Stella Dimoko ADC Presidential Candidate Dumebi Kachikwu Says CBN Naira Redesign Targeted To Stop Tinubu


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Saturday, February 18, 2023

ADC Presidential Candidate Dumebi Kachikwu Says CBN Naira Redesign Targeted To Stop Tinubu

Dumebi Kachikwu, the presidential candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), has claimed that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) naira redesign policy was designed purely to target Sen Bola Tinubu, the presidential flagbearer of the All Progressives Congress(APC)

The ADC presidential flagbearer said this in a news conference on Friday in Abuja while expressing his concern over the hardship being faced by Nigerians due to the CBN naira redesign.
He said, “The naira redesign was ill-timed, poorly implemented and designed purely to target the APC Presidential Candidate, Senator Bola Tinubu.

“Gov. Nasir El Rufai Kaduna State has now confirmed this.
“I again warn that the desperation to stop Tinubu shouldn’t plunge Nigeria into a state of anarchy.
“It’s heart-breaking to see that Nigerians have died, banks burnt, property destroyed, and millions suffering as they desperately try to access an unavailable naira.”

He added: “Tens of millions of Nigerians operate within the informal sector and earn daily wages between N500 to N10,000 in cash.

“Most of them live in unbanked or underbanked parts of Nigeria and they now bear the brunt of this ill-conceived policy.
“Don’t we’ve any conscience as leaders? How do we go to bed at night knowing that Nigerians are queuing outside banks all through the night just to get N5000?

“Poor Nigerians bear the burden of the failures associated with this recolouring.”
“This is evil, Nigerians should not have to die because politicians are fighting for the soul of our nation”.
from Daily post...

LOL@ recolouring.... 
Mr Kachikwu (Greatessssssssst Uniben!!!!) hit the nail on the head... The lines at the Bank is mind blowing, you get there at 5am and you are number 200. Old people are suffering in all of this cos most cannot even go to bank lines to stand... 
I wonder who the President wants to become President.. I wonder!!


  1. This election is gonna be an interesting one.

    1. If Tinubu's money is in the bank, as it should be, how is this targeted at him? Are the saying they know his modus operandi is to buy votes with cash? If so, how can anyone in good conscience, want him to govern this country that has been pillaged and at the verge of becoming another Venezuela?

      What I don't understand is how that oga of transport agebros in Lagos was awarded contract by INEC to distribute ballot papers in Lagos. How? Why? Where? No be madness be that? Is it a case of giving the rat the fish to keep so it doesn't need to go and steal it?

  2. I will agree that the timing of it all and the duration wasn't a good one but then, it is what it is.

    Nigerians should endure and forget about this wicked politicians. After election I believe everything will normalized. By then it purpose have been achieved. Whoever fault Buhari and Emefiele over this don't want a better Nigeria for us.

    Why are they not condemning politicians who kept billions of money at home whereas civil servant and teachers were owed several months of their salaries. Not to talk of pensioners and contractors.

    Yes there's a motive to this desperate act of the CBN and Mr President. Even the President said it openly that they're doing all they can to curb vote buying and corruption in the system.

    So it's not something hidden.

    No doubt but what I want to know or ask is that, are these politicians indirectly saying there was a planned arrangement of vote buying by Mr Tinubu? Are their comment not indicting him already?

    They are already justifying Mr President fear of a compromised election that will be characterized by vote buying.

    Ahmed Bola Tinubu isn't the only presidential aspirant. So I don't understand why these politicians feels the policy is targeted on him alone. Or were they actually banking on vote buying? Else I don't see the reasons for this comment by Mr Kachukwu Dumebi.

    So good they are exposing themselves and what they have been doing all along.

    It's so terrible seeing people who always pretend they want a better Nigeria on us all encouraging vote buying. More saddening from those whom will look up to dragging this policy and rating it negatively.

    1. Lol,
      This policy is sweeting my body.
      Buhari have collapsed thiefnubu structure(vote buying).

      Nigerians please let's manage the policy till after election.

    2. Mr ipob must ever misyearn. As if you are the one that will normalize whatever after elections. Your fidelity bank candidate joined in fleecing the people thru this naira palava yet you are here talking trash.

    3. 😂😂😂😂

      So the thing follow reach your side. Eeyaa I understand. The 4k them suppose give you is no longer guaranteed.

      Take heart.

      We've crossed the Rubicon. The point of no return. Baba Buhari you all imposed on us is paying you guys back in your own coin.

      He is the real jagaban and maradona.

    4. @ Teejay, his 4k is guaranteed but unfortunately for him, na old note dem go give am. You can see how pained he is .

  3. Buhari is an ingrate, a serial loser that was helped to finally achieve his dreams. Ruled very poorly and his maladministration is one of the things affecting APC's presidential flag bearer today. He did not listen to ways to move the country forward, turned his VP into an events guy. Now he wants to actively sabotage one of the key people who helped him, with the unnecessary recoloring of the Naira , after passively sabotaging the party by his horrible score card.
    His last line would be heavily militarizing the elections, but he has lost the war already.
    Most of the APC governors are with their flag bearer, the military are not incorruptible, especially as Buhari's tenure would be over in a couple of months. Why would any soldier risk his/her future for a guy that would be gone in 5 months? O ti lule pii.

    1. You're the bigger hypocrite here. So you know this things before now and never condemn it but now. Why are you speaking up now if you're not a hypocrite.

      When he was flouting court orders, you guys were hailing him as the best thing after slice bread.

      Today, the chicken have come home to roost.

    2. I will forgive you TJ because my comment was anonymous. You are so invested in your bias, you don't care to ask the right questions. How do you know this commenter never criticized Buhari ? You just assume. When most people were crazy about Buhari without substance, I was one of the few that called it hype, today 8 plus years later, I've been proven right. Yes, Asiwaju made a mistake supporting Buhari, if you're politically savvy, you will understand why he had to continue the charade once the mistake was made.
      I'm calling the same hype on Obi today, he will only be slightly better than Buhari if he wins.
      Political support for me is based on the contestants and their antecedents. Obi's antecedent in governance is basic compared to Asiwaju. Look, if what is on ground is true, Obi cannot win. Despite being in our political space for over 20 years, the rumor is that Obi's LP does not have INEC registered election representatives in over 70% of the polling units. Just another example his unpreparedness which will spill into governance should he by some miraculous intervention win the elections.

    3. Anon 16:17, come out with your full chest and support your Asiwaju! Stop bringing Obi into your biased discussion.

      What exactly did Asiwaju do in Lagos? Do you know how much enters the coffers of Lagos State everyday? Yet Lagos is the worst city to live in.

      If Asiwaju had the resources that Obi had when he was governor of his state, do you think Asiwaju would have fared any better.

  4. He's absolutely spot on
    There's something fishy going on with the whole cash crunch episode
    Lai Muhammad lambasted Tinubu too
    Are there truly saboteurs in Aso rock like El-Rufai said?

    1. Kindly explain to me like I'm 2yrs old why you feel this policy was made to witch hunt Tinubu seeing that he's not the only person contesting. I await your reply, thanks.

  5. Someone said Peter Obi @Stellama'am
    El-Rufai is really worried and has been voicing out

  6. How??? It's Tinubu only presidential candidate? Bullion van structure in the mud

    BTW I will love to see Essah's take on this Buhari vs Tinubu war.

    1. My dear
      How is it targeted at tinubu
      Is he the only one suffering it?
      They have refused to say how it is targeted at him
      Ofcourse he needs it to bribe his way in, that’s the only why he is feeling targeted
      Why is Peter obi and other not complaining


      Push up (original)

    2. This is very simple and basic.

      It beats my why some people find it difficult to connect the dots.

      Tinunbu is the flag bearer of APC and the same APC is now inflicting serious hardship and sorrow on Nigerians via the fuel scarcity and Naira 'recolouring' on the eve of the elections.

      One doesn't need to be a genius to know that Nigerians will vent their anger on APC and definitely Tinubu at the polls.

      I don't know whether this is making any sense.

    3. They will vote APC out of government.

  7. Just imagine watching all the weapons you have stolen and piled up to inflict more pain turn to dust right in front of your eyes.

    As in, as the days to the war draw dangerously near, all the weapons are crumbling as your soldiers wait desperately to steal some for themselves too.

    God win.


  8. Seems this money issue touched all these politicians. As the matter no favour una, it’s now you all care about the citizens abi

  9. Who's this sycophant? The enemies of Nigeria are crawling out. Oga find several seats abeg.
    Is Tinubu the only presidential candidate? Tell me why it's targeted at him alone. Or you want to confirm the rumors that he's relying on buying votes to win the election? If he's credible and sure he'll win based on merits, I don't see how naira redesign will stop him. I mean, we're talking about a man who single handedly built Lagos 🙄

    1. Castle, pity them now! You don't know how it feels to have 2b naira at home and now it's useless! Money kept for vote buying and side chicks🤣

  10. It's true, they did it so that old BAT will be stranded, he won't find cash to buy voters.
    That's the main reason for the redesign.
    I pray the man who will genuinely do the job enters Aso rock this year.
    Good thing none of these politician will be able to buy the BVAS guys, so e go really choke some people for this election.
    My vote must count this time.

  11. I went to the bank yesterday and one man was yarning that naira redesign cannot stop Tinubu bc he has enough dollar to use for vote buying if naira is not useful to him.

  12. And this one called himself a presidential candidate??
    If shamelessness were a person!


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