Stella Dimoko IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu's EX Deputy Uche Mefor Slams IPOB; Says They Have False Hope Of Realizing Biafra


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Monday, March 07, 2022

IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu's EX Deputy Uche Mefor Slams IPOB; Says They Have False Hope Of Realizing Biafra

Uche Mefor, a former Deputy leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has said Nnamdi Kanu and the group has “false hope” of realizing Biafra Republic.

Mefor said Kanu and IPOB have false hope of achieving Biafra due to their current “criminality.”

In a Facebook post, the former deputy leader of IPOB said the group lost grounds for Biafra agitation by resorting to violence.

He accused the separatist group of committing crimes against humanity across the Southeast.

According to Mefor: “We shall continue to state the obvious. The IPOB faction under Nnamdi Kanu squarely and comprehensively lost the argument when they thoughtlessly and overzealously embraced and adopted violence and brigandage that snawballed into criminality under the false hope of using it to restore Biafra.

“And yes, for them, that criminal conduct transplanted wholesale from Ambazonia, the crime against humanity they have been committing against their own, hurting businesses and violating the human rights of other Biafrans is a master to stroke Biafra Independence. They were wrong. They were warned!”

from Daily Post


  1. Uche Mefor is stating the obvious, let's expand it a bit.
    The problem began with resort to Satanism; charms to prevent bullet penetration. When you invite Satan, it is to feast on human flesh and blood.
    He comes to kill, steal and destroy but Jesus has come to give life, life in abundance.

    1. I concur

      They should follow the main agenda/master piece. Vawulence/killings are not the way to achieve such. May God help us to amend and do the right thing.

    2. Just look at how nnamdi kanu turn our once peaceful south east to a war zone!!! Total lock down on Mondays!! Total lock down on every of his court case.
      Nnamdi kanu na God go punish you for the hardship you enforced on Ndi Igbo. I bu onye ala, onye Ori. Okoko abia state wants to be Lord over Ndi Igbo? Not even an Anambra man?
      Bia ka I puta from DSS Kam fu gi,, iya a nwu dia!!!! Iseeeeeeee!!!!

    3. Anon 14:55, you were making sense till you started talking of his state of origin.

      So, in your mind, an Anambra man is more Igbo than an Abia man?

      See the people that want Biafra. Chai

  2. Honestly speaking, Nigeria is a failed contraption. We should split into 4 parts, north, south west, niger delta and east. It's just not working.

  3. Replies
    1. Bia buhari pls do the needful!!!
      Order this evil man's execution by firing squad!! He committed treason remember? plus other heavy criminal offense committed by the rouge! Let him be slained!! Heaven will not fall...

  4. They lost in when they resort to violence. I guess they won when security agents were killing them defenselessly like flies. People are really stupid. Biafra is a big dilemma that nobody seems to know the answer including the loquacious Mefor

  5. Nnamdi kanu the vampire!!
    He is responsible for all the killings in the south east!!
    He ordered his thugs to kill the police and soldiers and some innocent Ndi Igbo that do not support his madness!!
    He is only after his selfish interest.
    Nnamdi kanu God will punish you for all the innocent people killed under your instructions..
    May you not come out of DSS alive in Jesus name amen!
    Nnamdi bu ekwensu chineke bu lu onu. Tufiaa gi. Die by fire.
    We need Biafra, but not your type... Ezi ofia.... May all your supporters suffer what the innocent Ndi Igbo that you killed suffered!!.

  6. This man is more intelligent and even of a sound mind than Nnamdi Kanu,why is he not the leader???

  7. Thank you!
    You have said NOTHING but the truth.
    We are all home in the East every Monday no thanks to the madness of these misguided elements.
    Horrible development!


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