Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 304


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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Labour Room Drama 304

Interesting Labour room drama.......

I've decided to pen down my Labor Room Drama to mark my son's first birthday.

After I was tested positive for pregnancy, I was expecting morning sickness and vomiting with full force because, whenever I'm sick, I must vomit at least thrice a day till I'm fully recovered.

But my pregnancy shocked everyone, no morning sickness and I never vomited once till I gave birth, but husband man suffered the sickness on my behalf, it was from one sickness to another till I gave birth.

My ante natal was every Wednesday, so exactly 2 weeks before I gave birth, I started having pelvic pains, my waist was on fire and on Thursday, it became unbearable that I couldn't even walk again, hubby had to always assist me to the rest room. My EED was 21st by hospital calculations and 23rd by scan.

Then Friday, I visited the hospital amidst serious tears, I had never experienced such pain in my life before. The doctor said he would have to test me maybe it's labor, na so I open border for the man with pain, he inserted his fingers but he said nothing dey happen. They gave me injections and drugs, and I was told to return home, was crying all through.

On Sunday 19th of April, we received a call that my husband's cousin gave birth, our wedding was just a month interval, na so my husband said "you see say Bose don give birth, it's now time for you too to offload o", the guy man don really suffer because of the pains, he was practically doing everything in the house and it was during lock down, we both dey house 247, then I replied that "Bose was born on Sunday and she gave birth on Sunday, I was born on Tuesday, maybe I will give birth on Tuesday too". 

He said my next ante natal, I must not come home, they should induce me or do anything to just bring out the baby, he said he's tired already, as if say na him dey carry the belle.

Then on Tuesday 21st, was lying on couch in the living room, I felt pressed and needed to ease myself, immediately I stood up, I felt a discharge, and I told my husband that I had seen a sign.

Went to the rest room, saw light blood and my husband said we should immediately go to the hospital, I refused and told him that I had not started feeling anything.

By 4am the next morning, , I started having contractions, and by 7am, my husband told me to leave for the hospital with a strong warning that "I didn't send you to anybody o, don't call anybody you're in labor". Then, his elder sisters call came in just to ask of me, my husband was furious that why did I inform her? Told him I never did, she just felt like calling me.

When I got to the hospital being my ante natal day, the nurses were surprised to see me that early because I was always a later comer, I went to the doctor's office and explained to him, he checked my file and said "you're given 21 and today is 22", he called a nurse and we went to the labor room.

I was checked and he said 2cm, the nurse asked for the next thing, and he said I should be admitted. Na so drama started.

Was chatting with my friend, hubby went to somewhere and the man he went to meet needed my attention, I sent everything he needed, but I was still having serious contractions.

After 3 hours, I was checked and still at 2cm, that's when I started crying. Called hubby that I'm in serious pains and no progress, I read something that hasten labor on Net, told my husband to get it for me when he's coming.

Around 3pm, hubby and his friend came in, I asked him ''but you said nobody should know till I give birth'' and he said something I no understand.

I drank what he brought for me and labor intensed seriously, was not crying but was rolling in bed, serious panting, couldn't hold my phone again, ccouldn't even reply anything, told my husband not to greet me again. I was checked again and I was 6cm.

Hubby couldn't stay with me in the ward, he was in the reception, he said he couldn't withstand the look on my face.
Was dancing painful dance, praying in my mind and doing everything doable, the pain no be here. The night nurse came in and told me that once my water broke, I should call for her. After about 2 hours, I heard something gushing out and saw water everywhere, called my husband to get the nurse for me.

Immediately she came, she changed the bedspread and left that I should still be there. I told her if there's anything she can give to ease me the pain, in her words, she said "that's why it's called labor pains, no remedy"

After 2 hours, she came in and we went to labor room, immediately I climbed the bed, baby's head was showing and she said I'm fully dilated, told me to hold my legs and push.

Heard footsteps on the staircase, a doctor called the nurse and asked "how far with her?, she replied that, she's fully dilated" I was expecting the doctor to come in, but he never came.

I pushed and she said "what rubbish is this? didnt you attend ante natal where you are taught how to push? " I pushed again, and nothing was forth coming.

Nurse; ''see if anything happens to your child, it's none of my business o'' I replied immediately that "nurse, nothing must happen to him, can you hear me"

Na so she calm down, then she said "were you even allowing your husband to do the do? You must have been denying him for you to be this tight o" I said we had it a few days back.

She gave me the first episiotomy, that thing is painful o, When she gave me the second one and I shouted, she said I should remove my hand if not, she would cut me with the scissors, na so my husband rushed in saying ''whats she doing to you?''

She told me to hold my knees and push, I did and my baby showed up, she said "now, this is what I'm saying, this is how to push, you were giving me unnecessary work to do before, I will have to extract your baby with mucus extractor now"

Na so she removed him and he started crying as if they've been beating him since morning, my hubby rushed in, saw his baby and gave this sigh of relief and said, ''thank you Lord''. He left the labor room and started making calls, placenta never come out, and husband man don call the whole world, don't forget nobody knew I was in the hospital, not even my mom, aside his friend they both came together and he had already left because of curfew.

The nurse was attending to my baby and left me, after about 10 minutes, I asked her if I've birthed the placenta? She said no, then left the baby to attend to me, and the placenta came out.

After that, 2 other assistant nurses came and they were surprised that, they were expecting me to shout before they will come and assist, but they didnt hear any noise, and thought i am yet ready to deliver.

The angry nurse now said to her colleagues "come and see her she's so tight that she gave me serious work to do, her p***y is just like the size of your baby Fabian" It was later I realized she was comparing my power house with that of a 5 year old girl.

When she was about to suture my episiotomy, I asked her if I would be given anesthesia, and she said "how can she suture without anesthesia? She give me the injection and I was relieved. When we were done with everything, my husband came in to carry the baby while I walked out of the room myself

It was during the peak of corona and there was curfew, only my husband's elder brother who's an OAP could come because he had the pass to move around, they lived like 20 minutes drive to the hospital, he came with Amala, tea, hot water etc.

Note; I never removed my bra and top till I gave birth, the nurses were just surprised, yes, the pains were unbearable but because I always had serious menstrual pains before I married, I was able to withstand it with my sanity, it was just an advanced menstrual pains for me.

I was discharged the following day, my episiotomy recovery was very fast, and after 3 weeks of delivering, despite everything my husband experienced, he had the effrontery to tell me to open border for him to do the do, who does that? You no feel the pain ni? Mba, ko joor, no be me and you. Na so fight start o.

Nigeria needs to improve in our health sector, we have so many angry birds as nurses who take delivery with anger, this is a private hospital and I experienced all that, the nurse has not given birth before o. When we got home and I explained everything, my husband said he would go to the hospital and challenge the nurse, na me say wetin he dey look for? No be me and the baby dey healthy so?

May God bless all mothers, you're indeed the strongest beings on earth, to all pregnant women, may you deliver safely with healthy babies.

And to those in the waiting room, God will remember you this month, you will carry your babies soonest.

Sorry for the long post, please pray for my son, today is his birthday. Love you all.

Stella, as tradition demands, pictures are for your eyes only

Happy Birthday to your son. May God bless him and prosper him...
Una go don resume well well now...hehehehheheheheh


  1. Congratulations Mama. Some of these Nurses are Callous. Was the aggression necessary.

    1. Congratulations
      God bless your son
      He shall be a blessing to your family and the world at large.

      You are a strong woman

    2. Enjoyed your story. I liked how you stood up to the nurse. God be praised.

  2. Congratulations, HBD to ur son. Wish him llnp in sound health and in wealth.

  3. Interesting read ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Happy birthday to your son

  4. Very interesting . Congrats ma.
    I laughed when you said you told your husband not to greet you. I can relate to that.
    When i was n labour for my daughter,my mum was with me in the labour room and she was saying sorry to me . I told her to stop because it felt like her saying sorry was making it more painful. Lol
    I am currently preggers with my third,safe delivery to me and all other pregnant mommas

  5. Interesting

    Happy birthday boy, grow in God's grace and good health

  6. Congrats dear and happy birthday to ur son.

    I was just busy being angry with the nurse on ur behalf. What kind of rubbish is that??? No empathy for someone in such pain. Nigeria really needs to do better abeg.

    I also suffered that pelvic pain u mentioned. I could hardly walk. Standing and sitting was a terrible something for me. Sometimes I will be crying sef.

    I also didn't throw up once throughout my entire pregnancy even though I was really nauseous in my first trimester.

    Congrats again. Really not easy being a woman. Your pain threshold must be really high. I have very low threshold for pain.

  7. lol. No be small resumption ooo

  8. Nigerian nurses and their wahala,thats how one slapped my neighbor who is in labor.

    Congratulations and happy birthday to your son.

  9. So interesting and very funny ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚.
    See the difference between the nurse that attended to Eka and our Nigerian nurses.
    I don't know why some of them are just so callous.. may God bless the kind nurses.

    Congrats and happy birthday to your son, wishing him many more glorious years ahead.

  10. Now i feel like sending my labour room drama but i'm not good in writing long stories. Me wey mess for doctor mouth when he dey shook hand for my private part.

    1. Funny๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    2. Okokomaikooooo!!๐Ÿ˜ฑ. You release atomic bomb for Doctor mouth? Intentionally or not? Abeg bring the full gist come. I am waiting.

    3. ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚
      You berra send am ooo

  11. Happy birthday to your son. May he live in good health and happiness to celebrate many birthdays ahead.

  12. During mine, i was forming slay queen with my frontal wig but when the real pain started, omo i removed wig with speed and kept screaming " i want to poo poo, oh shit! i want to poo poo

    1. I braided for this reason oh but I almost yanked the hair out during labour cos I just kept dragging it

  13. Nigerian nurses have a lot to learn about bedside manners. Their attitude sucks.

    Congrats poster and happy birthday to your son .

  14. Happy Birthday ๐ŸŽ‚ to your Son.

  15. Some of you go into labour with the mindset that Nigerian nurses are bad, so whatever they do or say rubs off the wrong way for you no matter the intention. I'm not excusing bad
    Behaviours oo.
    You guys should take it easy ooo. They are not the reason you guys are unhappy.

    Did you have to write that she has not given birth before?.

    I feel bad everytime that general statement about nigerian nurses being bad comes up because I know I'm a Nigerian nurse and a good one at that.


    1. It doesn't change the fact that a lot of Nigerian nurses are terrible. I shared a story of how one of my friends and her baby with liver cirrhosis was treated by the nurses. I got in trouble several times there because I had to defend her one way or another. Instead of coming here to negate what the poster wrote, why not try and teach the nurses to do better cos honestly, they are terrible

    2. Nne, you do not have the right to say nurses are terrible considering how Toxic, uncouth and mannerless you have been here.

    3. Yen yen yen. Well, u do not have the right to say nurses are not terrible considering how terrible Nigerian nurses are ๐Ÿคท‍♀️๐Ÿคท‍♀️๐Ÿคท‍♀️๐Ÿคท‍♀️๐Ÿคท‍♀️

    4. Taah,stop making excuses for your fellow nurses abeg,can go abroad and try such rubbish.

    5. Yes, some nurses in this country are wicked and terrible with no empathy. Eka joy is saying what she knows. Many people say same. I have also experienced same.

    6. No be lie. Na wicked nurses full Asokoro hospital. Heartless beings.

  16. Congrats
    Amen to the prayers
    And Happy Birthday to you baby boy.

  17. Hope say you done open border for your husband ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Happy birthday to your son, May God bless, keep and prosper him.

  18. Congratulations and happy birthday to your boy

  19. Congratulations Poster. I enjoyed the humour between you and your husband all through. I refuse to say something about that nurse and her colleagues including the doctor. Let's focus on God's gift. Happy 1st birthday to your son. God bless him always.

  20. Congratulations poster,please u think we need to start shaming those hospitals with rude staff.Its not fair na...

  21. Congratulations.
    Amen and Amen.
    Happy birthday your son.God bless him.

  22. Congratulations and happy birthday to your son.

  23. Congratulations ma. And happy birthday to your son. God bless your home.

  24. I really wish to send mine but it's will make me feel sad while typing cause am always having problem with the placenta out of seven, I have three alive.


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