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Friday, October 07, 2022

Sisi Senaponis Corner .- Slim Tea Palava

 Sweet tori


I hail o! Na who dey we SDK yard?!

Stellavenezuela, I salute o! How dey continent?!

Na waka I dey waka as government don kukuma ban okada for area!

Now na to dey use this treck rehearse how person go take queue and waka reach judgement throne Because some pipu case go long pass others! Nigeria case alone fit take one whole year for heaven to analyse.

E sha nor go pure, if after the suffer plus queue, make person nor still see heaven enter!

My mind dey rest say no wayo-wayo for there! Everything go dey clear and open! Nor be say e go wan reach person turn to enter, some people go come collect machine or kidnap Angeh!

At least dem go gee person better chow and drinks! Atink, even Spa people go dey there to hep person rub back and leg!

*Choi, heaven go too sweet abeg!*

Na there our politicians go see wetin 'free and fair' mean! No be say we go begin find Book of Life wey lorss inside person Dross! *clickstongue*

Death sef go don already humble all those Agboro wey sabi terrorise and carry wetin nor be their own!

Nna ehn, the way Bible take describe those Angehs for Revelation, wey dem get dozen, dozen eyes! Tension sef nor go gree person geh mind, do anyhow or jump queue!

If person wey heat nor master, wey dey on AC from morning to night, still dey commit offence, no come make heaven! *hian!*

Na dem Nepa people wey dey hellfire suppose join hand flog the person! Odi wasted resources!

*Anor talk say dem Nepa go go hellfire or no go go! Aftoroh, dey fit just go there to help dem connect cable wey burn! *sideeyes*

* Na you know where your mind dey carry you go o! Na cable I talk o! They nor get business with heaven as darkness nor dey dia!

You see where your mind dey go now? Like say I talk say, because dem be wicked people, heaven nor get business with them!

Like say I talk say when they off light for more than 6months dem be agents of darkness!

I sha know wetin I talk! Aftoroh, if light dey, how fuel people go take sell market?!
Generator dealers nor go kukuma carry generator put inside plate and begin chop!
Na person go buy am na! No be so?!

And how person go fit use smoke and noise finish the neighbour wey e nor like, if light dey constant and he nor fit on generator?! Exactly! *sideeyes!*

Anor even think say gym people go sell again this period, as the trecking of some streets wey long pass Island bridge, dey more than enough to lose weight!

I land for mass, small time the AC wan begin tempt me to close eye and nod! Anor gree! This my fine dress wah wear come see Jesus nor fit waste for sleep!

We finish o, I wan go greet one of our Mur-mi!
She nor dey answer person greeting, without putting something inside persin bag or pocket! She too nice abeg!

Prayer be say make she nor turn drug dealer! Cos how person dey take enter prison, nor pass like that! *God Abeg!*

Sister Glory tell me say Mur-mii dey host people for house on Sunday evenings now. Say person go chop, belleful and even pack go house!
*Choi, inside this strong economy?Abeg she try*

I been reason to go, but their area nor get keke. Anor fit chop, come empty every thing on top trecking go back house! Make i sidon house jeje!

I say mah wait for this our Brother Jacob wey get korope, mah follow reach area!

Na inside the korope wah dey, two sisters wey he carry, begin gist say that buffet wey Mur-mii dey do, na to scan for bride for her son wey from abroad come!
I say but the son don already find bride na!

They say Mba o! Wetin the son order different from wetin dem carry give am! Talk true!

She say the bride and son meet through mutual friends. Na old, old, edited pictures she dey send give son!

I say nor be for video call people dey use a whole community salary buy iPhone?! She say see me! Na wetin woman want make persin see, persin dey see!

She say the son arrive unannounced. He call the bride say he wan send person to her estate early morning! Na so bride go gate, without make-up, no girdle, nothing! *unguarded!*

I say for early morning? to collect ordinary message? Why she go need paint face?! Wear bubu with slippers and faceyour waka!

The Angry birds wey we carry inside vehicle begin laff! They say if persin combine the three of us, we nor reach the bride half size!

I say and so?! Her man like her like that Na!

*Una wey be like kindergarten pencil, wia una own dey?!*

They say she dey pretend give Bobo say she be size 8! And that day for gate na the Bobo himself sidon inside car dey wait her for gate. To suprise her o!

I say but how the Bride go reason say her weight nor go worry the Man since she nor tell am?

They say she dey drink Slim tea, turn Rabbit wey dey chop only vegetables! She go don believe say her weight go drop before man go arrive physically!*choi!*

I say Akpu weight nor geh business with carrot or slimming tea! Na better firewood you go wake up begin use axe dismantle every morning!
You go join dem hunters, go forest dey find wetin nor loss! Only 7days, if I hear say you nor begin find weight!

But why some marketers dey wicked like this?! Person dey gigantic like that! Una dey collect her money, una dey starve her, turn her to goat wey dey chop and drink leaf water! Una wan add ulcer and depression for her matter?! Na wa o!

Akpu and Garri belle nor be anybody mate! Dey rude pass any thing! If you loose guard, nor tuck am inside dross, e go glow from under your blouse with pride, everywia you go!

Make dem dey try refer some cases go certified Doctor, Abeg!

Even though e dey clear say that uncle fit overlook the matter for future, una know say this man and woman matter, dey hard to predict!

Why person go dey use weight lie?na wah


  1. For this one story our politicians collect, Nepa collect, orobo collect, slim tea sellers collect, aahhaahh.

    1. Agbero collect, Lekki boys collect, Angry birds wey be bad belle collect.πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
      - Lady Rhoda.

  2. Na big she big o,why she dey behave like say she ki person?some people too like fake life abeg.

  3. Hahaha the Angels in Revelation honestly I fear

    1. I love how you touched every ills in our society before the main gist, more ink to your pen sisi .

  4. Hahaha the Angels in Revelation honestly I fear

  5. Sisi hope korope nor carry you pass your harse eeeeee bcos of tatafo

  6. some people and fake life na like 9ja politicians and corruption. las las, fowl nyansh don open.

    Just be yourself and God's best match for you will find you!!!

  7. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  8. Sisi today own special o. You touch plenty poeple. Thanks for making my day jhareh.

  9. 🀣🀣🀣 this Sisi eehh.

  10. Kindergarten pencil.
    Akpu and garri no be your mate.
    Sisi haf kil me. Haha

  11. Sisi, you dey write abeg. Kudos

  12. I too love you jhare

  13. Today topic suppose be "the many musings of sisi senaponi". You mind just dey fly go every corner as you dey trek your trek dey go. You too funny oh.
    But sis,you for go try your luck for that Sunday get-together wey mur-mi dey organise. You never can tell wetin fit happen. Abi this country nvea tire you?

  14. 🀣🀣🀣 thank you Sisi. This one is over loaded. I kept laughing paragraph by paragraph 🀣

    ~La creme


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