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Monday, March 20, 2023




How is everyone doing? I hope that your Monday is going well? I am having a Mondy Monday.....(whatever that means)
BV Eesah how are you doing? You know say you be my guy right? Please all your comments will be enabled from now on as long as it does not have any taunting notes or tribal note...Ignore anyone else referring to you if you can and try to be positive....
Any other person toying eesahs line, please turn back ..
Every other person who wants to reply eesahs comments, it will enabled from now on if you stop wishing him all the bad things you do and focusing on whatever he says.......Please keep the comments clean and do not derail from the topic and it will be enabled, otherwise it will be deleted....
Most of the comments you people think i knowingly enable is done when i get someone to help me enable comments when i am having a really busy day...

I dont owe anyone any explanation after this time on why your comment will not be enabled, I think i have indulged you people enough.... Argue without the cussing and we will be fine.

Hate comments and whatever else can be posted on Instagram and all but my blog is close up and it causes disunity here....
Those of you who think I am Anti whatever political party, you are entitled to your choice of what you...The elections are over and I am fine, most of you are filled with bitterness...I thank God say i escape am...2015 politics traumatized me i swore never again until whenever!

Enough said... Please rid yourself of all the bitterness and lets move forward... change cannot find a way forward with all this bitterness and misunderstandings.. thanks to all those who sue for peace and always also try to correct or guide me...




Good morning Stella,

So I read the chronicle of two Mondays ago, I was touched. Sometimes it might not be because the guy is presently doing well, was the reason the poster realised she missed her ex-boyfriend. She might have matured to understand and appreciate better what she wants in a man, but doesn't realise she needs to heal from her place of brokenness. 

I have been in that place too, until I understood and became aware that there's no one whole way to how this things turn out. Yes it's a lucky draw, but why draw blindly or greedily and get burnt? Value and substance over comfort any day. I think as ladies, we are mostly carried away with things that have no deep value when staying in a relationship. Well that's not why I am writing in, going through the single and mingle update post of the earlier week, I could see the joy in the write up of the BV in the diaspora. And I share almost same journey with her. My marriage is 4 years and by the grace of God will be 5 in May.

I connected with this guy now my husband in one of the past edition the single and mingle, I told him I was working as an administrative assistant in an NGO based in the northeast whereas I was based abroad.

I grew to like his honesty and his simplicity but firmly. I have always wanted a man firm, empathic, motivating and simple without being intimidated by a woman who just want to breathe well. This guy at first, I doubted everything about his person. Like he is offline most nights by 8, hardly picks calls (WhatsApp - my Nigerian line). In short all the red flags of a married man was visibly staring at me. That was when I zeroed in on us being just friends, because our conversations are very good and practical. 

That I communicated to him and he was okay with it. That was another things about him, very appropriate. Like there was a day I was off work and had time on my hand for that weekend, we were online concurrently for 22 hours, the content we talked about endeared him to me. Very brilliant man. I have never chatted nor talked that long on the phone in my life before. The easiness at which we moved from one subject to another seamlessly with our non confrontational opinions, no holds barred, surprised my reserved self. 

Very intelligently smart and versatile guy, only that life just wasn't kind to him. This was a guy that appeared difficult at the beginning. More curiously we never even talk about pictures, unlike the other guys I contacted. Who straight up want pictures, pictures, pictures and more pictures. He respected my online boundaries and flowed with me as keenly as I am with him. And it became this guy is too good to be true, so my skepticism rose even higher -

At point I had to suggest he should and process his relocation, if he can. Because there are opportunities his like can actually deal in. He agreed. Crazy helped him relocate. It was at this point that I opened up to him, and he was disappointed. But it didn't deter my zeal to help him still, I was just helping a "good" friend with an undermined potential left unutilised. And true to my instinct he was a success. We didn't see much because he was on the other side of town. But kept in touch. Then one day, from no where, he came looking for me and the proposal. I was shocked. Not because I don't like his person, but we have never discussed ourself in a relationship. 

Honestly, I couldn't find my lips neither did I find the words. This continued for a few more weeks and that's how we got here. I remember telling him I don't think it could work between us, what do I know? Here we are almost 5 years now, happy, peaceful and very understandably put together. He is even earning more than I presently. And from a very simple and relatable family. Sometimes true love actually exist in a few friendships we refused to nurture. It could have only been God's faithfulness.

So it always breaks my heart, when all I read about single and mingles are sad stories. We should all remember it's an uncommon naija way of finding love, and everyone is just being careful. So it needs patience, patience and more patience. It wouldn't happen for many of the participants, still, having the right mentality matters. My interactions with my husband was difficult at the beginning, but I felt substance in the content of the messages we exchanged. 

And it was in that that I find the kind of friendship I was looking for, which in a confusing way led me joyfully here. Things are not supposed to work for everyone same way anyway. But for those who it was meant to work for, can you come with the right mentality and be patient?

 Like many have written, that it worked for me doesn't mean it must work for you. But 3 or 5 people that contacted you or that you contacted cannot all be bad, at least good friendships can be harnessed from it. And that is where it all starts from.
Please marriage is not an achievement, staying cordially married with one's peace of mind intact is. Whoever must come to equity should come with clean hands.

The diaspora Bv motivated me to write in my own story too. And I believe there are still many more, who haven't had the will to write theirs too. I hope I was able to inspire those who have one or two good contact they have been corresponding with, for some time now. Put it to the Lord in prayer, sometimes you might need to make more effort than you are probably doing. 

This is 2023, a lot of things have evolved. You can't hold on to a 1990 mindset to walk your way in 2023. Isn't that why we upgrade our qualifications to fit into todays worksphere? Upgrade yourselves, upgrade your mentality, upgrade your beliefs, truth, and trust God according to your efforts. Let's learn to be valuable.

Awww thank you for teaching us something in your mail... Congrats on your Marriage...People wey don marry for this singles mingles una plenty oooh...
I pray many more of you wed in Jesus name.....



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I have all things that pertain to life and godliness. There is no trace of sickness, disease, or infirmity in my life. As a child of God, all I know and experience is divine health, righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

  2. Replies
    1. Good afternoon 😊

    2. Afternoon good.

      May God bless our week with favours, protection, etc. Amen

  3. Good Afternoon house! How do I apply for census work? I really need this job.. Thanks for your responses

  4. Stella nwa mama 😘 chop that kiss filled with love. I love thé way you spoke up and arranged that Uncle. We could see fear from his response to you. Now he knows eyes are on him. God bless you plenty.

    Once again, gbahara nnu 😘(you know me 😁) still love you & I go still de visit blog even if na 2am. I must read πŸ˜‹

  5. I'm not in a happy mood but I'll be fine. We move!

    Good afternoon everyone.

  6. I can't just get it right with salt in my meal. The salt I put when cooking is usually not enough when the meal is served. I have to start adding little salt when eating. The fear of not wanting salt to be excess I guess is the reason for that.

    What a hot afternoon!

    There are persons you can never see me beneath their comment or engage with here no matter how they try to get at me or my attention.

    Truth is that, I stop tolerating bullshit and nonsense from people here. I will keep avoiding no matter how provoke it gets to me.

    Currently at the hospital waiting to meet with the doctor. Feeling so hungry as well.

    1. Teejay, pls come o, I'm not following.

      That man that they killed in Enugu, Oyibo, did his brother win? The one that was used to replace him.

    2. You are always hungry.

    3. Ostrich,

      Yes he won.

      There's celebration galore in my place all through yesterday and today when the news broke out. He defeated that uncle that we just attacked in the other post, the one trying to rubbish Peter Obi.

      The death of that man pained us so much. He was the most qualified. Those who knew him can attest of his honesty and transparency. He's just like Peter Obi in character. A former NBA chairman in the Oji branch. The whole lawyers in Enugu lost an icon.

    4. For me, it is better that way than to put excessive salt inside the food.

    5. It's better to add small salt than the food coming out very salty

    6. Please, enough with the salt. It has more damaging effect than what you enjoy when eating.

      The littlest taste of salt in your meal is already too much not to talk of adding extra uncooked salt. For your own good, please stop it.

    7. Salt isn't too healthy let alone raw salt. If you didn't cook the meal to your taste in salt, eat it like that. Raw salt is bad

    8. Wow!

      Thanks guys about the salt thing. Didn't know it's that bad.

    9. Really? @ Teejay, congratulations to him and all his lovers.

  7. Fresh Beautiful day.

    Deep breaths Brethren, everything shall be fine.

  8. Good afternoon to y'all on this space and πŸ‘‹ i wish you well today.
    It's like the rainy season has started oh.
    I am so loving it and hope you are too?

  9. I lost my landlord to death yesterday. A very very good man. A man who everyone that came across won't mind as a father, brother or uncle.
    May the Lord comfort his family.

    1. So sorry for the loss. May his soul find rest.

    2. Rip to him
      May God comfort his family

    3. My condolences dear. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace,Amen.

    4. May the Lord rest his soul and comfort his family. Amen.

    5. Pls take heart. May his soul rest in peace. Amen

    6. My condolences, may God console and comfort the family

    7. Hope your landlord is not our to be in-law who died in his home yesterday morning at joju Sango Otta, Lagos.? May God rest their souls and forgive their shortcomings Ameen.

    8. May his soul rest in peace

    9. May his soul rest in peace πŸ™

    10. Those of you who have good and kind landlord, you don't know what God has done for you. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

  10. IHN is here oooooooo

    Positive vibes....Single Mingle response, you have done well. Thanks for this.

  11. "Shinning light" has been crying o twitter since morning. Enugu people una do this one 😫🀣


    1. #Believe

      Abi you no believe us? We don't tolerate arrogance or pomposity.

      When you see with your eyes, you go quiet.

    2. He should cry us a river biko

    3. Teejay una done knack am sth
      Gifty the crying issa lot🀣

    4. Shining light, battery don kpeme 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  12. Positivity! Hope! Faith! Trust!
    Its well with Nigeria

  13. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    My Friends, please help me thank God! I just found out that 'Mortein' na didn't k!ll just made me smell good!πŸ˜‚

    If I don't update my status tomorrow, it means I'm being served at 'MR BIGGS'... Love U all😭

    Ohh gosh! Dem dey throway gossip say I dey spread flu. What the..πŸ™„

    I hate Calabar people!😑

    My calf wants to suck now but that farmer took all the milk in the morning. Mtcheeeeeew!

    Chei! Our Landlord just bought a CAT, we dey pack comot tomorrow. Abeg, I dey look for house ooo, na who sabi any VACANT HOUSE?πŸ™

    Friends, thank God for me ooo. A car almost hit me now now, chai! That's how I would have just d!ed like a fowl 🀣

    FOWL's comment on GOAT's status:
    I thank God for you ooo. Don't mind those yeye humans, that's how they drive like goats 🀣


    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    2. Lmao πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

    3. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 This is funny

    4. I'm rolling on the floor, thanks for making my day.

    5. The last entry though 🀣

    6. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀩 give me fainting space

    7. Lol πŸ˜‚

    8. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    9. Oh Jerusalem my happy home!!!! Laugher wan tear my pant!!! @chicken's response.. Hahahahaha odi-egwu!!

  14. I greet you all, my yard people. It's a very very HOT afternoon here in the city of Lag. Hope y'all are staying safe?

  15. Really having a busy day

    Will come back for the comments

    I move too✌️

  16. You see that Wesley Snipes quote, it is so necessary at this point.

    Please,what is with the happy hour going on in Akwa ibom with the new governor elect πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    So,I saw strangers on Saturday
    Kudos to the young,teenage and adult Adetola,what an interesting movie.

    Good afternoon Fam.

    1. That one said that when he becomes governor,he will declare happy hour every Friday. So people can go and drink beer and peppersoup and chillax. Wahala no dey finish. Now that he has won,na to relocate go that side to be part of the happy hour crew.

  17. Good afternoon peeps waiting for zamfara result. We are tired of Matawalle

  18. Good afternoon everyone...INEC selection don come and go...For those who go japa like me, May God provide you the funds and the means...

    Those who are here, May you be prosperous and flourish in leaps and bounds in whatever you find yourself...

    Amen Have a great day everyone

    1. Phoenix,

      I'm still contemplating if I am to go by air, sea or even land through the Sahara desert.

      The most important thing is that I have japa in the eventuality of the judiciary being rigged as well. So I don't end up eating Agbado after being forcefully recruited into the 50milion Nigerian Army.

    2. Good afternoon beautiful 😘

    3. Good afternoon dear Phoenix. Amen

    4. Hi lovelies thanks for the love y'all. Kisses ❤️❤️❤️

    5. @Teejay..Think about japa through surgery.. Lol. Leave your old body with dem to take do warever dem want inside dere army of 50 millions, that time you done reach destination medically... Hehehe

  19. Welcome IHN πŸ’œ
    Greetings SDKville

  20. Hello everyone. Phoenix,apologies for just responding now. Yes,"Black Sails" is on Netflix,but it will be taken down by April 14th so hurry and watch it now!I promise you that it is an exciting series!!

    I sincerely wish that Bvs on here would stop allowing Eesah's comments rile them up so much. You see,what you should actually feel is pity for him because anyone that goes around with that amount of hate for an ethnic group, would honestly be a miserable person in life. However, I don't think he really means it because I doubt he would refuse help from an Igbo man,if he was in dire straits,so at the end of the day,it's all posturing. He gets relevance from his controversial posts here,so allow him be..He is privy to his opinion after all and I would never be among those who say a person should be censored, because censorship in any form is bad.

    The Distinguished One

    1. To think he is so poor and still relying on handouts to survive, yet so wicked and heartless in his comments.

    2. Thanks Distinguished one...Na dem dey always engage am...I cannot engage someone who is myopic and close minded...We moove jare

  21. One thing I would like to emphasise is this: if Igbo people stayed back in their states to develop their areas, I can assure you that their states would be far far far more developed that what we currently see.
    After all is Innoson not based in the East? Has the company crumbled? You think Innoson did not see Lagos or Agbara before they chose to situate their headquarters in the East?

    Tiger Spice is located where? Onitsha. Yes same Tiger Spice distributing all over the country and West Africa.

    You people will leave your land and happily choose to be a fingerling in another man's land instead of a whole thriving ecosystem in your states. Do you know how much Computer Village, Ladipo Spare Parts etc generate in a day. As in one. single. day. Do you see how empty Lagos is during Christmas holidays?

    Igbo people tell your governors to get off their asses and actually work. No be to dey knack million naira sunglasses dey yarn opats half drunk. If the only thing your Governors can do is make your states conducive for business, trust me you would have saved yourself this bloated hatred and outright disrespect from the so called 'owners of Lagos.' Let the 'so called owners of Lagos' develop their land as they see fit, instead of you expending your energy in a place where you are obviously NOT LIKED, NOT RESPECTED and NOT WELCOMED.
    They have showed you these 3 points in so many ways, na una no wan hear word.

    PS: Obviously, it would be silly of anyone to say that they just discovered that generally Yorubas don't like Igbos, e don tey wey we been know. Let's not pretend. The elections showed you people where your priorities should lie moving forward.
    But will you hear word? Ofcourse not.

    1. My tired is tired
      Nice comment btw
      Developing their states is the sure thing to do to avoid all of them insults plus humiliation

    2. That's what happens when a tribe is not united. There may be individual progress but not collective progress.

    3. But igbo are citizens of this country? Why can't a citizen stay any where in his/her country as guaranteed in the constitution. The matter long. You made points

  22. This is becoming a pandemic. Stop using dump in place of dumb! Pls stop! Haba!

  23. Welcome IHN πŸ€—
    SDK is a place to be, I learn one or two here everyday.

    1. Good afternoon Vicky Posh, you have been talking about Nature in Soap, I tried googling the Pic online, but couldn't get it, my customer in tradefair said it clear nature soap , but I doubt pls how do i get the Pic of three soaps from you, or what other name is it called, thanks for ur reply babes.

    2. @Anon 14:56 Good evening, I doubt the soap is online like other soaps and it's not a soap that has made a name like Joy, Eva, tetmosol and the likes...
      Clear nature soap is outrightly different from Nature in soap. And yes, clear nature soap also has 3 or 4 types; the black, yellow and pink πŸ€”
      If you're in Port Harcourt, you can get it at any Prince Mega Agency - either the branch at mile one, Rumuola or Woji; it has been distributed to those different branches and it's sold for #2000 by four(it's in pack).
      About the pictures? If I can get your WhatsApp number I'll forward them to you that's if the policy guiding this blog will allow it

    3. Am the poster that asked about the Nature In soap. When you google it, click on images and keep scroling you will the the black nature in soap. i bought it last week and started using it and i have seen a lot of changes in my skin.
      Firstly, i have an oily skin and while using it, i dont feel the oily stuff and it has made my skin smooth.
      Thanks Vicky Posh for the recommendation.

    4. @Anon17:27 You're welcome 😊

    5. Vicky im very fair..hope it wont darken me

    6. Anon 19:47 use the peach one; it has kojic acid, Papaya extract and those are lightening agent to suit your skin complexion.
      The peach one would be nice on you plus it doesn't bleach.

  24. Thank you to the SnM poster. Congratulation and I wish you well in your marriage. I tried my best with one guy we were really flowing well like we've known each other from childhood. We were really into each other but it didnt work out maybe it was never meant to be. No ill's feelings, still keeping hopes alive

  25. Good afternoon my neighbours

  26. Stella please enabling those comments.

  27. Good afternoon everyone still positive no matter what happens. God bless us all πŸ™πŸΎ

  28. Good afternoon to us all. Tension is kinda rising here also,na only one LGA remaining since last night yet they keeping shifting and shifting announcement of results.
    The person asking for movie in the spontaneous post, check out operation ruse de guerre, pls dnt mind the funny name. Almost gave up also until I saw Jason Statham named amongst the cast.

    Madam Stella, I watched a movie last night and I remembered the BEP abt pple being scammed of money and emotions, it's almost as if the movie was made for SDK family. The name of the movie is sharper. I recommend

    1. Ruse de Guerre? I saw it on netnaija but ignored. I will check it out

  29. Something else that struck me after the presidential elections...
    Out of 3, 2 major candidates 'lost'...
    Out of the 2 candidates that lost, 1 disappeared into thin air.
    The 2nd one started ANOTHER round of pan Nigerian campaign, moving from one state to the other, one market to another, one street to another, church, shrine, palace etc etc just campaigning for OTHER CANDIDATES UNDER HIM.

    See ehn, to be a leader no be moi moi, that's why most of the 🀑 🀑🀑 you people select abi elect are beyond useless. #spits
    But when you see leadership qualities, whether you like the person or nah, learn and improve yourself.

    1. Everyone knows the truth and how competent the man you're referring to is. But those who feel they own the country aren't yet ready to get the country working..

      They know he's the one the cap fits.

    2. Competent?
      A man that couldn't even build Anambra o

    3. This is spot on. Even as my candidate won, I can't help but see the effort the other candidate you talked about has put in campaigning for the candidates in his party. It's commendable I must say.
      We are already on our journey to success best believe, Nigeria will be great again.

    4. Nigeria will be great again, Ase! πŸ™

    5. I personally have learnt so much, I can write a full page. How he deflects arguments with humour, sometimes cheeky humour like his response to the person who says GRV has no experience, pragmatism, very shrewd business sense and how you must, ABSOLUTELY MUST, believe in yourself because even people you trust will not believe in you and try to bring you down. Imagine if he had stopped when they laughed at him and said he had no structure and that he had 3 people tweeting in a room.
      He has shown that you can actually contest without 'structure', foul language/divisive tactics and with a clean record. At least no academic, drugs, name change, corruption, ancestry etc etc rumours swirling about.
      Like ever sector in the country, the political arena faces a crisis and a dearth, in this case a terrible crisis of leadership.
      There are no saints and messiah hereor any comingto save you, disabuse yourself of such fairy tales.
      The so called activists you see are looking for where to eat.
      Whatever nuggets you can pick to improve yourself, pick them.

  30. congratulations to you poster and i wish you all the very best.

  31. In the 1920s, a Japanese professor's dog would meet him at the train station every evening and they would walk home together. When the professor died unexpectedly, the dog still waited at the station each day at the arrival time for nine years, until its own death.

    1. Wow! A dog is man's best friend of all times

  32. Good afternoon Jewelu and Bvs.Very sunny here.

  33. Blessed day everyone.. sign out so Apt

  34. Stella...first of all, about the Monday Monday,sorry if you got overwhelmed by all the depressing news outta Nigeria, you really need fix your brains on things that'll give you joy to beat the blues , also guard your heart with due diligence if not you'll have a nervous breakdown. The election period has gotten wild and scary 😱 on social media platforms. I know what your inbox will likely look like, if I had replied the one that said Anambra State was the most underdeveloped state in South East region, for sure you would have had a heart attack,my reply would have been a bombshell but I chose to ignore,
    many are fiercely angered, me too follow dey para but we maturely tone some things Thedown. injustice and cheating is boiling over to civil unrest and agitations. I fear o.
    Pele ti e! Ndo!

    Back to the matter.
    This memo up there πŸ‘†, it's about time. They are still right here doing shit. Look upπŸ‘†
    You don't allow miscreants overrun your blog,for what? and please for posterity sake, their insults and threats aren't just about politics and aspirants,they also insult their own blood.
    Imagine one was mocking his sister for being a tailor, calling her "a local tailor fa"? Hellooooo.
    This is why they prefer to sit around all day,enter here whenever and type shit because they know giveaways and free data will drop, the freebies could even be from the tailor they abuse,who knows.
    If she sews one correct design in a day and receive N15k she can do giveaway na abi🀷 That's how RICH a tailor can be.
    The styles I copied from Tonto Dike and Dakore Egbuson's pages I'm battling the designs, trying to roll it before Easter and save hundreds of dollars for myself and som siblings
    . Haha.
    Caution them often because they're not changing anytime soon,like peak milk it's in them.

    Stupidity is no exclusive to anyone.
    Warn them!πŸ₯Ί

    1. This one possibly do not know who started the insults.
      You dey okay so?

    2. Lol. God abeg eh.

      *runs off to go peddle my dry machine all day*

    3. Tonto Dike's tailor makes me wanna learn tailoring, she is too good and I'm a sucker for beautiful Ankara styles.

    4. Defender of the universe fanning the embers of hate?
      Make you try dey rest from this your oversabi na.
      Aunty miss goody two shoes abi how dem dey talk am set?

    5. Suave...learn other craft you'll be so proud of yourself.
      I learnt as a teenager and been topping up with understudying different fabrics from time to time.
      Embroidery is hard for me so I use badges instead that's the only challenge.
      Check new Vlisco items, you'll appreciate Tonto's styles.

      Miss aboki...if I catch you.

      Anony...I believe you're one person,go learn painting or baking,use your time well not dragging down my threads and typing shitty comments.
      Oge adiro kwa ma ncha. No time.

  35. Busy Monday !!!
    What A Day!!
    The sun is not helping matters at all. School over, lesson runs in sight .
    To be a woman is not easy at all. Jewelu keep preaching it . Some people really need to change .
    S/M poster, really inspiring write up.

    Cheers as the day progresses famz 😍

  36. There is this student in the next flat. She came for holidays. I don't know if she forgot herself or what, this girl was watching porn on her phone early this Monday morning with the volume turned up. As there was no light and everywhere was quiet, people had gone to work including her parents, remaining me, my baby and grandma plus her in the whole building, the loud moans and 'ta ta ta' was just everywhere 🀣🀣🀣
    At a point, I had to go rewatch some movies that I had already watched on my phone in order to distract myself.
    These shildrens wee not kee somborri.

  37. Eka... Excuse me like you don't know that it's a strategy,hian.
    On this same blog a 40+ old male Bv couldn't spell"beard"? Hellurr.
    Even Baby LO and Baby BEHOLD at 6+ can conveniently spell beard and they got no chin hairs.

    I read twice the gibberish Okiroyalty wrote on spontaneous post to understand what she was blabbing about.
    The level of gbagauns is eyepopping and shameful, intentional grammatical errors on the posts daily.

    Madam Oki in case you read this, please leave Medussa alone she loves you that's why she decided to wade in.
    Many have been suspecting you though they kept mute, check Tuesday 14 March spontaneous post ,some comments depicted that.

    Anonymous 2023 at 09:24
    OKI royalty so she has low self esteem abi?, was it not you that your husband was drastically cheating on you or what was that your story again? , and you were lamenting and praying for him to accept you back into his house, abeg go and sit down, before you judge her, remember you also have low self esteem .

    Suave14 March 2023 at 09:43
    Oki, congratulations on your new phone and sorry about your mum, may her soul rest in peace. Why don't you just stick to one blog Id? You can edit that icefish seller and add Okiroyalty to it

    Anonymous14 March 2023 at 09:46
    Classmate I mean* okiroyalty

    Anonymous14 March 2023 at 10:46
    Anon 09:24 you've said it all. Same oki that was leaving and returning to her cheating horseband is talking abt low self esteem forgetting she's also a member of their watsapp group.
    Suave I hope she takes that ur advise,changing I'd upandan won't help her.

    Medussa14 March 2023 at 12:10
    I actually like this Oki royalty, I don't know why. I wish I was rich, I would help her to get settled by giving her a huge amount of money for her salon business. Since she can also do nails and lashes, I would set her up to sell hairs, lashes and hair products too. She strikes me like a trouble-free hardworking lady.

    1. XP it seems you have plenty time on your hands today, you better leave all these our blog children, their matter no dey finish.

    2. Hmmmm,Medussaoki I greet o.🀐 No strategy wey I no dey see for this blog.🀣

    3. 17:34 you are lost🀣
      XP go and bring the thread where Medussa blasted her for cussing bvs and washed her hands off Oki, which made Oki to be calling her out everyday.

    4. Hian another gate again! Oki Royalty gate God abeg o

    5. XP, this is where wahala started πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

      Anonymous17 March 2023 at 08:34
      A very good morning to everyone..I have decided to mobile since I came back from bayelsa ,I lost almost all my customer,so I can't be seating in shop without is well..and for that anon saying am the same as fishseller,odabipe aye fe baje,I know Aunty Stella will not post it if I say what on mind.okiroyalty


      Suave17 March 2023 at 09:30
      Okiroyalty, you should have debunked the claim without the curses, what's the need for the curses? See me thinking you are very peaceful.

      Anonymous17 March 2023 at 10:00
      Suave do you know how many negative these so call anon do write about me ? I don't just react ,do you know how big is that allegation? That am the same person as bv fish very painful,I have being real and πŸ’― myself since I started commenti g here..I started visiting sdk far back 2014 and m y name remain Okiroyalty aka mummy Sterling..for the very last time anon stay clear from me..I know you mock me bcs I do not have money..but I very optimistic ok

      You nor be God.. okiroyalty

      Anonymous17 March 2023 at 10:03
      Suave do u know how big is that allegation? For the fact say I nor dey quick dey react , no or means say I be fool..anon Adabi ma da... okiroyalty

      Medussa17 March 2023 at 10:06
      Oki whatever, is it today that they started calling you the same person as icefish seller tombia market? they have been referring to you both as the same person since last year, neither you nor the icefish seller denied it. You both were in Bayelsa, your mums were sick, your comments and gbagauns were the same thing and neither of you denied being the same person when people commented and mentioned your names under the comments of either of you.
      Then you came here this morning to cuss. I retract my earlier statement sometime this week saying I like you and that you are peaceful and hardworking. You may even be a scam sef. Get out abeg!

    6. Genh Gehn! Blog mobile archeologists, I commot leggins for una. πŸ™Œ
      Una fit use una shovel dig pesin future sef, hian!

    7. Anony 19:26... Thanks for the back up pasting.

      Let's all forget this Okiroyalty stuff, methinks she's an old lady playing childish stunts.
      The grammar is shocking;
      They being saying...
      Decided to mobile since I came back.

      Na wa!

    8. 18:27 No I think you are the one who is lost and obviously very very new here.
      Otherwise you would know a number of BVs who have multiple IDS, using one to cuss out themselves and been caught in the act.

      See as it said, 'go and bring' as if telling bingo to go and fetch.


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