Stella Dimoko Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Troublesome Sister In Law....


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Friday, April 15, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Troublesome Sister In Law....

 I throwey Salute.....

My people, How una dey oo?

Stellalimpo-gelato!...How market today o?

Hmm...In-laws na truly orisirisi for this life wey we dey so!

Na One new, young couple wey dey very quiet and reserved pack enter our Estate that time. They get other neighbours for the building wey I dey go deliver provisions and foodstuff on weekdays and weekends. So I dey free with the tenants for their compound.

Everything dey ok for their house until, the husband Elder sister (Sister-in-law) carry her daughter (Debby) come begin live with them. *clickstongue*

The daughter (Debby) no dey gree see wife for eyes inside house o! Her mother go dey talk say, na she take care of the husband when he was an infant as their parents die shortly after dem born am!

The sister- in-law go also say na because of that, she no go school wey she sidon for house dey nurse the younger brother till him grow now become bigman!

Nne, na for my shop the SIL dey purge the one wah ask her plus the one wah no ask! 

On top one satchet of water wey she come follow me buy o! Na almost 30mins I try use convince her to buy coaster biscuit as I no get change! Mba! She sidon for 1hr until another customer bring her 50naira! *Nsobu!*

This sister-in-law come forget say, when this her brother graduate from university ( sponsored by his elder brother), wey he no see Job. Na this him wife connect am find better job wey make am Big man.

SIL say, her daughter (Debby) don dey follow her younger brother live for house when he bin bachelor, before he marry come relocate to this Estate.

SIL believe say she don dey too old (@ 50years) to look after her children, *coughs* so na the responsibility of her younger brother to take on the mantle since her own husband na kai-kai drinker!

The wife say no problem, make the daughter (Debbie) come dey follow dem live.  He never too tey wey Debby begin behave like say na the same right she and Wife get inside house! *hian*

If wife cook Jollof Rice for the entire house to chop, Debby go comot seafood okro soup from freezer and make Eba for only herself to chop!

She go say Aftoroh, na her uncle money she dey enjoy!

Na im trouble begin intensify when Wife dey battle to get belle and she come house from market one Saturday morning meet her sister- in-law and her daughter dey sprinkle Holy water everywhere inside the house even reach her matrimonial room! She ask why the woman go invade her privacy like that!

Na so SIL tell Wife make she go and warn her fellow ogbanje people say make dem leave the house or she herself go see pepper! *chineke!!!

I follow open mouth o!


  1. Nice story but reading pidgin English as a whole story stresses me out.

    @Sisi Senaponi, can you please mix pure English with pidgin in your next post?

    1. Each to hin own, na the pidgin dey totori me. Well done 👍🏾

  2. SIL wahala. Olorun o ni je ki ari ogun inlaw oh. E so pe Amin!

  3. I dey enjoy the pidgin, e flow reach gran. Make she pursue debbie n mama comot jare! And y she dey leave room open sef? Me i dey lock my room n freezer and leave fridge open for dem to drink all d water, na food wey i leave na im dem dey chop.

    1. Na to put burglary for pot and freezer remain o!

  4. The pidgin is making it difficult to read. Nice story

  5. Some in-laws with entitlement mentality.

  6. I enjoy the pidgin so much abeg , my belle dey sweet me for your gist always.

  7. Sister in laws? OK, let me say some sister in laws.. Hmm.

    My husband's elder sister came to stay with us for a procedure and stayed more than six months. We were all lovey dovey, and I welcomed her as a big sister.

    Sometimes I will go out and come back to see her friend cooking in my kitchen. Pot of stew finishes in a day. I'll just ignore. Only for her to start keeping malice once her procedure was successful.

    After she left, she tried poison my husband's mind against me. Told him many horrible things about me and my family 😯😯.. ( saw their Facebook chat). But he defended me, and told her off. She was so angry and became his sworn enemy oh.

    Hmmmm.. Even till now. OK, what did I do to you? OK whatever, I am sorry, for peace to reign, for where?

    Me I am low-key happy because that one can waka go different prophets for Africa before she... It is well jare.

    May God keep defending us women from household enemies.


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