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Monday, August 29, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Anti-Usher!

 I cant stop laughing!

Kpoi! Kpoi! Na who dey house e?! Una doh o!

Stellatumerica...I hail o!

Things dey hapun abeg!

See this fine woman wey born three boys for her husband. Woman wey her yellow na follow come!
Her problem start after husband begin follow him brother go one church like that!

Small time her family say make she sef join him dey attend. He say mba!

So why you come dey squeeze face like Pear wey jam hot Corn?!

Na so one Sunday after husband don go church, wife pack her children inside car na so dey follow husband for back. But he nor know! *Kiikiikii...women nor dey gree!*

Small time, husband enter church, wife and children sidon for back. She dey monitor him.

God abeg o! She say na every minute one Aunty usher dey come and parade her figure 8 for him side! *Hian!*

Infact all the men wey dey that side, na she dey come look for church!

She say, Even when one Minister begin shout, Look unto Jesus the Author! Mba! Na Aunty Usher 'west' dem dey look as the Finisher of their problems!

Small time Aunty usher disappear go park, her husband too stand up, comot church, go car park. She say she too tanda fiam! like say she wan pick call outside!

All these kain churches wey be say Angels sef nor get their address for logbook! How Satan nor go dey fry confusion for their midst?!

If na those days, when churches still dey carry fire, wey pastors na legit! You nor fit pretend to be worker and God nor go caution your ways!

Na for car park wife go knock husband tinted window. Her husband nor gree answer!

She tanda for there, begin call him number, she say she hear like vibration voom voom from inside, but the phone just off suddenly!

As better, sharp wife, wey she be *clearsthroat* She wave one male usher and another elderly female worker say, be like say her husband don jam inside the car, say he dey asthmatic so she nor know how dem go fit help her open the car!

E nor too teh wey plenty workers don gather for the car. Them begin lay hands on the car, begin pray say make the husband wake up! Say make holy spirit intervene! *!kiikiikii...God abeg e*!

Abeg na where holy spirit wan take intervene?! where na undercover atrocity dey shele! *Taa! Comot dia!* Make Angel nor vex give dem konk!

Na im one brother look closely for front of the car, see say na backseat the husband dey and something dey block the middle!

*Fear this kain brother wey nor need microscope to see inside person house from bustop!*

The brother wey gather ginger pass from amongst them, comot shirt, wrap hand with shirt and small towel.

Na so he use hand burst the driver side window open! He quick open the car.

All of them dey shout 'praize master Jeezez e! when they open door, na Aunty Usher dey inside with person husband for back seat! Dey find wetin nor loss under seat!

She nor know say those women wey nor dey gree born girl,wey na boys dem dey align for house, their bones nor be ordinary! One blow, Ten falling! *Odi Find trouble at your own peril!* Kiikiikii!

'Anti-Usher, still dey go appointment for Igbobi, anor sure if her 'West' go ever fit generate signal for man cordinate again!

Hahahahahahahahahhahahahaha my belle ooooooooooo


  1. 不不不不不不ewo ooooo

  2. I don really laugh. Thank you for making my day.


  3. This is funny
    All this ushers self. God abeg oooo


  4. U always make me laugh...thanks

  5. All these kain churches wey be say Angels sef nor get their address for logbook! How Satan nor go dey fry confusion for their midst?!

    Hahaha. I don laugh tire. This lady. Your mouth shape

  6. Some people no get shame again Even in the lord's premises??
    Serves both of them right不不

  7. 不不不不不不See the kain things wey de hapun for church.

  8. This is so shameful,in the Lord's house kwa.

  9. interesting read

  10. 不不不不Sisi fry me oo, i am your dodo

  11. To say that its his brother that lured him to d church


  13. 不不不不不不
    The woman na action woman

  14. Upon say d woman give 3 boys oo, e eyes still dy outside. Sometimes I wonder wat men really want.

    1. You go ask wetin Yul dey find for another woman. I don laugh tire

    2. Na Covetousness promax

  15. Hmm can you imagine shameless adults so dem no fit wait make service end again.
    The lady na ashawo kobo kobo

  16. Some of these female ushers are low-key prostitutes.

  17. 不不不不, Walahi this one no shock me o, plenty thingd dey happen for church true true.

  18. Her husband is a useless and irresponsible shameless "man"


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