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Monday, February 06, 2023

MONDAY In House News..

 Waffy hailings!!!


Oh Happy day!!
Awesome view on my side!!!
How is your day going? How was the weekend? did you wake up today struggling to get cash again? I think its 4 days to the end of Bubus 7 day appeal.. lets see what he can do (Hissss)

So how do i select the two people i want to make passports for? Please note that to avoid scam and lies and not being able to reach the person again to find out if they actually made the passports or not, i will be choosing BV IDs i can identify and easily contact, not necessarily my alleged favorites and even if, none of your biz wax....  so how do we do it? do you want to indicate here in the comment section or i should create a special post for this? (Rhetoric question)

Wiat oh... where is my best friend BV XP? you reading in silent mode? we haven't seen you here this year if i am not mistaken....happy new year innugo? Please i didnt send anyone to alert her cos this is what all the i too knows here do.... Kisses XP, we miss your well of knowledge here!

Let me warm up my vegetable soup and use it to eat cornflakes ...hehehehehehhehehehehehe just kidding please!

Have an awesome day!



''I moved into a new compound few weeks back. It's a block of flats mainly occupied by young couples. I am the only single amongst them. One of the occupants who is married collected my number from the WhatsApp group and he has been disturbing me with calls even at odd hours. He went ahead to send a gift through a delivery. 

The delivery guy refused to tell me who sent the gift. Later that evening he called to ask if I gift. How can you be a devil. You want to date a woman in the same compound your wife and young children are living.

 I had no option than to tell the young man that I am married though living alone for now. Today I am buying a fake wedding ring to flaunt any day we have general meeting which happens once a month''.

Story....Why didnt you return the gift? So if he was not in the same compound with you, you would date him? And why do yo need a ring..Say NO and mean it irrespective of whether you are married or not!
Should i be reak? i see you falling for this man, albeit you may experience guilty conscience..



Thank you for the privilege of sharing my story with BVs.
I realized alot of typos where in my previous email.

When I met hubby he told me he was working with MTN. Which was a lie ,found out he didn't graduate. I also realized I mistakenly wrote "he worked" naaaah he didn't work the first 3 years of our lives, he just started some hustling late last year, not bringing much right now but it makes him happy.

I forgot to state that we separated 2 years into the marriage taking along with each of us one of the twins for 2 months.... but the twins were really affected plus I seriously missed my other twin. He came begging and my family accepted him back . It was tough ,my mind was already gone but when I kept hearing the other twin was getting ill every time... I accepted.

It was after I married him I realized his parents hadn't spoken to each other in 18years ,I didn't notice this whilst dating him, it would have been a major redflag, I mean they live together but don't talk nor greet and nothing anyone hasn't done to intervene ....
The issue is we didn't court for too long ,I was aware of some of his vices tbh but I had been extra careful all my life and I felt time was running ,I just wanted to be normal and not think too much of things. I thought I knew him to the point I could have sworn with my life that he didn't really like girls so he wouldn't cheat.

Alot of things has also made me question his stand in the marriage as he doesn't communicate even when there is no malice and the fact that, despite how many times I have caught him cheat... in the other room we would have s#x like once in two months.

I thiught it was the malice thing keeping us apart ,I got used to it . In the past when I summoned courage to ask why it's hard to seduce him .... he would say I'm too rigid ,he loves fun. His idea of fun is Anal sex... he claims he has never had it before and it's just a fantasy he hopes to enjoy with his wife..... that is against my own values. He is the first man I had penetrative sex with , I am not a Saint...I did every other thing with my ex's but no penetrative s#x. Then he goes 2weeks without brushing his teeth and bathing ....although it has changed now as he now has a reason to step out at times.

I never said he is a monster, infact the twins love him pieces. I only described how he acts towards me. I know I'm very forgetful I burn food atimes and I'd have to scrub the pots but somehow when he comes back ,he would be able to smell and wahala will start. The few times he's cooked for himself, he burnt the food beyond recognition but won't understand or reason with Me that mistakes happen.

Yes I know without no doubts I am extremely in love with this point I can only be plain no matter how much I'm condemned here.... but trust me I am not acting on the love I have for yoyo. It just gives me sense of joy and happiness that someone can call me randomly at work and after I get back from work, someone who is always always there for me and extremely consistent.

 As my mum advised ,I sat my soon to be ex husband as usual to talk but this time it was goodbye , I paid the rent and it's still fresh so I can't leave, with tears in my eyes ,I got on my kneels for him to leave the house and find peace out there . He first started laughing and said his marriage is perfect, as soon as I started talking about the malice issues he started screaming that I can't take the kids again, bla bla bla I just curled back into the room as neighbors were already opening windows.

I wish I could find a makeshift to stay , the only 2 times I went through his phone lmao I nearly had stroke. He's endearing to his sidechicks but can't check on his wife?? It wasn't easy unloving him , I used to deeply love him. I adjusted my life to suit him but his needs kept changing, I couldn't keep up.

I met yoyo at the lowest point .... it was a 4 months malice ,I died everyday .... every time I got on my knees begging him to tell me what I did wrong and how I can amend my ways .... I got up feeling defeated, powerless, ugly everything. Like I literally begged him throughout the whole 4 months and 2 weeks of malice.

He would be on his phone, no reaction and other times he would say "if you don't get up you will see ugly " His reason at the end of the day is that I don't throw the thrash away on time and I burnt one pot and hid it .... where is the hiding place in the house? Because I covered the pot??? To be honest the pot was burnt really bad ,I and the twins had covid we didn't even know nor smell what was going on in the kitchen ..... I was sooo weak ,the babies were cranky ,as soon as they dozed off ,I mistakenly napped a bit ,Only for me to wake up and dragged myself to the kitchen .... I tried washing it but it was so bad so I soaked it with water and covered . He got back and didn't say nothing till after almost 5 months 

I intentionally invested my time in yoyo, the times we hung out were the best periods of my life after marriage. I know it is extremely wrong, as a Christian, I should do better reason why this time around ,we are not discussing love at all but opportunities to get out of this whole economy menace, i rejected his proposal to go meet him but I'm dying inside everyday. I wish I could share my chats with yoyo so you can see that I try so hard , yoyo also doesn't really know how much he means to me.

Thank you all for all the advice , I'm a terrible writer lol.

You just renewed the rent and cannot leave? I pray that this story does not turn ugly on you... You cannot eat your cake and have it... Make plans to leave but dont tell him, when you are settled down you can file for divorce, you cannot be in he same house and be asking for divorce from someone like you have described him..
If you are in love with the Yoyo and he feels the same way then talk to him about helping you and stop all this we are discussing business stuff..... Be yourself and be open and stop pretending so that you can get the help that you seek.



Poster I’m going through exact same situation. Only difference is, he’s educated but still has village mentality. I’ve been in the US for 20 years and he just moved here about 5 years ago. I’m also on the big side. I gained more weight after having kids. When we were dating, he was extremely sweet, I fell hard for him. We fcuked so well when I visited naija. (We grew up in the same church/town).We did traditional wedding:

I filed for him and he moved to the states. He started misbehaving after he moved here and making money (he had no job in naija). He saw Spanish women, American women, beautiful women in different shapes and sizes. He started getting irritated with me and would snap at me.

 I would cry and chase him looking for his love. His ego kept getting bigger and bigger. I’ve become a shadow of myself. I've lost myself and have serious low self esteem. We’ve been sleeping separately for almost 4 years. I finally told him officially that I want to be separated. I mean we’ve been sleeping separately and doing our things separately but get intimate once in a while. I have stopped having sex with him. 

I don’t plan on moving out now because the kids are still young and it’s better to raise them in one roof and co parent them plus the city I’m in is too expensive for me to handle the bills alone; also he’s a great father to our kids . So here’s what I plan on doing, I’m taking my gym seriously so I can lose a lot of weight. (I’ve lost 15pds so far but it’s not enough) I’ve been going to bed on time so I can sleep well, also I plan on doing some skills training so I can improve my income so I won’t depend on him too much.

 I use the days he’s with the kids to focus on me; i workout, I journal, I pray, listen to affirmations on improving self esteem on YouTube. I plan on meeting new friends once I lose more weight and also I’m going back to church starting tomorrow. I realized that I was too too focused on him and this marriage that I've neglected myself and stopped loving myself. 

You need to love yourself first.
 Look for male friends/female friends and hang out with them when you’re ready. Male friends I noticed boosted my confidence more with no string attached. With time, he’ll start to see that you don’t need him emotionally anymore. 

If he sits up and decides to step up and make the marriage work then good for you and the kids. If not, just know within your heart that you’ve made enough efforts on your part and you’re absolutely NOT chasing a man for love anymore.

 So focus on you, lose weight (sign up for a gym, burn calories and life weight to tone up. Also do intermittent fasting/keto for 1-3 months for fast weight loss result and find something that’ll curb your appetite like green tea in the morning so you won’t eat so much). We can do this!! 

Wish I can have your Instagram name so we can connect and talk. You need emotional support. I’m looking for a support group for women around my area. Join an organization/volunteer to meet new people when you’re ready. Goodluck to us and remember you are enough.

Where una dey see all these kind men marry sef? I love myself and will not stay with a man who tries to treat me otherwise...Haba!!!

Love yourself first and do it well and no one will be able to make you feel worthless!



  1. Honestly, I was really hungry in church yesterday, and when they shared the Holy Communion, I nearly tiff the one of the person wey sidon near me....πŸ™„
    My church needs to consider making our Holy Communion bigger - at least 2 big glass of juice and 300 Naira bread for each person.....
    Una Gud Afternoon...#ALiSpeaks

    1. You no serious walai πŸ˜ƒ

    2. Why use the Holy communion to create your joke of the day? Please you can do better

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.you can give the church money to begin that sha

  2. Many might not be ready for the conversation of why a married woman will go out of her way to fight her husband's mistress or side chick. Men tell women so many things to sleep with them and some of these things are lies and so many of these women fall for them.

    Some even tell the women their wife is dead, divorced, awaiting divorce, no more in love, tired of the marriage, giving birth to a particular sex of children, wife's troublesome, where side chick was prior to marrying the wife, etc I don't know if it's see finish of woman to woman that she fights her fellow woman because the person to be fought or has questions to answer is the man. Majority of women at least in this part of the world don't go talking to men first meaning it's the men that strick first. Some women might argue "he talked and you agreed?" Did you not see he's married?" Does it work like that? Some blame can be allocated to the side chick but majority of the times, it's the men that reach out first for the affair or relationship to start.

    Another angle to this will be since she, side chick, found out Oga is married, why is she still dating him? If she wants to scatter the marriage? That's another discussion for another day.

    1. What if she found out that he's married after she's already in it?

      So many factors could have made it very hard for her to quit.

      It's a discussion for another day indeed.😎

    2. Hmmmm, move on sister and stop begging

    3. Many Nigerian men see women as prey or objects for sexual gratification, conquests

      Thrash men mostly
      Dysfunctional role models
      Cycle of insecurity and fragile ego massaging/propping
      Thrash thinking and mentality
      Thrash results


  3. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I dominate my environment and reign over sickness and disease, over demons of darkness, and over death, for the life of God is in me. I refuse to fear or fail because my success, health, prosperity, and victory, are assured in Christ.

  4. God, please strengthen those who are tired of "holding on" Send them a sign that You are there, & renew their hope.—RealTalkKim


    1. Amen πŸ™
      I just muttered "I'm tired" then I saw your comment. Thank you.

  5. Good afternoon bvs
    Let's hope on God we will overcome this trending situation.
    Ma'am Stella live on Instagram now, very funny woman tuale.

  6. Stella please choose from here oooo.. Your inbox will be too full. Me sef will apply. I want passport. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  7. I have said it, I will never beg any man in this life again...I did that when I was 26 years and it really Inflated my ex's ego.. it rubbed me off of my self 4 years after, Married. Whenever my husband says I did this or that, I just say sorry...he has mentioned I'm hardened but my dear that's all you will hear from me ...not begging any body!!! Again...Una good afternoon

  8. Good Afternoon SDKville

    Please, who else has experienced debit reversal issue with UBA.Made a transaction on Saturday, was debited but the recipient didn't receive, had to send another again.Up till now they have not reversed my money.I sent mails to the email on their Mobile app,nothing forthcoming.Please what else can I do,can't deal with the bank queue with my health.

    1. 5-7 working days, I think. You'll probably have to deal with the queue🀦
      Sorry about your health😘

    2. UBA is total rubbish this period. I made three transactions on Friday and two on Saturday, they debited me but later reversed them all at midnight of the day I made them. One was for a shop owner, I had to go back there this morning to pay her cash. I am not a thief abeg.

    3. Fidel.....will wait and see
      Thank you

      It's so tiring 😫

    4. Its basically all these Banks
      I have not been able to make transfers from my Zenith bank since morning. I have been trying but can't login.
      Who else is experiencing this?

    5. Eh!
      You're still using senith bank!!
      You no dey fear ni?

  9. Good afternoon people...Mehn 2023 Grammy awards was lit! All my faves I was rooting for WON....

    Wow Chronicles inside IHN..This is serious oh

  10. I'm so tired ehnn. The sun is scorching!πŸ˜₯

  11. So I set out that very morning, traveling very far to the western part of the country. It was Ogun State to be precise. I still remember that faithful day as if it was just yesterday.

    It was in the year 2008 when I left for Ogun state. At that time, there were several clandestine assassinations and also cult rivalry going on at the state and also at the higher institutions.

    It was my first time traveling to the Western region. I traveled with one intention at heart- Fortification. There's this guy from Ogun state living in the same compound with me at Enugu. He wasn't a student but a skilled worker. Our friendship was so close and strong that he recommended I see one Baba who will fortify me from any metal harm. He told me how good the baba is at what he does and that there's no one that didn't know him in that state and environs.

    Even though I wasn't a cultist, he said there is still need for my protection. So I took to his advice having seen how people were being killed in cold blood.

    So I got to Lagos first and when I called, I was told I shouldn't have gotten to Lagos but stopped at a place then get a vehicle going to Ogun State. I had to board another vehicle from Lagos going to Ogun state.

    Finally, I got to my destination. I saw the man but couldn't meet with him immediately as there were persons waiting to see him as well. I was told to sit under a shade in the compound and when it's my turn I will be ushered in. While I was there waiting, something took over me and I had a change of mind all of a sudden.

    To be continued.

    1. Precised*
      In the state*
      In the higher institutions*
      In Enugu*

    2. My anon teacher I appreciate. Thanks. My bad I didn't proofread. Some of the errors could have been corrected.

    3. Even if you proofread, you would still make errors.
      Na sabi you no sabi, you no kill pesin.
      Which kind of work are you doing that you will need to travel to another state for 'fortification '?

      The religion you are practicing cannot fortify you?

    4. @15.16 how can you correct sentences that are not flawed. Please Teejay do not be quick to accept every correction.
      Precised ko, precision ni.
      Some of you just come here to make others feel bad.

    5. Teejay precised is wrong oo. You were correct.

    6. Hmmmm
      Nawa for this life o
      If it was before, bvs will line up here and hail and praise and beg for the concluding part of the story. Now seeπŸ‘†, only one reaction and one correction. This life na really wa. Let us do well and live right at all times. Hmmmm

    7. Anon 22:43, rest abeg, BVs have moved on from the issues Teejay had. Wish him well and move on, the blog owner has moved on, I'm not a fan of Teejay but I'm actually glad he came back, after all, he didn't kill anybody.

    8. Waiting for the remaining story.

      Poster, love and work on yourself and stop begging him. Light up your life and he will see reason to change too if he wants.

      May God protect us from bad people.

  12. Good afternoon everyone,once I get notifications that you are live,I dey run go instagram....let me go and continue watching,I no know that actress sha and I dey watch Nollywood well,u are beautiful in and out Stella

    1. Abeg make una bring the gist here for us wey no dey Instagram na😁😁

  13. Good afternoon to y'all on here and most especially @Stella.
    Why do people give birth to kids or children that they can't cater for?
    It's really mind boggling.
    They are all over the place eating garri and looking for the littlest of cash to buy satchet water.
    I sure will help those that i can o like the one recently.
    Good looking out to y'all.

  14. A woman in my neighborhood committed suiside because her husband married a second wife leaving behind 4 kids

    Why didn't she just walk out of marriage of she couldn't take it, she hinted her daughter but the little girl did not get it .telling her, her ATM pin and assets
    Only for the little girl about 14 years to find her mum hanging in the traumatic this will be for the poor girl 😭

    Women please LEAVE to LIVE

    1. Such a hot mess.
      She would have left the marriage na.
      What's wrong with some people see?
      He's so gonna move on with his life and possibly add another woman to the one he already has.
      Her loss basically.

    2. A very selfish woman. She no try at all.

    3. 😭😭😭,selfish woman,what about her kids?

    4. Killed herself because of what?? This is a joke right?πŸ˜₯😏

    5. Metal health issues are real. She couldn't hang on for her kid's sake? She didn't think that the new wife will use them as maids or they may be sent to relatives who may not treat them right? May God protect and help those kids.

  15. Create a special post for it and let people show their interests @Stellamaam

  16. Good Afternoon Beautiful People!

  17. Naira Scarcity: I think this is the best time for me since they want to take us back to the days of our ancestors with trade by barter, me I have yam and I'm looking for house.
    If anybody is interested, let me know I will contact you through Stella.

    1. 🀣🀣🀣
      Me I have chicken and I'm looking for who has visa,make we exchange.

    2. I have carton ok coke and one trouser size 12.

    3. osundi you be tiff 🀣🀣🀣 I have fairly used pillow o, if anyone is interested spaghetti, indomie is ok by me.😁

  18. Stella please do as you wish with the passport gift.

    The poster that moved into a house where everyone is married, you have to be very careful before those women will use you to cook pepper soup. I will not accept this kind of offer to be the only single lady among a married couple. I know what i am saying cos even when you did not look at their husband, they will say you are looking at him.

    you have to mind your business in that house, face front and never you open teeth with any man in that compound. Greet them and face front. That man who sent you that gift and you collected saying you are married, you will soon open pants for him. What you don't want to eat do not smell it at all just keep moving. Tell the man you are not interested, and block the idiot before he put you in trouble. If he refuse to listen please record him and show his wife.

    1. Stella it’s true oh
      Na to say you marry sure pass
      If you say you’re not interested, it won’t stop the men from trying and it won’t stop the women from thinking you want their man

      Saying you’re married won’t stop all but it will help

    2. There is no point claiming you are married. When they now see you with different men, they will say you are cheating. If a young man that is interested in you happens to ask one of them, they will tell him that you are married. Let your no be no and your yes be yes. May sure you warn him off via chat and save screenshots of your chat before blocking him.

    3. I've been the only single lady in the compound before, there were some single guys but mostly married family men. I got a lot of bitterness and resentment cos they felt I was in a good job while they, who were indigenes of the state were not. I'm also got a lot of advise to be more friendly, most of them were hoping they could be close to me but I'm not the communal kind of person.

      Moral lesson: don't ever live in a place where you're the most influential financially and avoid joining body with compound people in general, even if such accusations come up, your neighbours can swear that you don't indulge in that kind of lifestyle, nobody ever accused me of such, where you see me na? But I made sure never to live in such environment again.

  19. Welcome IHN πŸ’œ
    Greetings everyone

  20. Good afternoon everyone
    This money scarcity will be over soon

  21. Stella me sef follow you ask "where una dey see all these kain men?"

    I will never be with any of the men described above. I dumped many men while dating and went for the best. No regrets. I had made up my mind not to marry if I don't find a good man. No be by force to succumb to societal pressure and marry rubbish. I told hubby I was not desperate for marriage when we met and he started hinting on marriage. I was 28. Dated for two years and when I analysed him, I saw that he ticked most of my boxes. No regrets.

    I'm teacing my daughter not to swallow rubbish from any man. She should take a clue from how her dad treats me and how he cares for us all.
    Mothers use their own experience to influence their daughters. The poor girls end up with goats at the end of the day.

    1. Lol @ goats 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    2. It's societal pressure coupled with women with low IQ/ambition and/or low or no IQ.
      Highest ambition is to be a wife so you will be 'among.'

      That's what leads Nigerian women to marry utter suckaway rubbish.

      Suckaway rubbish that should be buried 29ft under, you will be dangling ring peppering yourself and suffering massively behind closed doors and treating one new disease with long name every few weeks.🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

      Have you ever heard any oyibo woman complaining that her husband leaves shit in the toilet for her to flush?
      Or sleeps with different girls every week and she wiii be drinking oyel and dancing on mountain to pray?
      Or forbids her to work or talk to her family or friends. Or leaves his family and goes to live with one single lady somewhere? Who e wan try that rubbish for? 😁🀣
      Na you na, na you shit flusher, grooming a toddler man, treating diseases upandan everyday, e go try that rubbish with.

      Thank God for my life, my type of person, my family, how I was brought up...

      When you set standards for yourself, your partner with helps you reach them and even exceed them, or he gets lost.

  22. Something from this last chronicle is pushing me to start again, I lost it all before, someone told me yesterday to let go on my fears and focus more on winning and doing better, now I wanna give it a try, it's time to let go of the fears and tears and love me enough.... thanks to the poster

  23. I understand the chronicle poster somehow.
    My hubby sees me as he has tried by marrying me so the affection I need are food, shelter and clothing plus my children to keep me company.
    He is hardly at home, can call other women pet names, show care to them but me I am on my own.
    I have complained bitterly of the emotional unavailability, and I was seen as a nagging woman.
    I literally prayed to get a man that I can be sharing things with that won't be close to me to avoid adultery .
    I signed up for online friends chat, I met an European guy, I am older with less than 5 years, and there is language barrier, we use translator though he is making efforts to learn English.
    Hubby knows and my children know too because I told the guy everything that I just needed a friend nothing more to bridge that gap cos he is good father.
    When hubby noticed the online friend is bringing out the best in me( we bring out the best in each other).
    He wants that relationship to end, he will acts so nice to make sure I don't have time to chat in the evenings with the guy. After some days he goes back to his default.
    Now the guy and I has grown fond of each other that he wants something more since he has never been married and wouldn't mind marrying me.
    No matter how much we have grown fond of each other, I consider my children happiness first, they didn't beg to be born.
    I am pushing it slowly with him, by reducing my online chats with him but still we both need that friendship. He is planning for us to meet but I am dragging it .
    It has really helped both of us, we are at better place from where we started , it's been 5 years and still counting.
    I don't nag again.

    1. Thumbs upπŸ‘
      Pls if the kids are not little anymore and your horseband refuses to change, divorce him and go enjoy your life in Europe.

    2. Do you dear πŸ€—πŸ€—

  24. Stella Korks
    You want to do passport for bvs?🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
    Somebody that cannot afford a passport, how will he afford Visa and the millions needed for relocation? Passport is just 50k or less.
    You just want to waste money. That passport will expire, nothing will happen. Passport is the cheapest of all that is needed for relocation.

    Use that money to do giveaway to ease bvs's hunger and brokeness in this period. Their spirits will pray for you.

    1. True @anon. Stella if you had said you want to do visa for us, it still ok but passport? Mine will expire next month, I have not used it once. At least if you tell people you have Visa, they can help with ticket fare and other little things.
      If is possible to apply for the giveaway, collect the money and use it to feed, I will apply. But if you are going to do the visa for us, I will back out

    2. You made a whole lot of sense.

    3. Stella has been doing giveaway since 2014 when I started reading this blog.
      I don't know if she did before then.
      UNO NO DEY TIRE????
      If Stella should mention giv- na 500 comments go full here, many from people who have been receiving since 2014.
      UNA NO DEY SHAAAAAME??? Hian!!!!
      If each of you in your beg.gars col.ony contribute 100 100 naira use it to buy fresh crisp garri and sweet village palm oil and send to her during Christmas na bad thing? Na strange thing? If each of you come back and say I want to do one thing for one person on this blog, na bad thing, na strange thing?
      But nooooo, mouth wiiiiide open like Jonah's Whale. Mtsheww.

    4. Exactly what I said in my mind but well, nothing hard God do.

    5. Anon is right. Stella if you don't have what to do with your money again, come and dash me. Na garri I dey drink since yesterday. Make I chop first before I do passport

    6. I agree with you but at the end of the day,it is her decision to make.

    7. There is a lot of sense in this comment. But at the end of the day it's her decision

    8. Stella listen to reason, don't dash immigration money

  25. I am writing in response to yesterday's chronicle. Young girls, please abstain from sex. I had my first abortion because postinor failed me. Lack of self awareness led me into doing 4 more abortions. I have given my life to Christ.and God has blessed me beyond my expectations. I am on my third degree and I have a good job and I earn well. But, my past had made it difficult for me to go freely into relationships. People try to introduce decent mem to me but I find a way to wriggle out of it. What if I have fertility issues? I don't want to bring an innocent man into that. Please, abstain from sex. It makes you free from the pregnancy and std scares. I pray that God has mercy on me.

    1. Go and get married my dear. Go for fertility tests to be sure of your fertility since you are scared. You may not have any fertility issue. My friend did almost ten abortions, now she is married with three kids, one male and two females. She had to go for family planning sef.

      God is a merciful God. Some married as virgins and are experiencing infertility while some did just one abortion and it affected their womb, others have kids with or without prior abortions.

      Since you have given your life to Christ, you are good to go.

    2. God is ever merciful,give it a try.πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

  26. It's well with marriages o.
    I can't bring myself to watch that aluu 4 movie.

  27. When I first saw vegetables and cornflakes I was I like what the hell!
    Before I saw the end of the sentence

  28. I was watching one film yesterday I just thought of something.
    In aaaallllll my years of watching film, all the accident scene, fight scene, karate scene, taekwondo, juju scene sef, I have never seen a Nigerian complaining of broken nose.πŸ€”

    If I watch oyibo film like this, small blow wey dey give am, oyibo nose don break.
    Nigeria film, e no get blow wey you give pesin, nose go just stand kakara.
    Not just film o, even for real life, all the fight wey you fight from primary school, secondary school, university, office, ATM, Bank, you don see any Nigerian with BROKEN nose.
    Even if blood commot, the nose is unshakeable.
    Na so I con dey press my own nose, press press, bone dey am na. πŸ˜’
    Why awa own case dey different?
    Ehn if I see any Nigerian with broken nose, I go take picture with im and the nose.
    E fit be first in his lineage sef 😁
    Ok bye.πŸƒ‍♀️

    1. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    2. Good afternoon Jewelu and Bvs.

    3. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. 🀣🀣🀣

    5. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ My sister has a broken nose, can't even remember how it came about.

  29. Good afternoon,Thank you Lord for today

  30. Greetings everyone here 😊 πŸ˜€ πŸ€—

  31. To Friday poster, if you don't leave that man, you're on a journey of producing the same type of man you detest as kids.
    They can see what's happening, safe the society of another menace.


  32. Good afternoon everyone present in this In House News.

    I sent my shadow to queue for fuel and my soul to queue for PVC while I went for new naira note, since yesterday we are looking for each otherπŸ₯ΊπŸ€§.

    Love yourself first.

  33. To the Chronicle posters above;

    It's important to learn to be done with certain situations without feeling mad or bothered. Instead be at peace with yourself and move on.

    Poster, don't make the mistake trying to fix anything. That's one huge mistake a good number of persons did and didn't make it through. Sometimes, you will think if you just try one more time or give it sometime it will improve. Truth is that, there are some things in life that aren't meant to be fixed. All you got to do is make peace with yourself and move forward knowing that you did the very best you could do to make it work.

    Yes, you thought you could change him and make him a better man but it didn't turn out the way you have wanted. It's painful when love goes sour. Even the strongest feelings expire when ignored and taken for granted.

    People should always learn and know when to let go. I mean take an exit. You can not be at your very best when you lack joy and peace.

  34. Good afternoon my beautiful people

  35. Apt at the sign out meme
    Good afternoon everyone

  36. Good afternoon house. Good luck to those applying for passport. God bless SDK mama , may your pockets never run dry.

  37. Stella's a good idea trying to do passport for two people but they should not just have the passport and keep it oooo.

    Na miracle I need now with all these my hard work

    1. I tell you. One needs a miracle to even pay Visa fees let alone other ones. I am typing with an empty stomach

  38. Nigeria is becoming unbearable, the hunger is too much, business is not moving cha cha. Is just quiet here no more unnecessary shout here and there.
    Please get your voters card ready and let’s do the needful.

  39. This country can make someone go crazy, someone go wakeup and start calculating whether to go queue for fuel station 1st or na bank , na wah We go survive by his grace.

    You can create a special post for it and let people show interests @Stellamaam, me too get interest

    1. You too get interest kwa?

      You want to relocate and you can't afford a passport? Pray, tell, you want to grow wings and fly abroad with the passport?

      SDK, kuku talk say you want to sponsor one bv to relocate Abroad. E for make more sense.

    2. 16:14 🀣🀣🀣🀣

    3. Anonymous Having passport is not only about relocation make you get small sence

  40. Poster with the hubby that keeps malice for his village people, please be aware that is evil spirit dwelling inside of him. It seems to be a generational thing. If the parents are incommunicado towards each other for 18yrs then know that one of them has that spirit and your guy has inherited it. Please for the sake of your sanity and the children not taking on that character, leave that house. Reach out to your landlord and request for 6months payment refund. Come up with any heart wrenching excuse. Use your kids or health related excuses. Plead with him till he gives you half then you move out.

    Stop graveling in the mud for a fellow human being that can’t give you life. Stop begging him. If he, “changes’ tomorrow, please don’t give in and take him back, it will get worse. What ever you do, stop degrading yourself. He is a narcissist and manipulative.

    Poster in the US, please save yourself all the mini lies about raising kids under one roof. That man will commit a perfect murder and get away with it. You have all the aces why let him keep staying under your roof? Get evidence of his cheating and use it to fill for divorce. Don’t encourage that naija mentality sheet over there. Stop giving him power over you despite you being the one getting him over there. If the roles were reversed, he would have gotten lawyers that will help win the case and kick you to the curb.

    My sisters, please take back your esteem and do what’s right for your sanity and the kids. One love πŸ’•

  41. Abeg who get cash to give me oo??? I need cash and will transfer to the person.

    1. Transfer wet no dey work.
      Abi na abroad bank you dey transfer from

  42. Can someone explain why you and me wey dey city no dey see naira old or new one ,while terrorist wey dey forest don mount camera dey flex with new currency? Bank branch abi ATM dey forest too?

  43. Holla blog famZ !!!!
    Busy Weekend and today Monday didn't spate me either.
    Jewelu ekene m gi oo

    Lesson runs 🚢🚢🚢
    E no easy but we go make am. Oluwa keep blessing our hustleπŸ™
    Cheers as the day progresses 🀞😍

  44. Call UBA CFC for your issues.The is on the back of your ATM card


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