Stella Dimoko Actress Tonto Dikeh Says She Is Freeing Herself From Burden Placed On Her By Sapphire Scents CEO Wale Jana


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Friday, March 04, 2022

Actress Tonto Dikeh Says She Is Freeing Herself From Burden Placed On Her By Sapphire Scents CEO Wale Jana

 Actress Tonot Dikeh is not done calling out Sapphire scents CEO Wale Jana over their failed business relationship..... She says she is freeing herself from the burden his actions placed on her.......

''This is not a sub, it’s directed to wale Jana(I can’t tag him hence my explanation ,
Wale I sincerely beg that I do not receive one more call from anyone on your behalf!!
If I do I will RECORD such a fellow and we will use it in the appropriate venue!!
Please allow me free myself from this burden you have placed on me for too long!!
I can’t use the relationship I have with you to Destroy my FAN BASE I HAVE BUILT FOR YEARS BEFORE YOU EVEN VENTURED INTO BUSINESS OR MADE YOUR FIRST #100k
No bro wale I will point out what’s wrong and when I am wrong..
In this case my SOUL SAYS YES..''


  1. It's the bro wale 😅😅
    Tonto breathe controversy

    1. Good for Wale Asslicking Jana!

      Tonto drag him O. That guy's longthroat disgusts me.

  2. Wahala o
    I look at all these investments with side eyes o. That time that Wale was using Ceecee of BBN and others to do advert for his scents and telling people to come and partner with his company, mentioning the packages and amount involved, I was just looking at them.

  3. It's good you are exempting yourself now.
    You supported him in swindling a lot of people. You shut a lot of people out when they cried out. Now, you're not gaining from him anymore and you're calling him out.

    I have nothing to say.

  4. It's remaining the kayamata too, please remove yourself from it too.

  5. Lol 🤣🤣🤣 @ bro wale

  6. In as much as I love Tonto’s fearlessness & saying it d way it is, I can’t forget what Wale made CeeC to pass through , all over d SM. People believed Wale & labeled CeeC all sorts of unprintable names. Wale, I pray u don’t commit suicide bcoz ds is d height of it all. If Tonto can dissociate herself with u, with d way she carried ur business like a personal entity, then u have a lot in ur hands to contend with.

  7. The same man that was shading ceec. Ceec finally vindicated. The truth can't be covered for years.

    1. Exactly. Ceecee disassociated herself and jurors went for her jugular while Tonto sang Pastor Gucci and Wale's praises!

      If Tonto is cool with you, it's fine, but once she's no longer interested in whatever relationship she's having with the person, she ensures to add as many people as she can convince that the person is bad.

      This lady should just get herself some help.

  8. This just goes to prove that the fact that a celebrity is endorsing a service or a product doesn’t authenticate it.Very soon Nigerian influencers will become worthless cos people won’t take them for their word anymore.Only a few of them have intergrity,the rest will do or endorse anything for money even when they know it’s not genuine.The tcm lady on ig has collected a lot of people’s money with this same investment tactics now people are crying up and down ig,this morning I saw another one called saveam too the influencer that worked with them was crying,cursing and making videos disassociating herself from them.Now iv confirmed that Nigerians have a lot of money to throw around in the name of investment.

  9. I have a dream that one day things will be fine with this woman. As in, things will just change for the best and this woman's head will sha be correct. One day one day sha.

  10. Tonto and wahala na 5&6
    Bro Wale you too do the needful

  11. Says Tonto who just started marketing Kayanmata.I don't believe a word that comes out from the mouth of these influencers.

    It's the bro Wale for me🤣🤣🤣

  12. Wale abi Wala has been deceiving people since. He should pay them their money nah.


  14. I just feel sorry for anybody frolicking with Tonto, your epic fallout with receipts is loading, D*ris *gala and J**ruma take note, meanwhile Oga Wale, why are you duping people of their hard earned money? Abi na only for your side country dey hard?

  15. Someone should give us the full gist abeg


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