for it big time!

  21. Lol.. Normal levels now..
    She would only have left if he doesn't spend on her..

    Like Rollo said-
    "Women would rather share a high value Man than be saddled with a faithful loser."

  22. Leave her home for who??
    Biko say no to 'nwunye dα»‹' in XP voice.
    I like her already!

  23. I support her stance on not leaving sha but Nigerian women only leave when there is no money. I know of someone that idivorced her husband 9 years after she discovered he has a baby mama. Mind you; she knew of the child the very first year it happened ooo. But what changed??? Guy man does not have money again.

  24. It was intact when he was stepping out so why won't it be intact still. I hope she at least has had some joy however little in her lopsided marriage.

  25. Only fools will marry a man like that and now leave as a result of one stupid paternity scandal.
    Millions of women are planning to move in.

  26. A smart independent white woman will be filling divorce by now, what she doesn’t know is, if Moyo truly has two children for her husband, there are more children and concubine outside that will shock her if the man dies.

  27. She will stay and have one you guy giving her hot sex lol. Her husband is in trouble.

  28. He bought her a house and bought the other one too in different states. She technically already doesn’t live with him. Ladies don’t fall for the trap of “go and live in the US with the kids. They stamp 6 months max at the point of entry and if you file asylum or anything preparatory to getting your green card, you are stuck in the States. Many men are stylishly dropping their wives here knowing she will be stranded here and cannot come and interrupt their side chicks.


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