Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative - UPDATE


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Thursday, October 07, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative - UPDATE

Awesome update!!!

Hello Stella,
I was the BV that sent in this CHRONICLE  

I followed Joy's advice and prayed to God and asked for a physical revelation, and God answered my prayer. I went to withdraw money from POS and when my alert, I noticed that money was missing from my account. I even complained to him that money was missing from my account, he said I shouldn't worry that we would go to the bank together. 

But anytime I tell him that I'm ready to go, he will always give me excuses. 

So one day I decided to go alone. When I got to the bank, I complained and asked the customer care to please check my account from 6th - 9th of that month. She checked and discovered that someone used my phone to generate Ussd code and transfer money. I was shocked because I don't use Ussd code or internet banking for that particular account.

I asked for the name the money was sent to and it was my ex boyfriend (I've broken up with him already). I asked for my bank statement immediately and she printed it out for me. She advised me to block that account from using Ussd and I gave her the go-ahead to do so.

When I got home, I sat down and thought of what to do. I went to his house but I didn't tell him anything about it, I took all his certificates and put them in my bag. Then when I got home, I called his sister and told her everything. She called her Mum and her mother called him to query him and that was when he came to meet me in my house to beg me. I didn't even allow him enter inside. 

I just told him that I have taken all his certificates from birth certificate to the last one, and I won't return them until he sends me all my money. Out of curiosity I asked him why he stole from me, he just kept on saying he's sorry. I told him I don't need his apology, if he needed money he could have asked me for it instead of stealing from me.

Thankfully I never gave him my house keys so he can't have access to my house.
I have forgotten about guys for now, let me face my God completely.

JESUS OOOOOOOOOOOOO... and there i was telling you not to let husband pass you!!!.... Imagine stealing money from your girlfriend!.. what a shameless man!
Happy for you.


  1. Oh dear , I'm thankful you ended things and didn't endure with the he would change.
    It's so sad that he could steal from you, when he could have just asked you for money , really sorry but I applaud your courage.
    All the best, don't give up keep praying to God he would sort you out .

  2. Stella most times, you give advice weh deh shock my common sense! You like husband house too much so I understand.

    Nne thank God you discovered the thief ooh. Tufiakwa.

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      You gerrit my dear

    2. Hahahahaha, which one is you like husband house too much, abeg I no fit laff jur😄😄😄

    3. Lol...words no dey lack for una brain. Hahahah

  3. Thank God he was exposed, this decision you are now making is the best.

  4. I am so glad your post is a proof to people that God do speak to his children in different ways and dream is one of them. Dreams are not to be taken for granted.

    Spiritual rule the physical but most would not hear. God sees what you cannot see.

    When the prophet Samuel went to david's house to pick a king he wanted to pick one of david's cute, tall and manly brothers but God told samuel he looks at the heart unlike human brings that look at the physical.He sees what the human eyes can not see.

    Poster you will find love again but one thing I will ask you is, to pray next time before you agree to be in a relationship with anyone so you won't have your time wasted. If anyone asks you out, tell them to give you time because you need to ask God for his opinion first.
    God knows the future of that person asking you out,
    their divine calling and purpose,
    he knows if it would match your own or not,
    he knows if they would change in the future to an angel or a beast or if they would remain the same way.
    He knows if they are pretending to love you or if they truly care.

    God is always there ready to save you from danger. Ready to give you clarity. It is like a free expo answer to the question of life. Who is the best person to ask for answers to life's question as a student but the great teacher himself. But sadly most do not make use of the free opportunity in front of them some would even ignore the dream and later complain of how they did not know their husbands or wives was so and so meanwhile God corrected and cautioned them but they did not listen because they were carried away by the present.

    Thank you for listening to your father's warning! You will laugh at last. Just keep listening to God not only in the relationship aspect but also life's journey in general and he will always guide you. He will make you happy. 🤗

    1. 👌👌👌
      You are so so right, ONLY God sees the future. Some men in the present time look perfect but could change in the future. We can't judge the future based on the present. Never.

  5. Na wa for some men. Girl you never marry, you are already stealing from her and he must have gone to use the money to chase and deceive another girl o claiming rich guy.Ole

  6. Thank God it ended well. Take your time genuine love will find you dearest

  7. Ewooooo!
    So guy na thief?
    Chai! God really showed you a good physical sign
    Where are those that were saying you should not allow a good man to pass you by?
    God! What a shameless man!

  8. Most times God reveal things through dreams. You are so lucky

  9. I hope Ceaser, Mark Morgan, Dante, Chike and their cohorts will say something about this their onye oshi brother🤣🤣🤣
    Martins too that was saying the dream was one thing one thing, I hope you see this update🤣🤣

  10. This one is shameless no be small.

  11. This one loud,he doesn't drink or smoke,but what he does is worse, hungry boy.

  12. Thank God for the revelation, God took time to expose him

  13. I'm happy for you. You dodged a bullet. May God continue to guide you. Please, never ignore His warnings. God bless you.

  14. Why does this update have these few comments by this time? Where are them? Those that were bashing you for attaching meaning to the dreams?

  15. You dodged a missile not bullet. Ignore naysayers and hold unto God. Love and light🥰

  16. God is greatest, glory to God Almighty forever, hallelujah hallelujah. Thank You Jesus

  17. I hope we all learn that dreams are very important..For some its intution.
    Just know what works for you and stick with it.

    Dreams are not always figment of imaginations.

  18. Isn't God wonderful? Girlie, I happy for you wella

  19. Poster I said it in the previous chronicle oh, thank God you were sensitive enough to seek and listen to God. Those dreams were not mistakes, they were warning.

  20. Na wah God forbid this kind of thief thief boyfriend


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