Stella Dimoko Nigerian Lecturer Wins Prestigious Harvard Fellowship Allegedly Using False Qualifications


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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Nigerian Lecturer Wins Prestigious Harvard Fellowship Allegedly Using False Qualifications

Chidi Ugwu, a lecturer in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Chidi Ugwu has been caught in a scandal after he clinched a fellowship to the prestigious Harvard University in the United States, aided in part by false claims.

Ugwu of the sociology and anthropology department of the university, who was recently appointed to the Radcliffe Fellowship of Harvard University, was said to have added to his credentials claims of having a diploma from the University of Helsinki.

From his LinkedIn profile, he also claimed he has been a guest lecturer at the University of Melbourne since 2017.

According to information on his files, he was born on April 14, 1975.

However, investigations into his claims have revealed that Ugwu had made false claims as both institutions denied having such a name in their records.

“Part of Ugwu’s claims to justify being appointed a Radcliffe Fellow of Advanced Studies at Harvard University include obtaining a diploma from the University of Helsinki in 2013. He also added that he had been a guest lecturer at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

“Separate inquiries were made with both institutions to verify the claims, but neither found his name in their records,” a source said.

A response to an inquiry about the authenticity of Ugwu's from the University of Helsinki obtained by SaharaReporters shows his records could not be found in the school's student information system.

The lecturer was said to have truly graduated from the department of sociology and anthropology of UNN in 2006 and later obtained his doctorate in 2016 from the same institution.

However, according to sources at the institution, Ugwu is part of a ring of power brokers in the university that goes right up to the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Igwe, who has been entangled in allegations of age falsification.

from sahara reporters


  1. We buy dead inverter battery:0814139511330 September 2021 at 11:27

    This is not good

  2. People who are to be good examples. Yahoo yahoo lecturer

  3. Spoiling the already spoilt image of Nigeria.

  4. May we not disgrace ourselves

  5. Sahara Reporters?

  6. His village poeple has remembered him

  7. Did he think they don't check on stuff like these?

  8. See the way he has disgraced himself

  9. This is not new I remember during a verification exercise where I used to work ( A PROFESSIONAL BODY) One Professor from UNIBEN came to register and we found our that his doctorate degree from a new university in the US was fake!!!! The man suspected we had found out and abandoned the program
    Another case of one guy that has been working in one bank with fake grade (got a third class but was parading as 2.2) when he left to another bank, those one did verification and found out unfortunately he had to be reported to CBN thus end of banking Career!!!
    I wish we do more due diligence generally in this country

    1. I know a friend that I went to school with,she lived with me so I know what I'm talking about,it's not hearsay,her admission was a sham,she didn't even have her gcse exam,she paraded around the campus for years like a real student,the worst is,she is so dull that even in class she understands nothing,This babe wear graduation gown take pictures,forged results,she has been working in a bank in Nigeria since,it's been 21yrs now.I just wonder and pity my country Nigeria,It is who you know,The ones that are real graduates with great qualifications can't even get a job.

  10. Nigeria again?! Hmmm

    Anyways, LinkedIn is known as the "lie lie" platform of the century! Whereas Instagram is littered with fake houses, cars, trips and luxurious lifestyles... LinkedIn is home to falsified jobs/careers, degrees and accolades.

    Lastly, I hope team "football-age" will come in here, and defend this man with the same energy that they do for Naija celebrities! You see where fake age (amongst other things) has taken him!

    1. Thank you SMH!

      I am waiting for ndα»‹ defendants of the universe ably lead by CHISOM!
      The way they defend these yeyebities and their false ages always leaves in stitches, lol!

      Kaα»‹, This man just disgraced HIMSELF'thoroughly!
      Do the crime, face the music squarely sir.

  11. Stella, the news is not true. Please, read the reply from the man below:

    *Dr Chidi Ugwu wrote*

    My disappointment, really, is with SaharaReporters that went public with this sort of thing without even bothering to hear from the other side. They broke the first rule of press: audio alteram partem - always hear from the other side.

    It's very interesting that you all have fallen for this smear campaigner. This guy wrote to Harvard directly shortly after he learnt about my fellowship. They dismissed his petition after their thorough investigation.I'm there now. The fake professor Emenike Ejiogu hasn't stopped.

    Just a brief on why this man is doing this:
    He was hired by the UNN in 2014, in the department where I teach. The university required him to submit his publications so they could regularize him and place him properly. For 6 years, he employed all sorts of tactics to dodge this.

    After having tried for years on end to get him to submit himself for this exercise, the university council had no choice than to relieve him of the temporary appointment. Currently, he's in court with the UNN council, having sued them for that action.

    My offense in that process was that I participated in running some background checks on him somewhere along the line. So, he believes I am part of his enemies that should now be smeared at all costs.

    I'm just doing this to put the records straight for the public. Otherwise, I haven't bothered with a response to many of his vitriolocs in the past. I'm a very busy person.
    Google me and you'll see for yourself. No time for nonsense.

    Ejiogu, na ya mental problem dey do u so.

    I'm going to show this to the director of my center myself. They already know where this is coming from.

    FYI, you don't get selected for a fellowship at Harvard with gadem qualifications. Your proposal has to be excellent. They also had to interact with me ahead of time.

    Na me dey here, my people!

    1. His response did not state whether he at any time claimed qualifications listed in the piece above. I think the"I got a visa, I don port"syndrome is still doing him, from his response πŸ˜„πŸ€£.

  12. He's a very silly man. Higher education institutions that are reputable keep rigorous records of everyone who has passed through their institution. The sad part about this is that he likely would have still gotten the fellowship without the misinformation.

  13. Nigerians never fail to disappoint home and abroad,branded thieves we are!!!smhπŸ˜ŸπŸ˜”

    1. Branded thief YOU are, don't rope the rest of us in.


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