Stella Dimoko Big Brother Star Uriel Tells Ladies Not To Put Their Eggs In One basket


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Monday, August 29, 2022

Big Brother Star Uriel Tells Ladies Not To Put Their Eggs In One basket



  1. Replies
    1. She wen don put her own for 2 abi tiri basket still dey hustle Anthony Joshua and other guys join, she still never see uzband. Mae she rest abeg

  2. So if the other date you went to ask you if you are seeing someone, you say what! I just ust went on a date

  3. Okay.. ndi motivational speaker

  4. U will know him and no Otele lashing, but u will chop money abi? Olodo don drop quote

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  5. No be person wey get egg dey find basket. Plus egg, plus hen, na Gabriel poultry dem dey these days.

  6. See lemme tell you as a guy.
    If I'm in a relationship with you and you go on a date with another guy, whether movie date, party date, talk date or even eatingπŸ™„ date,. You better don't let me find out cos that'll be the day I begin to take you less seriously. You go on date, I go on date, let everyone be knowing everyone randomly.

    2. There's nothing wrong in cooking for a guy you're in a relationship with. You expect gift, money and attention and care from him, what is the least you can do? You think any guy would take a girl he hasn't seen any value she'll to a marriage seriously, the same way you can't take a gut that refuse to spend on you seriously is the same way he won't take you seriously. If everyone is doing he isn't my husband so I can't cook for him and she isn't my wife so I can't spend on her, you think say anybody go marry?

    There was this girl that was my friend, she go beg airtime, beg to take am out, beg money etc, I fell sick and we were discussing, couldn't go out, no strength to cook, we were discussing and I told her of one lady that wants to come and help me cook.. the next thing this babe would say is she can never cook for a guy she's not married too, I then asked her, so as I'm Ill now, if I had asked you to come and please help me cook you won't, she said yes.. Omo, I felt used.. that was the beginning of the end of our friendship.

    Stop listening to all these woke ladies that will mess up and chop breakfast, they'll now be looking for other girls they'll drag into their misery with bad advice

  7.'s fustrating cos one may be disappointed

  8. She did not lie. Me that I'm not wired to go on dates with different people, I am trying to learn cos e be like say loyalty no dey pay.


  9. Replies
    1. What truth, don't go on multiple date with different guys if you don't have self control.

  10. She is absolutely right o
    I laugh at the women that live in their man's houses and do wifely duties,hoping for him to see that something special in them one day and do the needful..Una breakfast dey cook.

    1. Staying with a guy for over six months is a no no that means you as the woman is yet to define what you want exct you with him for fun.

    2. What! Six months is too much,Sis please have some shame and go back home.

    3. Six months bawo

      Make Una dey respect Una sef small na😌πŸ˜ͺ

  11. Ideally yes. But life is not ideal. Many demands of today's courtship also make the advice on multiple dating almost impossible if not improper.

  12. My sister Uriel: 27-35 yrs na danger zone. Since 19-26(7 yrs) you no find husband. Na above 30 you want begin play men. Men are wiser these days. They look beyond sex because runs girls and hookups dey readily available. If you and person dey communicate, within 6 months you go know man wey want settle soon or not. If not, move on sooner. A stitch in time saves nigh. Once you hit 27, it is almost over. At 35, it is over because there is very high probability of birth defects and menopause dey drag skirt with you. Una make fun of Regina Daniels, but that young lady married young and will enjoy her children wella.


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