Stella Dimoko Singer Seyi Shay Reveals How She Found Out About Her Pregnancy, Her Partners Reaction And The Changes Her Body Is Going Through


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Sunday, March 06, 2022

Singer Seyi Shay Reveals How She Found Out About Her Pregnancy, Her Partners Reaction And The Changes Her Body Is Going Through

Singer Seyi Shay has a pregnancy's Diary where she is documenting her 9 months Journey.

According to her;

"Hi, welcome to another episode of Seyi Shay's pregnancy diary.

So if you didn't know the news is out I am fully pregnant "dem don injure me finish". I have been asked where I was and how I found out that I was pregnant and how did I feel. Actually I was feeling funny for a few weeks and it was during the time of my life where I was already quite down about certain things that happened last year that you all probably knew about. I was already feeling quite depressed because of Sound Sultan, he was like my father, bestfriend, brother my everything but physically I was feeling ill because I have been hoping and planning to have a child or get pregnant around then.

I told my house help to get me a pregnancy test kit because I felt this kind of feeling is different so I was in the bathroom and she came to give me the pregnancy test I left it for three hours then I went back to the bathroom I lifted it up and I'm like" oh my God it's positive" then I called my partner who is also my fiancé that I'm pregnant and he was like " oh that's really cool" he didn't know how to express his excitement.

How do you feel?

Those results picked me up immediately I felt on top of the world I felt the best thing had happened in my life. I've been there before so I had mixed emotions I was scared and happy that God has given me another chance especially the things that had just happened leading to that day.

 I had a lot of horrible moments, I'm very hormonal even though I haven't had typical throwing up everyday, terrible skin, big nose but I am definitely insecure about so many things like my career how much it means not being able to work, postponing my show in London, not being able to do many gigs in December. It brought me down and I was just crying like I won't be able to snap back as quickly as I would like, it was just so scary and frustrating because I know it's a choice I made and I ought to have known that these are the things that would happen. 

I think my hormones got me scared, my fans won't be there when I come back or my body won't come back like before I just got so scared it might be the hormones but it might just also be because I had a lot of time to reflect on everything I've been through of being Seyi Shay these past years, the conflicts, misunderstanding, being trolled and bullied online. I'm really having time to stop and think of all about that.

I'm just here am really scared of how things are gonna be when this baby comes, getting my body back eating right that's one of the things that bugs me because am a foodie I love eating everything there's no food I'm allergic to I was raised to eat everything. Now there are something I'm not allowed to eat, while there are some I'm to eat more that I don't particularly like that's kinda sh#ty.

But I kinda like my body more now however I do need to tone up these cellulites it's really attacking my legs and ass I have not been able to run which is my favorite thing on the treadmill 8months plus now so you can imagine my body is literally showing off all the bad foods I've been eating whereas before it doesn't show because I used to work out a lot, it's just part of carrying a child you have to sacrifice.

I plan to get sexier after the birth I plan on being sexier than I ever was like being super skinny, trimmed having packs the height of sexiness. I actually love my body more especially my boobs I have always wanted a boob job, if my boobs can stay like this I will be so happy if not I'll get a boob job. Definitely my ass, arms and legs am gonna tone them up get rid of the cellulites I definitely love this weight. I will probably be in the gym building..

The mental state thing am gonna put it out on hormones but also having just enough time to reflect on life."


  1. Replies
    1. Congratulations. But u did not talk much about the pregnancy only bothered how ur body is going to look. Ok

    2. Nigerian 'Rihanna.' Tiwa sees herself as Nigerian Beyonce and this one believes she is Riri. Can Nigerians be themselves, please?

  2. I wonder why these female musicians find it hard to get married. Seyi shay, Chidinma, Niniola, Yemi Alade, Asa, etc. Even Rihanna has chosen the baby mama route. I'm sure she'd have preferred falling in love and getting married. It's all good. Happy natal Seyi.

    1. Just last week, my mum was saying something. I was surprised when she said she wished Yemi Alade had married before the fame, that it will be difficult now.

      Female artiste find it more difficult. Eventhough, they want to. Imagine the last relationship Rihanna had with the Arab guy, and they parted because their lifes were so different! Imagine, after enjoying all the benefits of dating her!

      It's not easy sha

    2. Did Rihanna tell you she wished to marry the Arab guy?

    3. The reason is simple,
      When you go to the devil for fame and money, he steals the family unit.
      Even those that force it end in divorces and tears.

    4. Anon 13:01, don't be delusional, will you be dating for fun in your thirties?

      She mentioned she will like to marry and have kids.

  3. It's well can't judge her as love and husband no come,we all sin differently after all

    1. Husband no come, until one takes it to a national outburst before husband will come.

      Na wa!

  4. Again, this one couldn't wait to get married, impatience?

    1. Some of them just don't want to start raising toddler when they ought to be a grandma since marriage is not forth coming, will you blame them? They also wish to be wired.

    2. Assistant Jesus Wait for what? Is it everybody that wants to marry? You that is talking did you wait till marriage before having sex? Did you marry a virgin? Search yourself before you judge others

    3. @Gift
      So, if we don't blame them, who shall we blame?
      People should take responsibility for their actions and inactions.
      it is greed that lands them in this squirrel hole.

  5. When you say "Oh my God. .."
    Remember that God almighty wants us to be pregnant in marriage.

  6. Ndị judginas, I raise hands for you lot. 😏😏😏

    Seyi shay. As God gave you freely, may this happiness last a life time.. Safe delivery in due time.

  7. Some comments though... Una no dey taya??
    Some people dont want to marry
    It is okay for a woman to want to have a child without marriage especially if the clock is ticking and no one swrious is coming

    She has a fiance already,so she should abort to please you people?

    Majority of you that bash others are married but crying in your homes
    Some of you are married but living single

    1. I think it is a bit cumbersome culturally understanding the presence of a fiance and even after pregnancy , no marriage ensures

  8. Same idiots that were congratulating Rihanna are critizinh Seyi Shay.

  9. God doesn't want kids out of marriage but he leaves married couples childless for life and hurries to put innocent children who are wonderfully and fearfully made in the bellies of unmarried females including those who are raped and abused by his priests and pastors.

    He wants kids only within the confines of marriage but Jesus was born to a girl who was not yet married.

    Look, you've not thought it through or had your breakfast.

    If you don't want to congratulate this lady, go and find something else to do. You are not prepared for this conversation.

  10. Congratulations dear
    I love baby's news

  11. Our generation glorifying nonsense.. SMH

  12. All the best Seyi ❤️❤️❤️


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