Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 6 - Maria And Cross Make Shocking Revelations + Pere's Management Responds To DV Allegations


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Saturday, August 21, 2021

BBNaija Season 6 - Maria And Cross Make Shocking Revelations + Pere's Management Responds To DV Allegations

Mental health issue was discussed in Biggies house and it led to shocking revelations.....


Housemate Cross revealed to Biggie in the Dairy room that he attempted taking his own life twice before joining the show.

Cross, who was speaking on a task by Big Brother titled “Mental health” for presentation in subsequent show, urged the Nigerian health sector to take the issue of mental health seriously as a means of alleviating suicide attempts.

He said, “I have attempted to commit suicide twice but at the end of the day, I survived it.

“I think we need physicians in this country to be serious about the issue. Our parents are not really doing enough regarding talking to children to diagnose their mental health.

“I will be a father one day, maybe one or two years to come but I just hope that I give my children the best”.



Housemate, Maria revealed to Biggie during her Dairy sessio that her brother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. 

Biggie had asked what she thought of the day’s task on Mental health” and she said the mental health awareness campaign hits home because it brought back memories of her brother who was diagnosed years ago

“A couple of years ago my brother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. It’s been hard on the family because it can never be cured.

“He is on medication and constant watch in the hospital. He was a perfect human on everything he did and then he got diagnosed. Not all of us have been the same in the family since then.”

Oh dear!...This is really bad. I pray Gods healing hand touches her brother.



The management of Pere, has reacted to reports that his marriage ended due to domestic violence.

Shortly after Pere’s alteration with Whitemoney reports emerged that Pere abused his ex-wife until she had a miscarriage.

Pere’s team in a statement posted on his official Instagram page out rightly denied the rumour .

The statement reads....

“Over the past week, a number of media outlets published materials containing false allegations that aim to damage the reputation of Pere. 

“In those publications, he was falsely accused of being abusive in his personal life. They attached a false image of an individual just to make their case look legit. The said materials make baseless speculations as to who Pere is as an individual.

“Pere has never been violent all his life and the image being portrayed was a picture with his friend, a colleague who’s happily married. These types of false information do not affect Pere alone but the innocent friend who’s just showing support to him.

“We’re currently taking legal steps to each media platform that are involved in this defamation of character. A defamation matter is defined in section 373 of the criminal code as a matter likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing him to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or likely to damage any person in his profession or trade by injury to his reputation,” the statement revealed.”


  1. If you love WM and wants him to win, don't ship him with Queen because she will drag him back. She is very clingy and jealous and is likely to be involved in lots of scuffle with the ladies WM mingle with. I don talk my own.

    1. Don't mind that toxic being, she is forcing herself on WM after rejection from Boma.always picking on maria for no reason

    2. Loll that babe legit makes me laff especially when I see that swollen nose like full size onion on her face. I think the major criteria this year for the females was just have nysnsh. Even if you can't string a decent intelligent sentence together just have nyansh. Or be 'yellow'. Prefersble have both. Then they remembered quota system and added some strange looking desk complexion ones make e no be say na ojoro. *yimu. I pity those who queue up every year for this.

      Ehen, abeg leave them, you never know where love can spring up and they kuku fit.

    3. I heard Queen had sex yesterday

    4. GINGER I guess Queen had sex with herself

  2. It's well with your brother, Maria. He's healed in Jesus' mighty name. Amen.

  3. So sorry, I'm beginning to like Maria alot she seems a very nice girl.

  4. I knew something was eating Maria, she's fully tormented & goes red on the face many times in a day. God pls heal his brother, their mum needs petting & monitoring cus she is the most to be affected from the son's trauma.
    Cross the juju his late dad is unquantifiable all for money he didn't live to enjoy. His mum who's about 48 years & her family have battled many demons since he died, him & brothers all act weird making the family appoint a resident pastor in one of their dad's properties,their mum who got married at 17years became a Pastor spitting holy ghost fire still yet nothing,the demons didn't leave them. God protect these housemates ,this life you can inherit what you don't know.
    Then you see Angel, she's been a molested kid from age 7. The idiots succeeded in fucking out her senses las las, when she says why she left Unilag after one year her fans will hold a crying ceremony. Babe lost dignity a long time ago & needs years of therapy to overcome her nightmares not going to a reality show & confirming the doubts people have about her. 😭

    1. I off pant and bra for you.
      I have always hated social media and being popular even though it chases me about. This one sef is another reason to hate being popular. See as them don dissect some families.
      Is a wah o

    2. That's the thing. The day a particular blog posted about my Sister's achievement as a form of celebration, someone came to the comment section and told my entire family story. Omo, the thing shook me.

      Except WhatsApp and LinkedIn, I don't have any social media accounts, and I rarely ever post on them.

    3. What? I cut cap for SDK’s BVs. Always current on diverse issues, no matter how discreet.

    4. 12:44 to be honest social media sucks sometimes.

    5. Anon you have d gists because Cross mum is celebrating 50th birthday. She's young and a pastor who is battling some family juju sort of.

      They said she doesn't sleep. Na wa for big man money,once they die their children work so hard but achieve little.

  5. This dude talking about parents diagnosing mental health, e well so?
    How do parents do the diagnosis?😮😮😮

  6. I thank God for pulling you through it all Cross. It is well with you and your family🥰. Maria God will do it for your brother. There's nothing too difficult for him to do🙏.

  7. I really feel for Maria, may ur bro be totally heal ijn.Amen..go my general don't mind them ,haters can do anything to bring u down#TeamGeneraltothend.

  8. May God heal your brother Maria. I know someone that has the illness so I understand how it is for her family. Sending you lots of ❤️ and 💡

  9. God heal ur brother, Maria... I also have a distant cousin who is mentally ill, at the age of 22, he was already a millionaire, a car and was really comfortable.Until he started taking drugs and it affected his brain. And now... Very sad

  10. Many of these HMs ve serious issues. I think it is why they act weird. Im finding it hard to connect with any of them. Except maybe Nini, Saga and Arin. And people wont ordinarily like their type. They seem to prefer the wild ones. Last year helped BBN drop d toga of a prog for whoredom. Everyone watched. Including parents. This year has taken them back full cycle. These ones are wild and ready to do anything in d name of content. All of them acting. Including Whitemoney. I wish them all d best.

    1. You know this.,.most of them are actors and actresses especially WM

    2. Hey
      Just support your Fav and leave others alone
      The group you called are d most gossip in that house and btw isn't the same Saga that accused Nini of acting all sexual under sheet but comes out to pretend like nothing is going on


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