Stella Dimoko Russia Approves Bill To Register Twitter, Google, Facebook And Others


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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Russia Approves Bill To Register Twitter, Google, Facebook And Others



  1. Dictatorial countries want to curb free speech.

    Really unfortunate...

    1. Sit down there. Even America forced Tic Tok to register as an American company.

      National interest first, businesses too are smart about all of these. They would work to ensure their own bottom line.

    2. Canada must be dictatorial too? Just so you know similar bill is already walking it’s way through the US Congress.

    3. Bia El haj...upgrade your brain before dropping comments.

      TikTok is a Chinese company and chinese are known to use their Apps to copy identities of their users esp foreigners which is why US forced them to register so they could be monitored or be sold to an American company and being that its major users are Americans they had no choice.

      Besides it's a video app showing dances compared to Twitter and Facebook etc where you can air opinions and share news of issues ongoing in the world which is basically free speech.

      Exactly what I said earlier so...Stand up and do your research.

    4. Anon 11.10...I said 'dictatorial' Canada dictatorial???

      I believe You can answer that for yourself.

      Also, you do realise that they (Canada) probably want them registered so they could be taxed and not controlled???
      Which is what basically most DICTATORIAL countries do....curb free speech.

      I'm begining to think that comprehension is a gift mehn...jeez!

    5. Amethyst, don't waste your time on these guys wey never pass airport but will be telling people food is expensive in the UK for example. High level chronic ignorant folks.

    6. Amethyst, you didn't understand the Anon up there. He is asking you if Canada is dictatorial too since they are doing the same thing.

    7. Amethyst, thanks for your comments. As always, I look forward reading them.

    8. Ottawa: “Canadian lawmakers passed a controversial bill that aims to regulate programming distributed by media streaming services and social platforms like Facebook and YouTube, a measure that critics warn could infringe on individual speech”

    9. @ Amethyst so much for being taxed and not controlled. People just come here to spew nonsense regarding stuff they know nothing about.

    10. Amethyst, the US did not ask Tic Toc to register. All businesses must register in the United States for tax purposes to put a branch here. The company had a US staff too. Trump said it must be sold to an American company or be banned or restricted. The claim Trump made was a smokescreen because Amazon and co infringe our privacy in many ways, yet no one has banned or restricted them. The truth was he wanted to use them for political gain because his followers don't want anything Chinese here. Tic Toc is even banned in China. If truly the spying issue was true, why did TT win it's cases? Even the lawsuit two influencers brought against the Dept. Of Commerce for TT was in its favor. Bottom line, Trump's rule would not have made it because it violated the first amendment. You cannot make laws to punish speech, especially when you are not doing it to all of them.

  2. Everyone taking a cue from Nigeria. 'Free' speech should come with some responsibilities.


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