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Friday, March 17, 2023




Have a great weekend and stay away from angry people and anything anti peace.... Make sure you go out there to vote for the governorship candidates of your choice OK?... We will do updates tomorrow as much as we can...

Enjoy your day....



I detest house chores.

Even though my step mum made me do so much back then at a tender age, I still detest them.

When I left home and lived alone as a bachelor, I had some neighbor's children come in and do the chores for me while I gave them stipends.

As at when I got married, I had already bought a good generator, a fridge/freezer, washing machine, a good gas cooker/oven, blender, etc. I bought them so my wife would be relieved of the stress of house chores.

Now I hardly help her with them but I'm very good with the kids. I can babysit a child of any age including new born babies. I can even bath and back them.
So, she does the chores while I help with the kids. Any one she feels too tired to do, she leaves it and invites someone to do it for a fee, especially weekend soups. I love seeing her seated beside me seeing a movie together or just gisting on weekends.

My fellow men, it is not by force to do chores if you don't like doing them but make sure you arrange well before marriage. Provide all the necessary gadgets and resources, so that your wife is not stressed out from house work, stress makes one look older, angry and aggressive. It can lead to depression too.

We move (side eyes at Pinky)



My whole day is messed up, I saw the pidgin post you made and it brought back the pain again, on Monday morning I left the house around 4am to visit my bank because I did a transaction and it has not been reverted even until this moment, so as I stepped out, I saw this keke driver, it was very unusual of this environment because they hardly come out that early, so he asked me to enter, I quickly told him that I don't have money, but he said I shouldn't worry that it is not good for a woman to be walking alone that early...

  Stella na so I enter ooo, we started gisting about Nigeria and the current hardship, this man lamented so bitterly about how his wife treats him because things are hard for them, he said the woman collected some money from LAPO and he's been the one paying, so it's been hard for him to meet up with other bills in the house including children's school fees, I encouraged and preached to this man that all will be well again..

 I even told him that my kids too are owing and I'm trusting God to sort out the bills, he said he was tired of life, and will not continue with the way things are going, that he will fix things soon, he even told me that he slept in his keke around my neighbourhood till that morning and that once he gets home now, his wife will start accusing him that he slept in a woman's house, without knowing that he slept in this open environment...

  he took me to the bank and drove away, Stella yesterday evening, we heard that somebody jumped into the river, he was rescued, but he had ingested other substance and before they got him to the hospital, he gave up, Stella it was that same handsome man that did me a favour, he shouldn't be more than 45 years of age, I'm livid!! 

So seeing your post on Thursday afternoon brought that memory back, I could've said more, I shouldn't have allowed him go that day, I should've asked him what he meant by ending all his problems... I feel so bad, this government has dealt with a lot of people and so many homes are suffering, may God help us all ooo

Hmmmm i think what made that made give up and kill himself was the abuse from his wife.. There are lots of struggling men still alive and hustling despite the bad economy but they have women who encourage their hustle.... I hope that his wife will see that she is the one that made him commit suicide



Please I want to advise the lady who talked about her MIL living close by to her future husband's house.

I hope you see this. Try and meet his mother halfway and compromise in any way you can.
Calling her once a week is not too much and getting her things from the market when you do your own market runs is also not too much. Even sometimes when you can you can create time get stuff for her and go back home. 

See her as your mom and go the capacity you can go for your mom if she was the one living close by just to make her feel loved and comfortable once in a while. Not all the time though but you should be smart enough to find a balance.

But you outright saying you won't go or you won't visit won't help you at the end of the day.

Don't let anyone try to make you feel stupid for showing her love. I know some people will say even my mother I don't do this and that for her but please does that make it right? Some people rejected basic simple training they got from home and think because their parent tolerated their excesses automatically makes it right and justified.

My cousin had the same issue you did and refused to get close to the MIL. The MIL "overloved" her if there is any word like that but she went into the marriage with the mentality of, I don't want familiarity, later the woman left her. Whether she calls or not the woman does not complain, whether she visited her cup of tea. She is now the one looking for the woman's face but she can't find it.

Even if your husband doesn't help you speak to his mom it doesn't mean he is a bad person. Maybe that is his shortcomings. Nobody is totally perfect. Nobody is married to a perfect being no matter how it appears so. so don't ignore the other beautiful qualities he might have that others lack even though they speak to their mother on behalf of their wives. 

Don't compare your husband with others. So It is left to you as a woman to apply wisdom when you have a husband like that. Don't look down on him. Trust me there are other qualities he has that others who stand up for their wives don't have.
Both of you have to reach a middle ground. You will adjust and she, your MIL will adjust and know you can't be there for her all the time but try the little you can and show her love. No two marriage is alike

Nice advice...My late mother in law was soooo good to me and spoilt me silly but she had her stern side which i overlooked and she also over looked my flaws...Kai i am glad to i got to know her.....
Those of you with Mother in laws, try to get to know and love them oh and stop comparing them with your mothers...



''I had a dream that I have a very beautiful shiny silky hair but with a little of white strands, in my forties. Please, what might it mean?''

Aging young gracefully...


''I had a dream that a family member who's a wife was passing serious excreta, I mean plenty plenty poo that almost filled the toilet bowl, please, what does this mean ooo''

Acute diarhea



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    Dear Father, I thank You for the gift of Your Word. Your Word is working in me mightily, producing fruits of righteousness in me. I live in health, supernatural abundance, perpetual victory, and unlimited joy. Amen.

  2. Interviewer: So why do you think we should give you this Job?

    Kosidumzy: Because I have so many hidden talents 😎

    Interviewer: Like What?

    Kosidumzy: Well, I don't know, they are all hidden.πŸ₯ΉπŸ˜†

  3. Convo with a Female:

    Guy: What’s up?
    Girl: I’m cool
    Guy: What you doing?
    Girl: Watching Film
    Guy: Oh nice, Genre?
    Girl: Nope!, we have “Light”

    Ooooooosheey! Baby Girl fi lyfe! πŸ˜‚

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  4. Thank you Lord God for yet another successful week.
    Good afternoon everyone.

  5. That 32 years old, virgin lady in yesterday's chronicle post whose elder sister(also a virgin) was telling her to hold on please kindly go back there and read my reply to you. I am almost 34, and also a virgin. So we plenty. Don't feel down.

    Eh, see my other advice up there. I am now a celebrity.😁
    Thanks, Ma'am Stella for the compliment.

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚@ celeb 😍 ♥️ πŸ’“

  6. Stella your interpretation of dreams eeeeh,
    The hair is full glory,the Popo is sickness to some & wealth to some.Just pray about it.

    1. Yes hair is glory but for the poor might be taking out all the bad in her life so it might be a good dream.

    2. Very correct, don't mind Stella with her dream interpretation 😁

  7. We will all be mother-in-laws one day by God's grace. Treat yours with kindness.

  8. Good afternoon Jewelu and Bvs. The keke man,that took his life,may he find peace.

  9. Fatherhood I'm loving your column alot... Greetings everyone

  10. TGIF🀸🀸🀸🀸
    Can't wait for this election to go jare,the stress is too much.
    Good afternoon everyone πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  11. @Sad gist, people are really suffering in this country, to bad he end his life.

    @fatherhood, I wish most men will reason this way.

    Hello bvs!

  12. Good day, guys.

    Please, I need help @Martins and any body who can help me.

    Due to this cashless policy and the wahala it came with, I need a POS machine for business transactions (customers can use to pay for goods and services, to transfer money to other accounts).

    Please, which is the best POS machine to go for in terms of network, durability, affordability etc?

    Also, how do I go about buying and installing it?

    Any and every information is appreciated.

    Thank you.

    1. Top four in terms of network stability includes:


      Opay is the most expensive,but moniepoint is great and what majority of operators use.

      I use all and Moniepoint is what I recommend if you are on a budget..

      Was cheaper before all this cash scarcity but due to rush;its now between 30 to 35k depending on the agent you use..

      I have an agent now in Lagos that works with their Lagos office,processes and send to you within 24 hours after payment..

      You send the required info needed for registration via WhatsApp or mail and that’s all..

      You can also check online for their customer care if you need to do it yourself..

      You can use my contacts on Bio for further info..Regards


    2. Thank you so much, Martins. I appreciate your response. Will reach out to you via your WhatsApp. God bless you

    3. Martins thank you for always being hands-on I pray for expansion in your business, you're a good man .

    4. Just like you are a good woman , jewel. Always asking people about their welfare. That's so sweet of you. My definition of a kind person

  13. My scanfrost burner isnt bring fire in two places while the remaining two brings fire. Please, what can be done because of preparation of food early in the mornings to be faster instead of only using two burners instead of four or three.

    please the person that dropped this on FAQ you should call those who repair it to come and service the burner, they will change the nipples and also change some covers on the burner depending on the issues. Tell them what is your complaint, and request for servicing of the burner. How long have you been using the burner also depends on what is wrong with it. Same thing happened to the burner in our mopol guest house, same product, i called the technician to come to check it. After servicing, and flushing, he gave us a bill of almost 20k cos of some changes of the nipples, cover of the burner. Right now all three burners are working perfectly well.

  14. Welcome IHN πŸ’œ
    Greetings everyone
    Sign out meme πŸ‘

  15. Ma'am Stella, the way you always talk about your MIl makes me smile. People can tell you had a beautiful relationship. I also feel you were a good DIL too and you always made her laugh..Everything does not need the wife putting her feet down like military personnel saying I can't do this, I can't do that.

    It is like driving. You learn to manoeuvre your way .
    Sometimes you let some cars go even though you are in your rightful lane and you are right though they are wrong, you let them pass and another time, you don't give them too much space and you take over. Compromise Brides, Compromise, please. Everything is not gragra.

    1. This is what I said yesterday. Compromise. There's no one way for a marriage to be happy. It doesn't have to be like Mr A or B. It should just be yours.
      I didn't think much about about the whole MIL issue then and I was lucky to have a MIL whom I have a wonderful, cordial relationship with but as a mother now, God forbid any woman will coman scatter the relationship I have with my son because you want to form military regime. We can compromise and be happy.

      Before that poster will scatter that family, make she leave the man abeg. The girl that can be calling every week and doing new year cooking will come. Huh!

  16. Fatherhood poster, πŸ‘πŸ‘. Poster with the sad gist, I don't think there's anything you would have said that would have changed his mind about commiting suicide. Chances are if he didn't do it that day, he would have done it another day. Like Stella said, there are people struggling, but they have partners encouraging them. May his soul rest in peace. Y'all stay safe out there. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  17. Good afternoon everyone hope you day is going well 😊 Friday rush πŸ˜€ everywhere due to election

  18. I agree with Inside The Mind Of Man Going Through Fatherhood.
    It's not only to your your wife but to the children, the whole family. My dad would say that domestic work does not finish. To whom that can afford all in the post should go for them. Needless "punishing" your wife or children for them not to be "lazy" thereby allow them do what pressing a button will do.

    By 2006, an average European family had a minimum of 13 electronic gadgets in the house by statistics. That did not make greater number of the population domestically lazy. It helped to ease work, provide more time for family, rest and every other curricular activity.

  19. lol.. the dream interpretation eehhnnn... one is positive while the other is negative.

    Time and chance happens. God help us

  20. Jeweluchi this your dreams interpretation no be here o 🀣

    Omoh, my tiredness is tayad mehhn!!

    At this point, na only God fit help me.😒

  21. Greetings Jeweluchi Nwanyioma. That your interpretation for the dreams en... See me laughing here. It is well. Dream poster, that hair own means glory.

  22. Good afternoon lovely people.

  23. Loving your column @fatherhood... So sad the man died... Enjoy your weekend guys

  24. How can our minister of finance tell the incoming administration to increase VAT from 7% to 10%. Why why???
    It's well ooo

    Real Madrid....... hmmm πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  25. So sad the keke man took his life cos of a bad woman and an unappreciative wife.

    The bite of an animal will heal but the "bite" of a human may never heals.

    It's so unfortunate, the effort of some good men aren't appreciated by their wife simply cos it's not up to their expectation from him as a result of their greed and evil mindedness.

    Sometimes the hurt in these men are so deep that they never get over it. It's mostly ifamily that cuts you that deep and it is never forgotten or forgiven even till death.

  26. When you sleep in unfamiliar surroundings, only half of your brain gets a regular night's rest, while the other half remains alert. A phenomenon known as the "first-night effect".

  27. My dear anon on Wednesday IHN, I came back late to the comment, it is Netflix that I prefer. It could be detective/investigative movie or series and it can be sci-fi movie or series. Thanks in advance.

  28. Good afternoon, what a sunny day

  29. Sad gist poster, may his soul rest in peace, amen.

    My trousers zip was down yesterday. That was how i left home, waited at the bus stop, got into the vehicle and even walked around in the office for a while before i noticed it. See wahala. Thank God say i wear pata.

    No money in the banks but POS operators have plenty money. I bought N10,000 with N3,000 today. Serious trouble for people who cannot afford these charges. It is well.

    IHN, welcome oo.

    1. Most of the POS operators too buy it from the banks and those selling things in wholesale...May the Lord help us.

    2. That is why I say Nigeria's problem is the people not the leaders.
      Do we have Labour Union?
      Or them don buy that one too?
      And Nigerians are mumuishly carrying on?
      Have you seen a thing like that before?
      Don't ask me what you lot should do.
      Im not in your country suffering with you.
      The suffering never belleful you, if e don belleful you, you will know what to do.

    3. When the suffering"belle full" you, we left peacefully for saner climes so I don't see the need to start delegating dangerous work to others. Have you been the one financially spring the families of those bereaved by end SARS? Have you visited them in prison? Do you know any of their names? If you don't have a path to a peaceful and bloodless revolution, please don't instigate blind revolt that will only hurt people on ground. The APC in power were working against their own party and are finally leaving in May. Hopefully, the ACN faction of the party, who have been declared winners, will do better since they are riding on a better economic and democratic performance of their own faction.

      I just hope the SMEs decimated in the hours of stopping over man instead of involving the efcc, will finally breathe easy after state elections.

  30. So sorry to read about the suicide. I really hope that man is at peace. Sender, you may have received his last act of kindness before he left this earth. Pass on his kindness to someone else. Do not feel any guilt, ppl who have really made up their mind to end it all, nobody will stop them. See he doubled up, he truly wanted to be off the earth and out of the bidy and he made sure of it.

    For the dreamers, long shiny hair is always good. Keeping a dream diary and seeing how your dreams turn out will guide you on how each dream symbol relates specifically to you.

    Poop dream is always about money, but this dream is better if you are holding it or touching it. As you only saw it, then you may come into a little money. Alternatively, it could indicate the family member coming into a large sum of money.

    1. Yesterday, I had a dream about beautiful, bright birds that I saw in my room. Wo I chased them all out o.

      I quickly Googled the meaning when I woke up, everything I saw was about fortune, change etc, good things.
      Why did I chase them out na?

      I would have just left them.😭

      Anyways, I claimed any good from the dream, and rejected all the negative.

      That same morning, I got an invite for an interview that I submitted my application for sometime ago, infact one week after the application was posted.

      Anyway, ahead ahead my people. It is well.πŸ‘πŸΌ

  31. Any one who sells good white and dry ponmo in ilorin sud please drop his or her num. Ijebu ponmo

  32. Bvs,pls advice the kind of cream that will freshen and brighten my skin and face,thank you

  33. ''My attention has been drawn to social media postings suggesting that a nation-wide groundswell "#ENDINEC", "#ENDNigeria" Protest is being planned by the Obidients. We are aware that those postings are being orchestrated by the Opposition.

    My position is clear: Without prejudice to constitutional dictates on freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, I have publicly stated that in the matter of reclaiming our stolen mandate, we shall do so robustly, via the Courts and Due Process.

    Regardless of the misgivings many may have about our Judiciary, we must strive to build strong and resilient institutions, of which the Judiciary is one. As a firm believer in the separation of powers between the three arms of government,

    I am conscious that every so often, the Judiciary is called upon to vindicate itself on epochal national public-interest issues. The matter presently before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) is one such litmus test case.

    Therefore, we are committed to pursuing Due Process in an unfettered manner. That is our primary and priority option.''

    #PeterObi πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

  34. Good afternoons oooooooooooo
    Hope this hot sun no disturb una much?

  35. Good Afternoon Beautiful People! @ fatherhood poster! Iam loving your Column,may God continue to bless your home. The story of the Keke man is so touching! Lord have mercy upon your people and make a way for them,it is well with the families he left behind

  36. Thank you , big gbosa to the man going through fatherhood. You deserve an award

  37. My heart goes out to the Keke man, he shouldn't have taken his life. I pray he finds peace,

  38. Stella the dream interpreter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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