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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



When my brother graduated from school; He was into comedy. My parent told him he needs to be working asides comedy. Comedy can be your side hustle
What do you have passion for? He said shoe making. My mum gave him money for the machines.

After like 6month shoe business was not in existence.
The next one he wants to go for Big brother....

My elder brother paid for international passport for him and bought him phone.
Later he called that he wants to go into painting business. My elder brother gave him money to get a shop and start a paint business only to discover that he went to hotel to lodge and spent the money. He can give outsider money. Showing off and all.

I used to send him money monthly, Then he was staying with one of my brothers,
The wife got tired of cleaning the house and cooking for a brother in-law that does nothing or support her husband.

When ever he has money he will go to hotel and lodge. When he is broke he will return back home. he now started selling my brothers property
So my father asked him to leave Lagos in order not to scatter my brothers marriage.
When he came they asked him, he was sick and we paid for major surgery for him, thank God it was successful. One naira did not come from him..

After recovery what will you like to do
He said he will like to go into tech. They bought laptop, phone and other things he needs but Stella my brother sold the laptop.

My parents are old, They are tired, We the siblings are also tired....
If you see him you will like him but by the time you start staying together you will chase him.
He has character issue. Can’t clean he will even scatter your home. All his friends have chased him away Because of the stress and all
They bought him car to be doing Uber. My broke brother that is forming rich
Said he can’t do Uber. My father now said His presence annoys him, that They should look for a means for him to travel out of the country.

My brother said he does not want to travel out.
This is a man that is approaching 40 years., No work, no wife, no finance. Nothing to his name. he mingles with celebrities, He brags and lies a lot.

So the latest the friend he was staying with chased him away.

My father now said you won’t stay in my house. What has he not done for him
He is educated, they have opened several businesses for him. He is still stagnant.
He now went to call our elder brother that he needs to rent a house.
My father warned all of us not to give him any money . That instead of him to give him money He will throw the money inside the bush.
We are tired, If you give him money Who will furnished the house? Who will renew the rent next year?

So we all agreed that he should go and work for money himself.
No body is sponsoring his life styles any more.
How can a man be useless. Your peers are making it Everybody is struggling. You just decide to be living a fake and lazy life.

Your family enabled the lazy behavior and now look at how it is...Will he be able to do anything at this age? what if he turns to stealing? Na wah oh....


  1. The family did not enable him, they only helped so that tomorrow, he won't say, nobody showed concern. God is their witness, they've tried for him. If he goes to steal and is killed in the process, so be it. Poster no vex I.

    1. THANK YOU
      what else should they have done

    2. Bad orientation!

      His head is buried in delusions. Sadly, he truthfully believes in his mind that he is doing his best that you guys don't understand πŸ˜‚

    3. They enabled him
      He went to school, look for a job that pays monthly let him learn to work for his money
      He can’t be a business man if he doesn’t know how to manage resources.
      Please you guys should look for a job for him. Do not pay any more rents or for business proposals he brings before you guys.
      It’s difficult but you must all cut him off or he will never learn to stand on his own, that’s the truth… I have too many cases around me to know this for a fact.

      Push up (original)

    4. Tough love
      Cut him off
      Beef up security of your parents, thank GOD Almighty that there is no wife. He is a fool who shouldn't add his liability on any woman

    5. You guys should try one more by getting him a job not asking him what he wanted to do.

      Get him a job, he needs to work and earn money.

      Besides your parents, bros including yourself have tried. He needs prayer too.

  2. My dear, at this point, una don try. Your dad is very right. If he was even making any effort to do better, I would have encouraged continuous assistance till he can be on his feet but this one is not serious.

    When he sees that there’s nothing out there for him without support, hopefully, he will do better

  3. He should not even think about getting married, so he doesn’t punish a sister.


    1. That's what many families especially Ibos would do. They'll trick a hardworking lady by making him appear to be doing something with his life. They'll smile at her and act like their son is a reasonable person. They're the ones who insist on pregnancy before marriage so that when his true nature is revealed she will be trapped. I'm speaking from mine and so many women's experiences. God blocked his lazy sperm from fertilising my precious eggs.

    2. Lolll, even sperm was lazy.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. Anon 21:59, not only Igbos. Are you sure you weren't desperate?

  4. You guys caused it. You made him who he is. Stop enabling him. Leave him alone to sort his life.
    He is already 40 years.

    1. They didn’t cause anything

    2. Black black black sheep, he's evil, these type people will say
      1. Open business set him up, won't work
      2. Marry wife for him he will calm down, na lie
      3. Maybe he needs deliverance, for where
      4. Get him a 9-5, he won't go there
      Nothing you do nada works, except him, to officially wake up himself and say this life of black sheep no more , ehen!! It must come from their mind , anything you do now he won't let it work except you place him on monthly stipends.

    3. And be grateful he said no to abroad, that's no
      5. Send abroad, na lie he will go , ask you people to send him money always, then boom he comes back with only his clothes on his back and a backpack saying it's not his fault.

    4. The siblings that are responsible, are they not from the same parents? Make una leave am abeg, anyhow he wants his life to be is how it will be.

    5. Poster:
      We don’t want anybody to be liability
      That why we gave him all the support.
      Still yet he wants to be a liability
      Which all of us have wash our hands off.
      We did what we thought is best.
      Is it bad to help your blood?

    6. 15:51, did you not read how many times they have helped him? Do you have to die from helping a sibling that clearly doesn’t want to grow up?


    7. Oh, you are the poster, 15:51. Sorry about my previous comment. You guys have really tried for him. He is lucky to have a family that cares about him.
      For some, at 14, they were already struggling on their own and they turned out well. You people give him space.


    8. Poster I have a sibling like yours. Still entitled after 30 years of helping her out, ready to do jazz at any time out if hatred and envy now while forgetting the millions of naira I have spent over the years on her and her children. My advice is to focus on your life else he will drag you down in life. Endless requests & entitled relatives dragged me down financially but God who looks at the heart rescued me. Such a sibling won’t change, unless a miracle happens so stop enabling him to live above the lifestyle HE can work for.

  5. thank God you are all ready to correct the mistake that probably was as a result of over pampering....let him struggle alone. it is called tough love. people like your brother cannot be made to change, they have to come to a realisation of themselves like the prodigal son to make that change...I pray it will not get to a near tragic situation for him to change....let him be but continue to pray for him because with God no case is hopeless. I mentioned prayers because i know cases of those whose problem was spiritual...

    1. Let him go for the prayers himself and commit himself to getting his life in order.

  6. And his friends bought h a car for Uber?

    1. Poster: no my family bought the car.
      The car is in my father’s compound.
      Someone that can’t fuel a car

  7. Did he go and learn shoe making before your mum gave him money for machines?
    And when he said he wants to into tech, did he have any training or you just go buy laptop and phone for him without any training or planning to register him to train somewhere?

    You people should start asking him for money also.Tell him you are broke or in debt.

    1. You need laptop for training na

  8. The Original ShugarGirl21 February 2023 at 15:16

    His response will improve (though it might take a while) when he gets the message the family has been trying to communicate to him.

    Stop rewarding bad and entitlement mentality

  9. No one should give him money again. If he hustles for it himself, he will value it. He's just being lazy. Sorry for the babe wey go fall for this one.

    I feel sorry for your parents. He must have broken them. It is well.

    1. Honestly
      His parents really tried

    2. Stay there! His type are spec x 1000.

      They will use love and scatter the girl. Before the girl's eyes will open fiam 2yrs don pass

      Another babe will be on queue waiting sef

  10. At this point, leave him alone and let him hustle a little by himself. Don’t take his calls and let him not stay with your father to avoid stressing him.

  11. Thank God he is not married, if not I just pity the lady.

    Your family has really tried. No food for lazy man.

  12. I just feel so sorry for this guy he’s a bit like me I have millions sitting in my account but don’t have a single clue what to do with it. Could it be mental block or spiritual block? I really don’t know. May God help us.

    1. You are better than him.
      This one has no money
      Using people’s money to keep up appearance.

    2. He’s not like u in anyway

    3. Put your funds in a fixed deposit till you are sure of what you need it for. Business is not meant for everybody. If you where abroad I will advice you invest in money market like stock and shares ISA. This period though just go and fix it for now. Good luck.

    4. 15:19 I like your sincerity.
      Me as I dey, I no fit get mouth for this chronicle because I still dey find something.........if I start on my own case na another chronicle e go be and I no be spring chicken. This life ehhhhhnnn.......
      Dear poster God bless you and your family for trying for your brother. Please don't give up on him, pray for him. Things can also change for him once he discovers his niche..........

  13. Looks like he is the last born and was pampered till he became useless!! I hope he won't attack your father if he sees he is not getting what he wants? They will continually be at loggerhead now.

    Yoruba say "kekere latin peka iroko" that is na from small them suppose train am but did not. This is the result now.

    1. Poster:
      He is not the last
      My dad is a pensioner with a nice pay.
      That my fear
      The man deserve to enjoy his sweat.
      You are suppose to be giving your parent now.
      If you can’t give your parent money don’t stress them.
      We are just tired
      But when we where growing up.
      He laugh at those that are lazy now he has ended up like them.

    2. Remind him of how he used to call people lazy.

      Make him no impregnant person pikin one day o.

  14. All he needs now is tough love😠

  15. The kind of brother you have staying abroad and sending him money and stuff to invest in your name. You come back and get heart attack.

    Let him go fend for himself. Your family has tried. As your father has washed his hands off him so shall every member of the family. Maybe that might reset his brain. If at all.

  16. This is seriously serious
    What sort of a person is he?
    Too bad!
    Y'all shouldn't help him again as you have tried honestly

  17. Please poster, do not, i repeat, do not give him a dime out of pity! He will develop an entitled spirit and may even harm you guys out of envy.

    Leave him alone and pray for him from afar. but, don't give him money. Tell your siblings o

  18. This is one of someone daughter prayer point I reject in Jesus name Amen! You guys have tried just let him be, nobody should give him any shi shi again that's another of measure of helping too

  19. He is already faulty in his 40...what a pity..

    I won't blame him though, I blame every individual who has been indulging him.. I'm not saying it's wrong to help your own blood but it's wrong when first and second attempt are been bastardized let alone helping such person times unnumbered.

    Abeg, let him go and hustle

    1. They showed him there is money to always support him.
      He should hustle for himself.

  20. Hmmm, I don't know, but his case is not normal. You guys should this spiritually as you withhold a hand of support and pray along.

    1. Poster: my mum have gone for prayers
      Even took him for prayers.
      Pastors will empty bottles of oil.
      Abeg still thesame.
      Presently everybody should carry thier cross.

  21. i will not say your family encouraged him to be more lazy cos if you guys didn't help him people will say you abounded your brother. You people have done well and i am very happy that you all played your part.

    At this junction just allow him to be a man and if he refuses to be a man just free him. All of you are not picking money on the floor but rather you are struggling. He should do the same thing or remain broke for life. Make una no pay money make him travel abroad cos na same life style and story.

  22. Chaiii! Una try o
    The pampering and all sorts. In my early 20s after secondary school, Omo! I don go find work. At that point, my parents felt they've done enough for me.
    Why spoon feed a full fledged adult? When he doesn't have any disabilities. Y'all should just lock abeg.

  23. I'm sure he's the last child and over pampering has built upstairs in his head.
    At this point, everyone should leave him and not give him a penny. You people have tried for him.

  24. When you support someone's business or hustles two to three times, and there's no progress and the person go dey live fake life on top business failure instead of putting more effort, my sister , my brother stop !!!, let the person go sort his or her life out, because if you continue supporting for too long, he will take you for granted and wouldn't make any effort because he knows you are always there to help and any day you got tired and try to stop, he may get angry and will try to harm you for having the audacity to stop supporting him . Be careful

  25. Your brother needs prayers.he also needs to be committed to the things of God.the Devi wants to destroy his life.even if all the money is given to him,he will still end of wasting them on irrelevant stuffs.

  26. So sorry poster, I can feel your pain from your writing. Is he the last born? I was thinking he will be in his early twenties until I saw approaching 40 😲. I can imagine how your parents feel, nothing saddens parents like seeing their kid wasting away.
    First of all, your brother needs to be truthful to himself. Living fake and claiming to be who he is not is the beginning of his troubles. It means he is not yet in sync with his identity. You all have done the best you can for him, it's time he makes a decision himself. The best advice at this point is the one he gives himself.

    On another note, evil forces are real. It is not normal for one to choose to be useless. There may be forces that don't want him to amount to anything good and remain the black sheep in the family thereby frustrating you all mentally and financially. Again, he has to realize this and seek his freedom. Even if you attempt to seek solutions for him, his willingness will play a big role. Try letting him know he needs help or else with the way he is going, he is heading for doom.

    for now, stop giving him money and supporting him in any way. When hunger hummer him like the prodigal son, he will come back to his senses and realize he has wasted all the opportunities he had and return home to turn a new leaf.

  27. Poster, my own brother is 39years, a dropout. My mum spent millions on that guy, after 7 years he came home empty handed. How my mum cried. We are all professionals in different field

    We never gave up on him,, but we were all so angry. There is no business we didn't set up for him. All failure. He will sell the business goods off and be shouting when we ask questions

    We all stop helping him, no one will pick his calls. Mum closed her heart towards him. Very entitled guy. We even got a job for him in the local government. He refuses going for documentation

    Poster, we were all done with him, he saw hunger, he felt what it is to not see shishi. We close up on him for 5 years, yes you heard me right. Then one day, we call him that there's a job in the state government. Oh! The joy I saw on his face and the happiness was beyond. It a level 4 job. But guy man doesn't care at all. Before, he would have told us, he can't do such a job. Cut him off. Let him grow up

    Ours became so aggressive when we all ignored him. Mum, suffered more, but she was tired and fed up. Now, he is happy and so relaxed. I don't know whether cutting him off will work. But ours made him eager to work and be useful

  28. Oh..
    So I'm not seeing that he needs prayers scattered all over this post like that Yoruba actress thief..

    If na woman naw, na excuse for full this post of why she behaves like that..


    1. What in God’s name is wrong with you? What is it?

    2. Lmao! I don’t agree with you most times but you got this one walahi

    3. Your mind needs exposure stop showing its dullness

  29. Poster you guys should let him find his feet by himself. When he has seen seen suffer, he will behave. Haba!

  30. Seems like he has some mental issue like autism, adhd, add, bipolar or something along those lines. He needs clinical evaluation so that you will all know how to interact with him.

  31. Your family overindulged the man(he's probably the last born), now your are looking for way to tame the monster you people created. Hand him over to correctional services.


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