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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

WEDNESDAY In House News.....

 I Salute!!...


Sending you all lots of love and peace and good hustle mood..
Enjoy the rest of the day while i check my kitchen for some Indomie.... Who else loves indomie noodles like kilode?

Your fave BV Jeweluchi Choc Noir has not called as promised so i am calling this evening to find out how her health status is...All other BVs in poor health, i send prayers of a get well soon your way.
BV Castle i know you are not Online right now cos of running around for your Dad but it is well, i will also check in on you.
Pease also check up any BV you have their contact that has been missing from the comment section recently...



On this fateful evening, around 8:pm on December 29,2022, I had just finished attending to the last customer in front of me and was about to start packing when these two guys alighted from a bike in front of my shop, the bike man waited for them. 

They came close, as I asked what they want to buy, one of them just lifted up his shirt and showed me a gun.

I was shaking by now, they told me to bring all the money I had on me. I carried the custard rubber where I keep money, took a nylon bag, poured the whole money inside and handed it over to them. 

The money in the rubber was more of small denominations (#200,#100,#50 etc) and it was not much. They now collected my Android phone and asked for the password of my bank app, I gave them. 

 They opened it and saw only 5k plus there. I pleaded with them to forgive my brokenness that I just paid my supplier for the goods I bought on credit, that is why I don't have much money at hand and in the bank. They transferred it to another account, (probably an innocent POS operator).

As they were asking me if that is all the money I had on me, a man and his wife started coming towards my shop, the one holding my phone quickly threw it inside his pocket, then they jumped on the bike and zoomed off.

I was shaking, the man and his wife kept asking me what was wrong but I could not talk. I wanted them to go very far before I talk, let them not go and shout "thief" "thief" and make them shoot at me.

I thank God for saving my life. Some robbers shoot at their victims if they don't get plenty money but God spared my life.

I reported to the police the next day, they asked me to deposit 30k before they start investigation of the account where the money was transferred to. I jejely went back to my house.

Now to the precautions I took;

The bank account whose app I have on my phone is the one I use for sundry expenses, not the main one that I use for savings. It doesn't contain more than 10k at a time. The main one I use with a large sum of money in it, the ATM is always at home and I did not download bank app for that particular account on my phone.

Imagine what would have happened if they saw the other bank account app on my phone or if I had the ATM card to that account on me. Note that I delete bank alerts to this account too from my phone.

Secondly, when there is no customer around, I usually remove #500 and #1000 notes from the custard rubber where I put money and I keep them in a bag hidden inside my shop. The next morning, I pay the money into my savings account. So the cash they took was not much like that.

The painful loss is the loss of my browsing phone. I lost less than 10k in cash and bank but I thank God for life and no injury too.

May evil be far from us a this year.

Thank God for sparing your life ... Business owners please adopt tmode of not carrying all money n one account.



The part 2 of this story was posted in Wednesday spontaneous post

Read the Part 1 HERE

''Tomorrow is our naming ceremony, we never know who will stand as the baby father. I went to drop the okpa she asked me to get for her and I met her mother cursing her, that if she had told her about the parole,she would have giving her a good advice, now she wants to mess things up, that is it not better to give chairman the child instead of thee suffer head hubby. 

Anyway, she said she already informed chairman that she's given birth and he promised to send his boy to come and check her. Mama said she will go and meet chairman and tell him the hubby got wind of the affairs and that the baby is for chairman ,if he doesn't accept, he will tell him he will let the whole world knows what he did, that which kind of man sleeps with a pregnant woman if he's not the owner of the pregnancy. 

That he should take responsibility as the husband don abandon them , for my mind I dey think ,even when he no abandon wetin dey him hand to feed the baby n mother, mama say chairman go do something as he won't want anything to tarnish his image, I dey look. I think when I left they talked about me ,maybe I go open their secret I no know o, me wey I sabi keep secret apart from just like 1 thousand people that I told here, nobody go hear am for my mouth.

 She later enter my flat to dey yarn say she don think am well, she and the husband no do the do, the time she get belle, that true true na chairman get belle, yinmu. Me wey I know say na damage control. Gist even had it that oga chemist beside her shop too dey chop, that she even confessed that oga chemist carry heavy weapon, say she go dey cry, beg him to please do the do,even cook food give am,just for him to do.

 Na siddon look I dey look, from her talk sef,na from money she got from chairman she used and buy okada for the husband, that one said he want dey do commercial okada, till tomorrow he never carry 1 passenger, he say he hasn't register with okada association. Anyway, make we dey look how the naming go be tomorrow.

This is really Messy. what kind of woman is this? Even her mum is in on the plan? Wawu



There’s this girl that came with one of my customer to my shop last year, a goddaughter to that my customer. She later came to advertise her perfume oils that she was selling and will sit for hours, i was always uncomfortable ,even when customers are around, she will rather sit than leave.

Now to my mistake, when customers are around, my own customers, she will advertise her own perfume to them and even collect their numbers. This girl opened a small place not far from my place and started selling similar things I sell, and even call those my customers that she has her number.

My mom said I should just leave her that time will tell if she will still be relevant in the business or not, that I should never make the mistake of allowing anyone come sit and be indirectly selling in my shop anymore cos that was what she did till she gathered my customers.

This girl boosts of using cele things like its normal, all her body always smelling of all this miss Paris things. I’m so angry, I feel like hurting her.

One of my customers asked me to make organic soap for her, which i’ve done. I kept calling to tell her to come for the soap, yesterday she told me this girl convinced her to use the money to buy things from her.
I remembered how I hustled to gather these little set of customers that I have, when I first opened my shop, I will even go on Sundays to target church people around the area. I couldn’t sleep during the night, been thinking .

*Why would you want to hurt her? she did not steal your customers oh, you stood and allowed her ''collect' them. Forgive yourself for that mistake and ignore her totally and be very prayerful so the front of your shop is not ' jazzed' with the cele things she boasted of.... In fact forget about her presence and be safety conscious.




  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    The ability of God is at work in me today! I don’t function by my own ability or strength, for the Lord renews my strength daily, and I’m divinely energized at all times. The Word of God has made me wise and I walk in divine health, peace, and joy.

    1. Amen πŸ™
      Good afternoon everyone.
      BV Choc Noir...
      Hope all is well with you?
      May God bless and keep you safe Sweet Soul πŸ™

    2. This business story don finally leak our secret. Something wey dey hide since make dem no know, you don finally open our yash to them. Make them no kom read this post o. God abeg

    3. She shouldn't put another man's pregnancy on anyone one. If the husband can't claim the baby then let him get away since she has been the one taking care of her children, let her continue. By the she should do family planning already instead of popping children anyhow like champagne.

    4. That woman Nd her husband no get sense atall. I pray make that chairman leave that area.

      Quick Recovery to those that are sick. God will do it, amen. He is faithful

    Honestly, this statement can instantly cure HIV, Depression, Anger, Leprosy, Mouth Odour, Gonorrhoea, Madness and Body Odour...πŸ’―
    Una Gud Afternoon....#ALiSpeaks

    1. This na confirmed statement o

    2. Even dandruff sef!πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    3. Money and blood work perfectly well

    4. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜Ή
      I swearrugud
      Are there people who don't like alerts most especially early morning ones?

    5. I seriously need that statement made into my ears😊

    6. Lavender o πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. I never knew I will face this kind of madness. Stella my husband just got his baby mama pregnant again. It was him that confessed to me because the babymama is threatening to tell me. Marriage of 3yrs. He admitted he messed up and has been begging and even claiming he will kill himself if I leave him ,such blackmail.

    Personally I have thought of leaving but my elder sister advised me not to leave since he has been a good husband. What is wrong with some men? How best do I handle this. I am 7months pregnant with our first child.
    I knew this lady wanted my husband from the way she calls him and even made a friend in my compound. I pleaded with him to get another apartment when I noticed that lady frequent visit to her friend in our compound but he refused, now he's the one begging let's move to another area.

    She knows he's married and she want to push me out by force. He said even if I leave I'm not leaving for her because he rather die than to marry her. Why then did he allow her to mess our marriage, he claimed he doesn't know what came over him. We are married both traditional and in court . How do I start going to court for divorce process and all that. I love him and honestly don't want to leave but this is a situation I don't even know how to handle.
    She's from Edo while I'm from Imo married to an Imo man. What's the guarantee I'll still have a peaceful marriage again. I also told my brother and he said whatever decision I take,he will stand by me but if he is truly sorry then I should forget about the babymama and stay in my marriage. That what if I marry another man and he cheats will I also leave? What if I did not discover till I'm 60 will I leave. Then and again he will always support any decision I take.

  4. Good afternoon everyone happy Wednesday 😊

  5. Welcome IHN πŸ’œ
    Greetings everyone
    Loaded IHN

  6. African Men, Let's Do More To Assist Our Women:

    Once the baby comes, women do more, men do less around the house. I don't think this is fair, at all! Men, please, I encourage us to be more considerate with our women & do better to assisting them when they need us the most.

    Child bearing takes a toll on women. They go through a lot during this period. That stated, our kids also need us, if not more. As a father, the joy of caring for kids, carrying & cuddling up with them is inestimable & rewarding. Children are a blessing from God.

    Children feel more loved when we're physically & emotionally there for them, not just financially. Money is good, but not everything. Get involved in all their activities. Let's not leave everything for our women. Feed, change their nappies and bathe them. Pray, play, sing, read with them and so on. All these help in bonding better with our kids as they grow.

    #be best

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    No caption: 20k
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    Good afternoon beautiful peopleπŸ’•πŸ’™❤πŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’ŸπŸ’‹

  8. Happy birthday to me πŸ’‹

    Good afternoon beautiful people πŸ’‹

    1. Have a fabulous birthday.

    2. Happy birthday darling πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸ₯³ God bless your new age richly πŸ™Œ have a blast πŸ₯‚

    3. Happy birthday to you beautiful Supernova, God bless you real good
      Enjoy your day 😽😊😊

    4. Happy birthday SuperπŸŽ‰ God bless your New Year.

    5. Happy birthday supernova,May lines continue to fall in pleasant places for you.

    6. Happy birthday Supernova
      Cheers to a great year

    7. Happy birthday to you supernova.
      God bless your new age.

    8. Thanks beautiful fam, I appreciate.

  9. Hello family, love and light to all.

  10. Hi Stella, thank you very much for the ad post.God bless you πŸ™.

  11. Wishing all those sick quick recovery. Bv Chocolate Noir, you are in my prayers.

    Bv armed robbers attacked, thank God they did not harm you.

    1. Amen πŸ™, I didn't know Chocolate 🍫 Noir wasn't feeling well. The healing balm of Jesus is your portion kind soul and to everyone that Is not feeling well too

  12. Hello IHN!

    Jos shopper, hope you're good?
    Ella baby, how are you doing?
    Mz B, it's bn a while. Hope all is well?
    Candilicious babe, what's up sis?

    Enjoy the rest of the day, fam.

  13. wow! See gist upon gist. things are really happening.

  14. Good afternoon everyone 😊😊😊
    Today's weather is on another level

  15. TASTE BLISS CAKES AND PASTRIES18 January 2023 at 14:12

    Thank God for sparing your life poster,
    The only account I have the app and ATM card is the account I use for my day to day expenses, any other account will not have atm card, also the bank I operate, you can't download the app without atm card, so this makes it difficult for fraudsters to hack the account or to steal money from the account,
    I always tell my friends this.

  16. Good afternoon everyone 😊😊😊
    Today's weather is on another level

  17. The attacked bv,so sorry for the few things collected.Your wisdom has saved you in this harsh economy.Imagine police telling you to bring 30k,that was how a friend who lost her phone in the cab was told to bring 20k for tracking.

    That messy paternity issue,she is the real Animashaun. I pity her cause the end of this film might not be palatable.

    Warm hugs to Choc Nior and everyone who needs one πŸ’–

  18. Thank God for saving the life of that blog visitor from those demons called armed robbers.

    Gist from SP, I don't think that woman has any shame at all. What a married woman! SMH.

  19. Good afternoon everyone
    How are you all doing?
    Let me go and read gists

  20. The sun is giving hot hotπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  21. Stella, I love you and will always do even though you chose not to understand that feeling anymore. Your words were hurting and so hard on me but it's fine. I can't hate you because I always see this beautiful side of you each time I look at you and think about the past. I hope some day everything will be fine again.

  22. Exactly the way they collected my phone . My blackberry phone in school those days.Che!

  23. Thats a nice business strategy. Thank God the robbers didn't shoot at you.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Replies
    1. Fine afternoon darling 😘

    2. Hiya Boo πŸ₯°πŸ’–

      @Choc 🍫 love and hugs ❤️πŸ₯°πŸ€—

  26. Good afternoon Jewelu and Bvs.

  27. My prayers with you BV Choco noir juwelu, Bv Castle dad and any one passing through any health challenges. May God's healing hands fall on you right now. Receive healings in Jesus name πŸ™.
    Bv with POS, our God is great. What an awesome testimony. Thank God for your life. You will always be under God's protection in Jesus name πŸ™

  28. Stolen customer gist, just allow the girl. You're not in any competition with her after all people sell the same thing in the market. Calm down Sis and still try to get your customers back as much as you can

  29. Don't borrow money rather ask for help if you seriously need it. So that when you can't pay back, you don't have to delete your social media account. You don't have to change your number. You don't have to run. A lot of people have five different numbers because of debt. It's a rough way to live. There are people that don't answer calls anymore because they are running from debt.

    If I Knew What I Know Now At 38, there are many things I would've handled differently in life. Many many things. I say this in all honesty.

    Someday, I will bare it all not cos I want pity. I want understanding and not judged on the wrong path I followed in my younger years. But for Grace, I would've been lost and gone. He(God) took my hand and lead me to the lighted path in life.

  30. Stolen customer sorry about your customers, just ignore her as your Stellame and your Mom said time will tell. And also be very prayerful. Good Luck 🀞

  31. BV Castle the good lord will heal your dad

    BV Jeweluchi Choc Noir the lord is still in the business of healing his children.

  32. Hello peeps! Harmattan still very much around the corner.

  33. 2023πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ˜πŸ₯°
    Hello BVN

  34. Good afternoon,thank God for safety@bv that was attacked
    It's well with you choc noir and castle's dad, God's healing.

  35. Pheww!!!
    What a day !
    Bv that was attacked, thank God for your life. Even the small change na still something.
    God's healing hands on Mpa , and every one needing it.
    Choc Noir God be with you too.

    Now the work for today is almost over. Lesson run calls🚢🚢.
    Yesterday's chronicle poster. I wil advice you stick with your old school pls, since the working conditions are manageable. That new place they wont tell you what you are about to venture in until.... So choose wisely.

    Cheers as the day progresses 😍

  36. Choc Noir God be with youπŸ€—

    Castel all will be well with you and yours

    Thank God for your life @the BV that was robbed. I learnt from you!

  37. some mothers are shameless, imagine pushing your daughter to be with an old man cos of money. When you gave your daughter out in hand of marriage to her broke husband you did not see rich men? How comes her father wasn't rich and you her mother married him?

    Madam, you want to hurt an innocent girl who knows how to do marketing in your shop. You stood there and watch her take away all the customers you walked so hard to keep. Never trust human being at all.

    1. Excited Courtesy, she isn't innocent, if she was, she would have humbly asked the lady to allow her market her goods to her customers, not pretending like she is visiting while plotting to snatch her customers, she won't tell her customer not to pay for her goods but to buy something from her with the money.

      It's sad that this attitude is more common than we know, I had a younger colleague that was posted to work with me, I innocently took this girl under my wing, carried her to all my clients and even prospective clients, all was good for about 2 months, suddenly, she started going out with our Team Lead only and they were both avoiding me on the job, also all my prospective customers suddenly turned cold and stopped giving me business.

      She will now be inciting the team lead to attack me, claiming I'm not as productive as her (someone I brought in and showed the ropes in that town), we eventually fell out and don't work together anymore but I learnt a very big lesson from that. Keep being a good person but understand that envy and competition rules a lot of people's lives, ensure you don't become a victim to their wickedness. I also forgot to mention that she went diabolic, just like the poster's story.

  38. Good evening
    Anon 18:20 from Tuesday IHN
    It's surprising how you smear someone's image just like that accusing me of been fraudulent. Also I don't understand what you mean by first set as I've sent data just once this month. The data is meant to last for a month and I'm sorry if yours did not get to a month maybe depend on your usage. I'll need some information from you pls: Your phone number the data was sent to, email you sent to me to apply and SMS/ whatever notification you got that your data has expired so I'll take it up with the network provider from there. My mail is and my phone number is 08153326043. I'm willing to work together with you to arrive at a conclusion. Thank you.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Thank God your life was spared business owner. I've learnt from your experience.

  41. Ihn........ sending warm hug to any who is sick in any form,may complete healing be all yours.greetings everyone.
    Robbery incident......yes, that's a wise thing you did,these that's this thieves are after bank app or targeting atm cards,one just have to be wise to know how to handle all these things.
    Shocking story..... that's how shame and evil thrives in society,a child who is brought up in that manner will have little chance of moral upbringing. gave this fellow too much chance to think he also opened semilar stuff you sale, she must have also stylish learning the line of business from you and you won't know.

  42. Chocolate Noir receive your healing ijn Amen

    Castle may your father be healed IJN Amen


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