Stella Dimoko Nigerian Man Who Reportedly Stole $340K From 17 U.S. States Has Been Arrested In Lagos And Awaits Extradition To The US


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Friday, June 25, 2021

Nigerian Man Who Reportedly Stole $340K From 17 U.S. States Has Been Arrested In Lagos And Awaits Extradition To The US

Chukwuemeka Onyegbula, an IT staff of Pan Ocean Oil Corporation Nigeria Limited, has been indicted in the U.S. State of Washington for wire fraud and identity theft.


Onyegbula, who was arrested on 5;June 2021 in Lagos, is awaiting extradition to the United States to face trial.

Authorities said he and his co-conspirators filed false claims for pandemic-related unemployment benefits in 17 states.

Onyegbula, who uses the name “Phillip Carter,” was linked to at least 253 fraudulent filings for unemployment benefits, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday in Seattle.

According to the Seattle U.S. Attorney’s Office, Washington, Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Nevada, Rhode Island, Texas and Wisconsin paid out a total of nearly $290,000 on claims related to the case.

Additionally, the federal Small Business Administration paid out $54,000 in COVID-19 economic disaster claims filed by Onyegbula and his co-conspirators, prosecutors said.

Modus Operandi:

Paul Roberts of Seattle Times wrote that the method used by Onyegbula and Rufai to bilk the states are identical.

He used a feature of Gmail, Google’s free email service, to file multiple claims for benefits with the Washington state Employment Security Department and other states, according to the indictment.

Holders of a single Gmail account can create dozens of additional email addresses simply by adding one or more periods to the original address. Because the Gmail system doesn’t recognize periods, any emails sent to those so-called dot variant addresses are all routed to the inbox of the original Gmail address.

According to prosecutors, Onyegbula and unnamed co-conspirators used his original Gmail address,, to create dozens of variants such as

Onyegbula and co-conspirators used the email addresses along with stolen Social Security numbers and other personal data to file at least 253 unemployment claims with the ESD and unemployment agencies in Arizona, California and 14 other states, prosecutors say.

At least $289,604 in benefits were paid out on those claims, according to a June 7 complaint.

Onyegbula and co-conspirators used a similar approach in filing at least 63 applications for so-called Economic Injury Disaster Loans through the federal Small Business Administration, according to the complaint. Those applications netted Onyegbula and his co-conspirators at least $53,900, prosecutors say.

The status of the stolen funds remains under investigation, the U.S. Attorney’s spokesperson said.

Investigators said they also found indications that the account was used to seek fraudulent tax refunds. 

 Onyegbula’s Gmail account also appears to have helped federal investigators track him down.

According to the complaint, the Gmail account contained information about a bank account in Onyegbula’s name, his U.S. visa application, and a work email from a Nigerian-based oil company, Pan Ocean Oil Corporation Nigeria Limited.

A LinkedIn profile lists an individual named Chukwuemeka Onyegbula as a “system engineer at Pan Ocean Oil Corporation,” and as a 2005 graduate in computer engineering from the University of Benin.

This case is being investigated by the FBI, with assistance from the Department of Labor Office of Inspector General and the Department of Justice and the cooperation of the ESD.

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  1. He has a job, a source of income, yet could not resist stealing. Later, this one will be demanding good governance.

    Nigerians, change your ways!!

    1. Hmmm i know this guys wife, he works in PanOcean, 3 very beautiful kids.
      But this isnt his pic, he is a fresh fine boy.
      I just hope i am wrong becos the one i know also went to Uniben with my Senior Sister. Everything but the pic matches.

    2. Tell them. Tomorrow they'll blame the government.

    3. Honestly the change must start from us all. Community development money some miserable ones will steal it.

  2. Again??
    He had an oil job and still did all that? Speechless!

    That was how my landlord refused to let out the flat beside us to a phone and computer engineer. He said they are yahoo boys. He went on to say that Phone repairers and computer repairers, any guy that knows very much about phones and computers or IT guru is doing yahoo yahoo on the side.

    Martins Aboy, na true?
    *side eyes*

    1. It's not true

    2. Anon 13:25 are you Martin's PA? I asked Martins a question and you are answering. Take yo time

    3. Stop generalising

  3. What kind picture is this.

    Looks like a demon.


  4. See them keep ruining chances for eligible Nigerians.
    Crime does not pay,one day you will definitely be caught Repent..

  5. What if his details were compromised and being used by the real scammer??

    1. After thorough investigation, the truth will be unveiled dear 12:25.
      If he's guilty he will surely face prison term.
      If not he will be discharged and acquited.

    2. I don't think so. They mist have carried out thorough investigation before announcement. You think is Nigerian police.


    3. Annon 13:7 YOU THINK IT'S NIGERIA POLICE, you see your life, what a comment, everything about white are so special and the best to you guys, una no know how all this white guys hate black reach, GOD help us for this country.

    4. Im confused also,because the person i know bearing this name and working in PanOcean looks opposite of this. Is someone using his identity?

    5. Last born miss me with your stupid comment you hear. I am not the cause of your police force not living up to expectation. Please tell your colleagues to step up and do their jobs like civilized beings.


    6. Lovelace, last born is right. It's the same Nigerian police that fished out Chidinma the murderer. Let's not be fast to run them down. Haba. Everytime negative statements and we expect positive results?!!

  6. Some human and greed is like 5&6
    Great job and skill, yet greed won't allow this one to be great!

  7. This one na really graduate of thief.

  8. What else did he want? Some people can never be satisfied.

  9. GREED!!!Living da vida loca!!Buying a bottle of wine for 1million or more in the choicest clubs,open it and pour on slay queens bumbum while chanting Ameno Dorime,see ya life!!!If you do the crime,you do the time....

  10. Cant make anything out of that pic


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