Stella Dimoko Apostle Johnson Suleman Says COVID 19 Vaccine Not Healthy And Reaffirms America's President Will Be A Woman Soon


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Friday, April 02, 2021

Apostle Johnson Suleman Says COVID 19 Vaccine Not Healthy And Reaffirms America's President Will Be A Woman Soon

The Apostle says he believes that the COVID 19 Vaccine is not healthy and he and his family will not take it.
He also says nobody should be forced to take it..

He also talks about a Female American President.....

According to him;
There is an ongoing Vaccine and people are taking it. it is a vaccine against the virus.. after taking the vaccine, you will continue wearing your facemask, keep social distancing.. no shaking of hands with people. You have to continue abiding by the protocols. Some people came up with some theories, I don't know what they call conspiracy. Some said it's the mark of the beast, some said Antichrist. But I have said before that when the Antichrist will come we all won't be here.. we must have gone.

I won't say anything spiritual. but that thing is not good and I heard in some places it's now compulsory. People watching online will misunderstand me, if you want to take it.. take it, but I will advise anybody who has consciousness not to take it. It is not healthy, what I saw in it... it is not healthy. I will not take it. Forget all those things they show you, about a governor taking it, do you think it's the same thing they gave to him, that will be given you..? 

Nobody should force it on anyone, it should be optional, if you want to take it, go ahead if you don't, leave it. Nobody should force vaccine on anyone. I heard if you haven't taken it you won't be allowed to travel out that's nonsense. Continue abiding by the protocols but I'm telling every Omega child, Don't take it.

I won't take it, my wife and children will not take it. If you say my children must take it before going to school, then I will withdraw them from that school. Don't take it at all I won't advise that.

But if you want to, because when we speak like this, people don't take both sides, if you want to take it, go ahead but if you want my advise, which I'm entitled to don't take it. As your Pastor don't take it.

Before American President was elected I said it, that Donald Trump will leave power and those who weren't even smart were running their mouths Asif they loved Trump more than I did.. we are talking about something spiritual and they are being emotional.

American, "they have suffered in the suffer" after one or two years they will see. it's not the man, it's the woman. She is the president not the man. you will soon understand. He just came to prepare the way for her,. when it happens you will know"


  1. To an extent, Apostle Johnson Suleiman has been consistent with his prophesy about a Female President of U.S.

    He even predicted that the democrats will have a female Vice President even before Madam Harris was selected to be Biden's Vice. And he quipped that the problem is not with Biden himself but his Vice. Biden's health status is not also helping matters. Am beginning to agree with his prophecy.

    Let just cross our fingers cross and watch how things evolves.

    1. Is there anything wrong in preparing the way for her?
      He should go and sitdown...if you followed the trend, you would hazard the same guess of a female vice. He should face Nigeria and buhari, let Americans deal with theirs

  2. My own is they should never force anyone to take the vaccine, people should be allowed to make their choices

  3. Wahala! May the good Lord continue to guide and keep us as he always has, today and forever.

  4. Any idiot that watches the news would know that American will have a female president.

    Who takes this people seriously though? Religion in Africa makes us blind to a large extent.

    If you have been following the USA presidency. Harris initially wanted to run for presidency however the party needed a strong person to bring Trump down. Hence within the party they searched for that one person that was totally blameless over the years and had impeccable records. The only contender was BIDEN. Both ran for the campaign. Now knowing this if tomorrow Biden dies due to old age, resigns for peace or completes is tenure and steps aside naturally who would be the president of USA? Apostle Suleiman? Naturally is Camilla Harris. Why did Clinton campaign if the opportunity was not there for her? American is a nation for equal opportunities. Even an openly gay man can be the president of American. It would not be a surprise to Americans only some gullible ones.

    Let's all be guided please.

    1. I have been following the campaign since 2019 when Biden said he will pick a female vice. Most people might not know this until he did it in 2020. Imagine pastors who heard it then and start using it as a prophecy. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it was a well know fact by local Americans that they dont want Trump as president. If you speak to 5 Americans, 3 dont ant him back as president, this are many things pastors used in telling prophesies. They study these thing and draw permutations on them. All what they are predicting or prophesying is what I personally always know and have idea about but the gullible who dont read will say wooh God has spoken. But since when did God became a political God. Prophets in the Bible never did this. These days they prophecy about sports, politics, vaccines and the rest.

    2. Mama Z, you are very intelligent,good analysis too. You just stated the obvious so we no need. suleiman prophesy Biko!

    3. Abeg leave them with their kalokalo prophecies and predictions, this is their forte, predicting the obvious.

  5. Any way no one is being forced to take the vaccine, but if you must discourage anyone from taking it, first prove scientific, physical and spiritual evidence that makes it evil.

    1. No one is being what?? Seems you not in this world! What do you think vaccines passport are for??

    2. Anonymous 13:24, to travel no be by force, you hia? Stay wia you dey. Abi if person say make you no enter im house because you no dress in a particular way you go force yourself enter?

      When dem dey ask for yellow fever vaccination as you arrive other African countries why una no call am vaccine passport? It has always existed but we didn't make an issue out if it. The only reason we are making an issue out of this is because of the controversy surrounding the Covid vaccine and more countries will demand vaccine passport.

    3. Anon..14.35 thank me ask if they know the constituents of the vaccine that have taken all these years from child hood? Now they are forming knowledgeable bur still take their babies for vaccination

    4. Anon 12:45... the only one in the world that knows everything. Its not by force to take it and not by force to travel. Vaccines passport are for countries who want to protect themselves from outsiders and insiders.

  6. The best I have heard from a cleric. May God bless you sir.

  7. Thank you Pastor Suleiman. He who wants to take it should go ahead and take it. As for me and my family! Never. If we have to home school the kids, so be it. if we don't travel if does not matter.

    Stay rapturable guys. It's happening soon

    1. Mtchew!
      Nothing is happening my dear. Wake up!

    2. This pastor wey get private jet you think say he go fit stay Naija without travelling? Don't be deceived. He will secretly take the vaccine to enable him travel the world in his private jet. If a vaccine passport is mandated and he doesn't sell off his jets, just know he has secretly taken the vaccine.

  8. Replies
    1. Did you take vaccines as a child?
      You still have to take yellow fever vaccines today and show proof of it before you are allowed in African countries..

  9. Suleiman is entitled to his own view like he said, which I disagree with.

    Covid-19 vaccine should be made compulsory for those travelling outside the country because the world is a global village with people moving freely from one part to another.

    Before now we had Yellow Fever vaccine which is compulsory for those travelling outside the country; so Covid-19 vaccine shouldn't be an exception.

  10. People, there is massive effort to protect the vaccinated folks from the unvaccinated folks thats because the vaccine doesnt TRULY protect!

    Multinationals are subtly threatening their staff take or be sacked even in some civil service departments in naija subtle threats every where!

    But He that sits in the Heavens shall laugh...

  11. What people need to understand is that not all vaccines work the same, especially this covid vaccine. The fact that you took your vaccs as a child or that you take your children for vaccinations doesn't matter here.

    You first need to understand what covid vaccines do. Generally, it doesn't give you immunity against this virus. Take all the vaccines you want, you can still get it if exposed to the virus.
    2, Covid vaccine does not stop you from transmitting the virus to others.

    Essentially what it does is to prevent and minimize the likelihood of death, so you have a higher chance of survival should you contract the virus.

    Based on these, a vaccine passport is totally useless as it serves absolutely no purpose to the community you're entering with it.
    IMHO,Travel health insurance is what the emphasis should be on so you can get help if you do catch this virus even after you're vaccinated.


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