Stella Dimoko EX Actress Pastor Obot Etuk Talks About Not Embarrassing The Parents In Victory Speech...


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Thursday, December 29, 2022

EX Actress Pastor Obot Etuk Talks About Not Embarrassing The Parents In Victory Speech...

Remember actress Obot Etuk? She is now a Pastor and no longer acts...
Can someone please explain what she means by ''Victory speech''?

''In your victory speech ladies and gentlemen, never embarrass the effort of your parents by saying you came from nothing. Whatever you had then was what they could afford. And they gave it to you with love.
Make them feel better by praising them.
Remember,we reap what we sow''


  1. I understand her. No matter how little you came from or how lowly your background is acknowledge the sacrifices and support you got from your family and parents. Makes sense

  2. Very easy to understand. Beautiful woman.

  3. When we become successful, a lot of people talk about how they came from nothing, hustled on their own to get to where they are.

    These stories are probably true. But, some forget that though they were poor, their parents gave them what they could. Be it a meal instead of 3, a mat instead of a bed, a public school instead of a private one, slippers in place of trainers etc etc. They gave what they have/had.

    That 1 meal maybe more than they have had in 2 days.

    The average parent(rich or poor) makes sacrifices, and sheds tears that children may not see.

    Thank them.

    1. Well written

    2. What she has said is so true.
      My Sister had a birthday celebration in the year and said so many things that were not true and I was wondering if we both grew up in the same house. She went to a Federal school and I didn't so. When she said she was the least of the family. And she had a difficult time growing up I just wondered. This lady has spoken well. And she spoke. As though she dropped from the sky. I saw ingratitude. It is well. We have to do better at speeches by not putting our families and loved ones down because we have to hype ourselves or because we have made it in life.

  4. Stella, what she meant is that:
    When appreciating God for making it at last, for 'blowing' at last, acknowledge the role your parents played, they gave you the little they have which went a long way in your final destination, don't undermine their efforts by saying you came from nothing.

  5. Theatre Arts
    Imo State University
    Hardworking and enterprising
    I remember she spoke Igbo quite well.
    Really friendly and warm
    Weldone Obot! Wish I could run into you some day again.

    Love from this side of the continent.


    Jisike nne.

  6. I think she's correct in a way. Most people these days in a bid to showcase how hard they worked always feel the need to attach that coming 'from nothing' thereby making it look like they fell from the stones or plucked from trees. No gratitude to the parents who nurtured them and that's quite a disrespect to them.
    It's high time we started acknowledging the efforts of our parents and give gratitude and appreciation to whom it's due.

  7. She is correct, to all those who claim to be selfmade. Nobody is selfmade, someone somewhere made some sacrifices for you. Spice your victory speech with gratitude.

  8. Very right cos whatever our parents gave to us is what they can afford. What we can give to our parents right now is what we can also afford.

  9. A lot of times when people do that they don't know how they hurt their parents. Parents struggled to send you to university with a road side biz , especially if that parent is a widow or widower and when you want to talk you start yarning op. There is God ooo. Obot thank you for bring this very important awareness to light.

  10. It's called 'poverty porn'. The tendency of the society to glamorize coming from suffering/poverty/abuse/difficult childhood in stories of successful persons and tendency of those successful persons to exaggerate their suffering because a grass to grace story sells better. Many biographies, fiction, music etc are laden with poverty porn


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