Stella Dimoko Mother Of 3 Month Old Stolen Baby Cries For Help And Narrates How Her Suitor And His Sister Stole Her Baby.


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Friday, March 25, 2022

Mother Of 3 Month Old Stolen Baby Cries For Help And Narrates How Her Suitor And His Sister Stole Her Baby.

Ijeoma Oparaeche, A 27-year-old mother of a kidnapped 3-months old boy,  has cried to the Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma and Inspector-General of Police, Usman Akali Baba to prevail on all police formations in the state to help her find her child.

The traumatized mum also appealed to religious organizations, families and non-governmental organisations in the state to assist her in finding her missing baby.

Ijeoma, who spoke to Daily post in Owerri, Imo State, said her family has been devastated after her 3-month child was stolen by a strange man who wanted to marry her.

The 27-year-old mother who has yet to come to terms with the shocking and devastating incident said since one Mr Obinna Eze, from Ikeduru LGA who is cooling off at the state CID Owerri came in the company of her sister to kidnap her baby, her life has crashed.

She said she had not set her eyes on her 3-month old baby since the incident occurred on December 26, 2021.

Ijeoma who was weeping intermittently as she narrated her ordeals said ”I don’t even know if my baby is alive as we speak now. After Eze came to my family house in Obazu Mbieri in Mbaitoli council area for the introduction and collection of marriage list, he told my mother, a helpless widow that I should come with them to meet his family members and she agreed.

“While heading to his family house on December 26th 2021 he pleaded that we stop by the market and buy some tubers of yam and I obliged his request.

He then urged me to give my child to his sister so that I would be free to carry the yam and other things to be purchased, then I left my child in his sister’s care in a private car they came with.”

She said the man’s sister took the baby from her alongside a piece of cloth used as the wrapper.

She further lamented that after buying the yams, the man asked her to take it to the car to enable him buy other things but eventually fled in the process.

Her words “After purchasing the tubers of yams he asked me to drop them in the car while he gets other food items. On getting to the car park, I saw nobody and went back to the place I left the man.”

The traumatized mother said it was at this point she realized the assailant had escaped and she raised an alarm.

She said since then it was only on the 18th of March, 2022 that my elder brother Chibueze Oparaeche saw him and called the attention of Obazu Neighborhood Watch and he was arrested at Umuchoke Obazu.

The traumatized mother said she had earlier reported the matter at the state CID but nothing positive came out of it.

She said ” I am begging our Gov. Uzodinma, IGP, Akali to use their good office and prevail on police formations in the country to help me investigate the matter and get my son. I am also appealing to other security agencies to wade into the matter. My appeals also go to Nigerians and non-governmental organisations, to assist me in finding the child.

She said her life has crashed. I am injured and devastated, Since the man was apprehended nothing positive has happened there is no good response from the police.


  1. They should torture him well. He will say the truth.

    1. The Original ShugarGirl25 March 2022 at 11:00

      My heart bleeds for her and her baby.

      The evil people are willing to engage in this country will shock the devil himself.

      Trust no man. I pray baby boy is still alive and traceable.

      When even so called men of God are linked to cases of missing children in Nigeria and the political class as well as security agencies act as allies and Justice is being hampered.

      Where is the love, the hope in being a Nigerian.

    2. 9:06 you don’t even know if he knows what happened
      What if the driver drove off with the sister and the baby
      You want to torture the guy and you don’t even have any evidence

  2. They will not have peace until they bring the boy back to his mother. Wickedness everywhere

  3. Chaiiii fooled a woman with marriage just to kidnap her baby....what wont we hear of in dis country.

  4. Crazy things are happening...

    What is the fault of this woman? How was she supposed to have known the bad intentions of her so called suitor? The heart of a man is desperately wicked indeed!!

    1. Heart of man is desperately wicked!
      I pray that her child is still alive.
      What a traumatic experience she must have been passing through.

    2. But why would the mother leave her baby to carry yam? Who would be better equipped to care for the baby if not the mother while the in-laws go looking for their yam? How would a man tell you to leave your child with his sister in a car with a stranger while you go off looking for yam? Is the sister crippled?

      This is a lesson to everyone, male and female alike. Don't switch of your brain in the name of marriage. She was probably desperate to shed the toga of single mother and a desperate kidnapper got the best of her.

      This is the same way that crippled lady had her child taken from the "mountain" after putting 3,500 for gate pass and 18,000 for the miracle that never was.

      Bi a baa n sunkun, ka ma riran. Even when you are crying, never stop seeing or being observant.

      I pray she gets justice. I truly hope it's a case of him selling the child to someone who needs a baby to raise and not to ritualists.

    3. Hmmm I guess she was desperate to get married..I feel for her o

    4. Anon 10:26 I can't fault your comment.

      I hope that with this story going viral, that she will recover her baby.

    5. 10:26 your comment is nonsense
      Which well brought Nigerian lady will sit and crossleg with her baby while her sil goes to carry the yam. Especially if the SIL is older than her. It's not done. Unless the baby needs feeding in that moment you know you will go get the yam. The SIL was not a stranger to her.

    6. 14:04, a well brought up woman with a three month old child will sit and hold her baby. She will tell her husband to pay for someone to carry the yam or go twice. I think you are mistaking marriage for slavery and that desperation to pass exam is what landed her in this mess.

      Even sellers sometimes help their customers to their cars. Why must a nursing mother carry yam? It is this desperation to meet it pass exams set by impossible in-laws that makes resentful women and leads to situations like this.

      An adult male can make the rounds to the shop and back while his fiance sits in the car with the Methuselah sister.

      He could have paid someone ordinary N200 to bring all the load at once. She could have left the baby at her family house if she just wanted to carry this yam and impress her sister-in-law by force but she heard marriage and just brought down her walls. I don't get this desperation and it is rather sad.

      My guess is that for her to want to move on this quickly, she and the father of the baby had a bad falling out and she was eager to "show enemies". This trend has to be addressed in a society where people basically live to "show them". Desperation has a way of attracting the worst people. When at your lowest, focus on building yourself and not on revenge. This guy knew she was desperate and he just swooped in.

    7. If she couldn't talk to her fiance about sitting in the car while he goes after yams, it seems to me that's a major red flag she may have seen while pregnant but she refused to address because she was desperate to get hitched.

      This man must have been around when she was pregnant so how was he caring for an expecting mother if he wants her to start carrying yam about at just three months postpartum? or how she didn't even have the confidence to tell him to pay someone in the market a token to bring the yams so she can stay with her child? Even the sister not gently scolding her brother to leave the mother and face his yams just seems odd.

      I feel for her and hope the lessons are not lost on those yet to get hitched.

    8. 18:57 this is long
      Unless she had reason to doubt her sil there’s nothing wrong with following her husband to get the yam
      If the sil was already carrying the baby nko
      You think she should have said sister give me the baby and you go with my husband
      Where dem dey do that. It’s not slavery.

  5. Hmmmmm!!! This is sad and at the same time suspicious..

  6. Hmmm things are happening,are you sure he is not a rituList?

  7. Oh na what is this?? What kinda sad news is this na? You come marry then you thief person pikin? Poor mom๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”

  8. What kind of wickedness is this?

  9. When did she start dating this man? Because if you're talking marriage as a mother to a three month old baby, you were to desperate and moved too fast.

    1. Please don't blame her, not everybody had a standard courtship process. Meanwhile, has the man confessed? Abi, hand never touch am?

  10. What kind of wickedness is this for Gods sake...they need to beak his legs then he will say where the baby is!

  11. I don't think the police have handled the suspect,by now he should have started singing like a bird.

  12. Things are getting out of hand, the world is turning to something else. I hope the baby is alive

  13. What kind of wickedness is this?


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