Stella Dimoko Actor Chiwetalu Agu Reveals The Shocking Things A Prophet Brought Out Of His Body


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Saturday, May 07, 2022

Actor Chiwetalu Agu Reveals The Shocking Things A Prophet Brought Out Of His Body

Veteran Nollywood actor Chiwetalu Agu made a chilling revelation...

According to him

"Why I am drawing your attention this very moment is to show you.. arrows of different types. We have arrow of cowrie, arrow of sea stones, arrow of pins they are uncountable. This is a key, the prophet who brought these out of my body we were discussing and I was asking since it was brought out of my chest heart region did they mean to block my heart? because anybody who's heart is not functioning is not alive.

Look at bullet, look at another bullet all these from my chest, shoulder, and neck region. When we saw this mirror we were calculating that the enemies have sent all these and they brought mirror to show them what was still holding Chiwetalu alive that's the mirror here.

All these are the hand work of the enemies but the truth of the matter is that once you are with God nobody can harm you however powerful the weapons are.
I see myself as an agent of the Lord to help humanity, help those I can save from being killed by the enemies just like God has saved me from being killed by this people.

Infact at a point it was as if I was seeing myself five feet under the down. The leader of one group died at that moment other members are not getting themselves some are just like walking corpse I know all of them men and women.

So glory be to the father to the son and to the holy spirit for this wondrous act and miracle"


  1. Thank God. You are alive and well.

    1. Chai!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    2. Ms Saphire dear 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 you don't wanna talk the talk??

  2. A prophet or Native doctor? Thank God for his healing

  3. It is well with him. Definitely one of the best actors to emerge from these shores.
    On the flip side, some people don't believe in spiritual attacks, but what is certain, is that there is evil and there are evil people. May God keep us safe Sha. Crazy world mehn!

    1. This is pure magic. Not real at all, No the truth and let the truth set you free. Some fake pastors perform this magic to decieve lots of gullible people, even the so called christains.

    2. This is pure magic. Not real at all, No the truth and let the truth set you free. Some fake pastors perform this magic to decieve lots of gullible people, even the so called christains.

    3. Anon, I no talk pass laidis. We just need to be careful though. It's a wicked world. Trust me

    4. Magic100% If you know you know🀣🀣🀣

    5. Ogbenge MAGIC πŸ’―%

  4. The Original ShugarGirl7 May 2022 at 09:00

    Nolly Nolly no wonder some among them die mysteriously every blessed year. Unhealthy competition has driven them into diabolism. Mr. Ibu is still here despite the constant food poisoning. God be praised. He is indeed a shelter unto those who run to Him.

    I thank God for your life, Sir. We signs and wonders to this evil world.

    1. Mr ibu has kidney disease

  5. That's why John 10:10 is my watch word ....they will keep trying but they will all be disappointed..

    Thank God for your Life Sir.

  6. Leave that thing o. It's magic. Someone did it on me years back when I was naΓ―ve. Lol, they even did same thing on one of my cousins last year as her mum testified to me and I laughed hard.

  7. The woman was beating me with a bible. As she was beating me the nails were falling from my body

  8. Chai! Please don't allow people who don't have good knowledge of what's written in the scripture to perform this kind of miracle magic on you.

    1. Read comments naw and see people actually believe this. If I talk they will call me 'woke'. Haba!

    2. His own case might be magic but such things do occur.
      I've once vomited a dead cockcroach during prayers.
      Mind you, I was all alone while watching one of the MFM manna water service on YouTube.

    3. How did the cockroach get past your digestive system?😲

    4. Ms Saphire, I don't know o. It was shocking to me, as the cockcroach was whole. I had to go to google to search if something similar has happened to anyone else. I saw two different cases. One in nairaland and the other was in TB Joshua's church. Crazy things are happening.

    5. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣abeeg lemme just 🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐

  9. It’s fake, my MIL went to one and she told me they removed pins from her body. Her arthritis is still there, nothing has changed. I told her to manage that old age comes with weakness of bones due to wear and tear. How are they so clean if they came out of the body? They should be bloodied na.


    1. Very very very fake

      May God open the eyes of his people to wiles of the devil and his cohorts.

      Arrow KO, pin ni

  10. Living Spring7 May 2022 at 10:28

    This reminds me the story of a brother we could (I) not help in church.

    I still groan in pain over the incident.

    John and his wife are from Kogi State. The wife started coming to church and not long afterward, the husband joined.

    Through the efforts of our follow-up team, the family became regular members but something wasn't right about them - the man and his wife were always at loggerheads.

    One Sunday morning it was my turn to minister. God graciously blessed the sermon that John gave his life to Christ.

    After church service, John asked to see me for counselling and prayer. 

    When I asked John what he wanted to discuss, he raised up his leg to the window and asked me to touch a spot on the leg. I did and and felt hard substance (5 Nails) buried in his leg.

    Then John started his story. He had lived with the objects insude his leg for years after a nightmare, and had gone to several places for help but all to no avail.

    I  was dumbfounded and didn't know what to do. I had seen miracles wrought through my prayers but the case was on a different level.

    The rational side of me quickly kicked in and I reasoned that even if I prayed for John, he would need a surgery to remove the nails.

    John left that Sunday morning; but before he left, he told me he had an appointment with a witch doctor on Wednesday of that week.

    I tried to minister to John that he's now a born again and that God would deliver him. He did not argue with me.

    The following Sunday, John asked to see me after service.

    Beaming with smiles John said "Pastor, see my leg,; God has delivered me."

    I probed further how and what happened. John gleefully told me the witchdoctor spoke a few words over his leg and the hard substances (nails and pins) came out.

    I was speechless and slipped into  depression. Obviously, I needed more of God's power and knowledge to deal with certain issues.

    I cried unto the Lord for enduement of power for days with fasting and endless vigil.

    Then something happened one day. I was given a chance to retake the' Faith & Miracle Test.'

    An old woman was killed in a road accident. How she came back to life remains a mystery to me.

    The miracle in the drama was not even a restoration to life of the deceased woman - the miracle, for me, was that I still canot explain what pushed me to her corpse and prayed over her.

    John's incident happened years ago, but the miraculous restoration happened on Saturday evening (6:10 pm) 17th, February 2018.

    There is more to life than what we can see and rationalise.

    1. Sir, this your write up really ministered to me. Thanks for sharing. I learnt deeply from this

  11. That's shamanism at work, not a good spirit hence the repercussions later on.

  12. I laugh in French. This is pure swiftness of the hand, ordinary magic and nothing more.
    When we go get sense for this naija sef? Believe this at your own risk.

  13. did that "prophet" also tell you how to make heaven through Jesus Christ and avoid hell fire?
    If not, fake prophet!πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  14. Same m.o. as those who discover padlocks buried in the compounds. Ask yourself how many of these kind of "miracles" Jesus performed before hailing crafty magicians and tricksters looking to defraud you.

    Look, if you harbor and nurse negative thoughts about your relatives, colleagues and neighbors, you will waste your life seeking and finding snakes, nails, calabash and other things God made because you believe in them. If your God is truly God, you have no business with anything anyone else is doing.

    Count the times Jesus prayed midnight prayer or bound and cast any curse from his lineage. You are carrying your limited knowledge on ATR into Middle Eastern beliefs and confusing yourself into the conclusion that someone is doing all the things you can do to others to you.

    Btw, this new commenting widget is horrible. You can't see as you type.

  15. I have had the experience of cowries coming out of my chest too.


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