Stella Dimoko Judge Ends 10 Year Old Marriage Over Genotype Lies And Adultery...


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Friday, March 04, 2022

Judge Ends 10 Year Old Marriage Over Genotype Lies And Adultery...

Lying about ones Genotype is not something one should ever consider doing...Never!

An Ado-Ekiti Customary Court on Thursday Marc 3,2022, dissolved a 10-year-old marriage between Akingbade Kayode and his wife, Fayoke because her genotype is AS.

Kayode, 41, in his petition, also pleaded with the court for dissolution on grounds of adultery, threat to life, among others.

In her ruling, the President of the Court, Mrs Olayinka Akomolede held that the marriage had broken down irretrievably and gave custody of the only child to Kayode.

She also ordered Kayode to allow Fayoke to visit her daughter.

”The child will be allowed to spend holidays with her mother,” she held.

Earlier in his petition, Kayode alleged that his wife lied to him about her genotype.

“She said she was AA but her test results showed that she was AS.

“I gave her money for the test and she brought back a fake result. I made her go for the test after we lost our second child,” he said.

The petitioner also told the court that his wife was unfaithful to him.

The respondent, Fayoke, 31, denied the allegation of adultery.

“When I did my genotype test in Kogi, it was AA. But when I did it again in Ado-Ekiti, the result was AS. It is not my fault,” she said.

She however, agreed to the petitioner’s request for divorce.

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  1. Not going to be the first time I've heard of couples calling off engagements or weddings because of this. Some even break out of the whole marriage gan.. why lie about it? There's got to be another way around it. Haba. It's just genotype.🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. Same thing happened to me, I was AA when I did the test then went to another hospital I was AS. I I did the test again abroad and I was AA but in Nigeria I am AS. I guess these things change.

  3. Who knows? She might be saying the truth.
    An acquaintance thought she was AS for over 18 cos the fitness test result she had while in school showed she was AS.
    She was selective of men and wanted to be with an AA man cos she doesn't want to have SS kids.
    She finally met one and on running a general test for both of them, the result showed she was AA. She thought that to be a mistake and went ahead to 3 different labs to clear her doubts and it was still AA.

    And some of the lab attendants can be quite lazy; so I can't even blame her.

    You can imagine being told you're HIV/AIDS positive since 2003 and been living like that and waiting for death cos you refused to take antiretroviral drugs. You can't even fathom how you got it cos you're extra careful in your dealings. You gave up on life and after 7 years when you decided to give life a shot again; you went to get antiretroviral medicine and then was persuaded to run another test to ascertain your viral load. And boom! Nothing like HIV/AIDS in your system. You did more tests in many other places but you're still negative. How do you explain this?
    This is actually someone's real life experience.

    I would advice intending couples to go together when doing marriage preparation tests. Also, if you feel unsure of some results, double check by running same test in different labs so you don't end up with sore stories.

  4. She could be saying the truth though. Have heard several of this same story from different people.

  5. Don't blame them, Love make one do things

  6. This Genotype thing is real; happened to me- i lived with a wrong genotype for 7 years.I have also been given a false positive HIV result be fore that almost altered my destiny. I know family members whose "wrong" genotype results were discovered only after giving birth to kids with SS genotype.

    Please, whenever you do tests like genotype, HIV in NIGERIA- look for the money and run in at least, 3 labs for reassurance . You can’t fully trust in Naija labs/scans.

    1. This thing nearly cost someone I know her life, she was given a false h.i.v result and wanted to take her life's,someone advised her to re-run the test well she did and it was negative she went back to the same hospital and it was shown that it was an error.

  7. I don't doubt the woman's claim:I was told I was O negative during my medical clearance as an underg.Fast forward to November last two years when I was preparing for my wedding,we had to run another test in a Catholic hospital and the result came out as AB.I had to confirm in three other places and it was AB.Anything can happen in Nigerian hospitals and lab centers,na God hand we dey

  8. In my country, we don't take genotype tests. What is SS even, i see it been discussed on Nigerian blogs. Here in Zambia, the most common health test is HIV.

    1. SS is a carrier otherwise known as sickle cell it's wrong for an AS and AS to get married they will birth unhealthy and easily attacked children (health wise) the children might not even last because of crisis all the time but AA can marry any other genotype.

    2. Your health care system needs to sensitise her population. Sickle cell anemia is a black man dieses.

  9. The greatest of all is wives getting preg for other men pretending dia husbands impregnated them

  10. It’s possible she’s saying the truth. I did a genotype before I got married. Results showed AA. 4 years into the marriage when I was to start fertility treatments another result showed AS. Several others afterwards showed AS.

  11. Mosttimes, this lab guys are not accurate.


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