Stella Dimoko Actress Wumi Toriola Responds To Accusation Of Going Into The 'Other Room' With EX Friend's Husband


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Thursday, March 09, 2023

Actress Wumi Toriola Responds To Accusation Of Going Into The 'Other Room' With EX Friend's Husband

 Actress Wumi Toriola has responded to allegations that she slept with the husband of her ex friend...


  1. How did you know it's her fan out to tarnish your image,you and toyin are always at loggerheads. Same you and seyi edun are now enemies.

    Please find peace and mind your business to improve your crafts.Life is short.

  2. Most of these yoruba actresses are uncouth!! As a professional, you don't have to respond to every accusation,, betterstill higher a PR person! Why is every accusation levelled against most of them centred around "runs, man, and gossip" and their responses always laddled with curses.

    1. If anybody spreads malicious lies against me, I will curse the person out until I’m satisfied.
      You want to tarnish my image and expect me to ignore you? Can’t happen.


    2. Anon 10:22 in your haste to castigate "most Yoruba actresses" you overlooked the obvious fact that this was a well written, well thought out response. The language is devoid of grammatical errors and the entire write up is quite succinct. The write up has not one single curse as opposed to your statement that "their responses are "laddled" (you meant laden) with curses. Smh.

      Do you know how many accusations have been levelled against her? Of course you don't! So where do you get of advising her not to respond to every accusation or the even sillier advise to "higher (sic) a PR person".

      Oh by the way, I only just got to know Wunmi from Mr Macaron's skits so this is her or one of her fans. I'm someone who has no patience for Nollywood but because I'm allergic to unnecessary criticisms, bullying and pure lack of charity towards one's fellow human being, I took time out to respond to you.
      (Ps Wunmi, if you ever read this and decide that you need a PR person, just say "Yeah, yeah" and I'll DM you on IG ๐Ÿ˜‰)

      Anon, in conclusion, do better! ๐Ÿฅฐ

  3. All this na to promote your New movie. See the way you announce am. Well-done

  4. 10:22, do you know the meaning of uncouth? How does her post represent your label. People will just see a fancy looking word, eagerly waiting for the next post to use it, weda e make sense or not.

  5. At least she wrote proper English. Make una leave,to clear her name. Why are thr men not also called out?

  6. I said it once that you can never take away this razz behavior from these yoruba actors. Na dem dey snatch husband pass, na dem gossip or beef one another pass, na dem dey curse pass.

    1. What has tribe got to do with this? Learn to separate someone from their tribe, if you hear anyone doing anything separate that person from where they come from.

  7. She’s a good actres
    The enemies of progress should go and sit


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