Stella Dimoko Fake Reverend Sister Arrested With 15 Kidnapped Children + Kids Narrate How They Were Abducted


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Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Fake Reverend Sister Arrested With 15 Kidnapped Children + Kids Narrate How They Were Abducted

A 44-year-old woman, Maureen Wechinwu, who was arrested with 15 kidnapped children in Rivers State, has said she bought the kids between N50,000 and N100,000 each.

The woman, who claimed to be a reverend sister, was arrested at Omuigwe Abuja Phase II, Aluu, in Ikwerre Local Government Area for alleged child trafficking
Speaking to newsmen at the police headquarters on Tuesday September 6, the suspect claimed that she used to be a Rev. Sister trained in England anf her orphanage is genuine. 

She claimed that five of the children were recovered from mentally challenged women while the others were brought to her by one Victor.
The suspect, however said she did not know where the said Victor brought the children from.

"I run an orphanage with children of mad people. Fransisca Onyinyechi, who was given birth to by a mad woman in Ogbogoro community market, is one," she said.
"I cannot say that I am a reverend sister now that I am a disgrace. But I believe I was earlier. I am of the Ladies of Victory Missionary Sisters. It is in England, a Foreign Congregation. I am the only Nigerian in it.

"Some of the children are mad people’s children. The others are brought to me by one Mr. Victor. Sometimes he comes with them in twos. One Miss Alice brought two to me. Alice said since I am a beginner that I should take them
"Sometimes when Victor brings children, he will be demanding money. But due to the pressure on me sometimes I give N50,000, N60,000, and N100,000." she added.

The Commissioner of Police, Eboka Friday stated that the suspect was arrested by men of his command acting on credible information regarding the hideout of child traffickers.

He added that 15 children who range from the ages of 4 to 10 years, were rescued while the case has been transferred to the CP Monitoring Unit for discrete investigation.

"Operation Restore Peace personnel of the Command, acting on credible information regarding hideout of child traffickers, stormed Omuigwe Abuja Phase II, Aluu, in Ikwerre Local Government Area," the CP stated.
"A lady who claimed to be Rev. Sister, Maureen Wechinwuz was arrested. Fifteen children ranging from seven to nine years were rescued. The case has been transferred to CP Monitoring Unit for discrete investigation
"It took us over 24 hours before we could extract any information from the children. Some of them who could talk recounted their experiences with the woman.

The children all have different sorry tales of the abduction with their different parents and relations corroborating their abduction.

Prosper Godwin male was reported to have been abducted at Ikpazasia market in Bayelsa State on 31/10/2020, together with two others whom he does not know their whereabouts and was taken to the suspects. Later, he was sold to a woman in Lagos and subsequently returned to the suspect. The parents Mr and Mrs Godwin Ododor have been contacted and they corroborated the statement of the child.

Queen Harry female was abducted at Ojukwu filed Mile 1, Diobu, Port Harcourt at about 7 pm, while on an errand with the elder sister. The mother, Mrs Florence has been contacted and she corroborated the facts.

Miracle John Ohiri female was abducted on 19/11/2021 at Ada-George Road, Port Harcourt, opposite Holy Rock Church, along with her mother and two siblings, who have not been seen to date. The father John Ohiri has been contacted for identification of the child, who corroborated her statement that he reported the incident at Rumuokpakani Police StatioN

Favour Edeze, a female was abducted at Creek Road Market Port Harcourt on 29/04/2022 at about 10 pm, while on an errand. The father Emeka Edeze has been contacted and identified his child and also confirmed the incident.

Chiemele Obinna, a female was abducted on 24/04/2022 at Rumuodara/culvert Oroigwe, Port Harcourt, while seated in front of their house with her sister. The mother Glory Obinna was contacted and she stated that the incident was reported at Okporo Police Station.

CP Eboka explained that the police were yet to locate the parents of the remaining 10 children for identification saying that the investigation was ongoing with the view of arresting other suspects linked in the case.

The names and ages of the rescued children are :

1) Prosper Godwin ‘m’ 9yrs.
2) Queen Harry ‘f’ 7 yrs
3) Miracle John Ohiri ‘f’ 8 yrs
4) Perculia Michael ‘f’ 8 yrs
5) Chimobi Mattew ‘m’ 7yrs.
6) Justice Peter Wechinwu ‘m’ 4yrs
7) Chukwuemeka Wechinwu ‘m’ 4yrs.
(8) Favour ‘f’ 9yrs.
9) Onyebuchi Wechinwu ‘m’ 7yrs.
10) Peculiar Micheal ‘f’ 8yrs.
11) Madubochi Wechinwu ‘m’ 10yrs.
10) Francisca Wechinwu ‘f’ 12yrs
11) Emmanuel Wechinwu ‘m’ 6yrs.
12) Prosper Godwin ‘m’ 8yrs
13) Queen Harry ‘f’ 7yrs
14) Chinwendu Wechinwu ‘f’ 15yrs.
15) Ogadinma Destiny Wechinwu ‘m’ 5yrs.

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  1. Just negodu! Thank God the kids have been rescued.

  2. Thank God, thanks to the Nigerian Police,I hope the younger ones will remember their real names and former locations.
    May she rot in jail,wicked woman.

    1. Oloriburuku ni elomi! Many are mad few are roaming! Does she know how it feels to carry a child for 9months. Now she has tainted thd Catholic name.

  3. Thank God she was apprehended. All these Wechinwus, I believe she gave them her surname.
    They even abduct kids in front of their houses, what a wicked world.
    Pls parents stop sending your kids on errands at night especially. I saw a child abducted at 10:pm while on errands above.

    1. Thank God for saving these children.

    2. Exactly, she gave them her surname.
      Wicked woman with evil heart 🖤

    3. Thank God for the rescue on those children. What a wawu and gut, she gave them her surname.

  4. Thanks to God that they have been safely rescued 👏👏

  5. Nawa oooo
    Is this not wickedness

  6. Is it by force to open orphanage. Thieves. See her kidnapping children. Her cohorts should be arrested too. OLE barawos

  7. Wicked woman, agent of darkness disguising as a reverend sis...thank God the kids have been rescued

  8. What a wicked world we live now, all because of money. Chikini money

  9. She has even given them her name. Wolf in sheep cloth.

  10. Jesus, negodu wickedness in high places. Pls they should give her punishment befitting her, heartless thing.

  11. Thank God for for saving the kids .

  12. The heart of man ehn. God forbid!

  13. So because you want to have an orphanage home you started abducting peoples children? Like the fvck? Pure wickedness

  14. Just imagine, the height of wickedness.. kidnapping other women's children just because you must have an orphanage.

  15. I don't understand this, wait o, she abducted kids because she wanted to start an orphanage? To what end bikonu? What happened to scouting for kids that genuinely need to be in the orphanage?

    1. Definitely not a real orphanage, probably to be sourcing for money and laundering money, also trafficking the children and baby factory in the near future.

  16. God will continue to expose and disgrace all workers of evil

  17. Such evils. Thank God she has been arrested.

  18. Thank God this evil one has been caught,see her evil face.Who knows how many 'orphanages' that are still operating like this.Parents be careful, how can you send a child on an errand at 10pm?

  19. My God!!
    Very heartless woman,thank God she was arrested.

  20. Things are happening in this our country o,imagine kidnapping other people's children because you want to run an orphanage,madam Reverend sister who send you work?

  21. Wicked woman, I was a sister in England and the only Nigerian there.

  22. People are becoming more stone hearted everyday

  23. God in ur infinity mercy continue to rescue children around the world from dis blood sucking demons .

  24. Many are called but few are chosen

  25. Nawa o

    Sunshine BV

  26. May God continue to watch over our kids. I pray the remaining kids get to unite with their parents soon.

  27. Will they give back those kids to their mad parents? I didn't read the story to he end because am attending to some other things here. From the little I read, the kids were taken from mad people in the street and brought to the orphanage home that she runs. If they take those kids back to their mad parents now, who will carter for them?

    1. C'mon go back and read again.


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