Stella Dimoko Monday Morning Spontaneous Post


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Monday, March 06, 2023

Monday Morning Spontaneous Post

 #firstdayoftheweek #motivationalday #marvellousday #itiswhatitis #neversaynever #selfconfidenve #

Good Morning...

Today is blessed day and the blessing will everyone who believes..
Enjoy your day and stay on top, nothing dey under!

Tight hugs


  1. The messengers, cleaners, security guards and other domestic staff in your office or at home, are all human beings like you. The difference between you and them, is TIME and OPPORTUNITY.
    The way some people insult, abuse, debase and disgrace people who work for them, is absolutely appalling!
    Let's be humane and empathetic. πŸ™
    No condition is permanent ooo.
    Una Gud Morning...#ALiSpeaks

    1. True talk πŸ‘Œ
      Good morning Ali B.

    2. The SNM update is an eye opener, many married men disguising as single. May God keep exposing them.

      "There is one silly rat here he called himself vin , an engineer based in Lagos, his number start with 08068****** , he's a married man, he's been participating in single and mingle for many years, he's only looking for free coochie to chop and rich ladies, ladies beware".

      This comment is referring to the number two guy(who alomost rapped me)I mentioned in the SNM update post.

      He is truly a rat, so short. He claimed he works at house of Chi and an engineer.
      He also claimed his work takes him outside Lagos for months, I sensed he is married hearing that.

      For everyone single lady on SDK, may God come through for us and choose for us a befitting partner.

    3. Yes ooo. No mind the idiot. I didn't know he is married. Just knew that something was off about him. Kept saying, I love my space. Mtcheeeew. Vin but Vincent, in full, Engineer from akwa ibom. Thank God we didn't go past chat. Boring human.

  2. Your Shield Against The Enemy!!
    Ephesians 6:16.


    "In Christianity, faith is our lifestyle. When the Scripture tells us to take up the shield of faith against the enemy, it means our faith is a shield. With your faith, you’ll be able to neutralize or put out all the fiery darts of the wicked one."

    "There’re fiery missiles directed at you, and they’re coming from demoniacal forces. But with your faith, you can put them out. Discouragement and anger, for instance, are missiles of the enemy. Some people could be by themselves and suddenly have anger and discouragement assault their minds. Those are darts of the enemy."

    "Irrespective of what happens around you, refuse to fear; speak the Word in faith. That’s how to use your shield of faith to put out Satan’s wiles and stratagems. Stand on God’s Word, and your victory will be as sure as the Word is."


    My faith is alive and prevails today, irrespective of the perils and tribulations in the world! I’m shielded and protected. I’m like a tree planted by the waters, that spreads out her roots by the river. I’m triumphant always in Christ Jesus! I’ve overcome the world and its systems, because I dwell in the pavilion and safety of the Most High, soaring on the wings of the Spirit, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

    Further Study:
    Ephesians 6:13-17 AMPC; Romans 4:19-20

  3. Isaiah 43:19.
    "Behold, I will do a new thing;now it shall spring forth;shall ye not know it?I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert"
    Beloved,we pray that the Lord of new beginning will visit us today and make a way where there seems to be no way in Jesus name πŸ™
    Our God will raise timely helpers for us, he will fight our battle and our dwelling place shall be peaceful in Jesus name πŸ™
    Today our heavenly father will restore all our losses and give us a new beginning, he will change our status and give us a new name in Jesus name πŸ™

  4. Good morning everyone πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    1. Good morning everyone!

      Remember to put your best foot forward this week. Eliminate distractions and be fixed on purpose.

      You can smash your goals.

      I wish you a favour-filled week.

  5. Good Morning One Big and Happy Family, hope we all had a goodnight rest?
    Liverpool nah only God go judge una for wetin una do my club yesterday, 😭. But seriously our coach fuckup, how on Earth is Bruno Fernandes a winger? You don't experiment in such big gamesπŸ™.
    Have a nice day guys one Love.

    1. You dey mind the man? πŸ˜”
      These coaches think because they have the power to do as they like, they can just be spoiling games for us. Rubbish!

    2. 7-0🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    3. Hehehe πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… chai! The 7up pain wella ..these coaches are gamblers jare

  6. While campaigns were ongoing across the length and breadth of the country, a governor recruited four other governors that we would later seen and known as the G5.

    He got them dressed uniformly in most occasions and then bankrolled their trips overseas in the guise of meetings.

    What was their grievances?

    The South should produce the national chairman of the party since the North already picked the presidential slot.

    I wouldn't want to go into details of all that transpired in the party but just wanna pass an important message to someone here this morning.

    Election was held and the three governors among the G5 lost their Senatorial bid remaining the last one among them vying for a second term as a governor in his state.

    Lesson #1:

    Don't let anyone recruit you into their fight of hate, selfishness, greed and egoism. Those battles has never ended well in most cases and you being recruited will likely become the victim.

    A man selfishly fighting for his own ambition and political relevance, recruited you and you fell for it and was used.

    Today, you're the greater losers.

    Lesson #2:

    A man who can't stick his neck and deliver you after recruiting you in his battle for political relevance but watched you being defeated in your own state election shouldn't have been taken serious in the first place and can only be described as a betrayal and chameleon.

    A man whom his predecessor in 2019 described as one who loves and worships money and can betray his own mother for money.

    I wish the last man standing in the G5 sham success in his gubernatorial ambition.

    Always pick your battle wisely and not foolishly.

    1. Remain confused, small boy. You’re just pained because he dealt with your messiah. For all you should know, your failed messiah will never rule Nigeria. There is no lesson to be learnt from your shallow interpretation and pettiness.

    2. "Wike Is Worse Betrayer Than Me
      ~ Aminu Tambuwal

      "Nyesom Wike called me a betrayer for openly stepping down for my brother, Atiku Abubakar in PDP presidential primary election.

      But, Nyesom Wike secretly betrayed his own brother, Peter Obi for a sick old man, Bola Tinubu in 2023 presidential election.

      I hope he doesn’t call me a betrayer again.

      ~Aminu Tambuwal

    3. Honestly, that Man made nonsense of them.
      That One from Abia has been fooling himself from the onset, GOD has answered their prayers. PDP has been murdered in Abia, coming Saturday is the final burial.

    4. They can retire and start farming in their place.

    5. Teejay, that word that I corrected you on yesterday is actually "corroborate". It is different form the one you used "collaborate". They both have different meanings and are used differently. Check Google for more details.

    6. Yea Ostrich, I already acknowledged it down below. Thanks dear. I appreciate..

      Nnukwu Nwanyi,

      I don't think PDP will exist after this election. When Atiku finally head to Dubai, Wike is already defecting to APC after the election and you know he has been the one financing the party all along.

      So I don't see the party surviving after this whole exercise. Though I might be wrong.

    7. Ok @Anonymous 08:20, we await to see how BAT will ease our sufferings this is now beyond tribe and whether Igbos will ever rule, we just want a better nation, without corruption and insecurity. I must have missed BAT's mandate, Please kindly enlighten me on that.

  7. It's a new week to be grateful for. Thank you, Jesus. πŸ™

    These boyz sha know how to break one's heart. E pain me make I no lie! It's part of the beauty of the game sha. We move!

    Stay blessed my people. ❤️

  8. Arise ... shine and be thankful πŸŒžπŸŒŸπŸ’«✨
    Good morning everyone, happy new week.may this new week brings us goodnews, testimonies and miracles πŸ™
    Graceful day people

  9. Good morning beautiful people 😘
    In football anything can happen

    1. I felt pity for you guys yesterday and I was like asking, if there's something Man United did to Liverpool we don't know yet and they decided to repay them that yesterday.

      Not just two or three goals but 7:0.


      Even person wey thief phone, dem never beat am like this. Abi na IPhone Manchester thief?

    2. Good morning Blackie πŸ’™πŸ–€

      Individual errors,mistakes cost us that game,their body language was totally off..this is the same team that beat them in the first leg oh! The shambolic display was embarrassing to say the least.. when that goal entered at the start of the second half, most of our players left their foot off the pedal and I wonder why but nothing spoil,we moooovvveeee

    3. I greet y'all Man U fan specially this morning πŸƒπŸƒ

    4. Oh, it's now you know 'anything can happen'. πŸ˜‚
      See how all of you Man U fans on this comment have been humbled. Lol

    5. We have learnt our lesson in a hard way. It was a disastrous defeat.
      @NΓΌmero ΓΊnΓΆ, that's football for you
      Have a great day fam ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Out of home and straight to Abeokuta to return my baby back to school..
    1 month ago, mercy said No. My testimony was awesome. My God is too faithful to fail me.

    Good morning beautiful people πŸ’œ.

  11. Beautiful morning to y'all ♥️
    May God bless our hustles today

  12. Shout out to Paris Babe. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    Thank you for checking up on me. 😊

  13. #Fact

    Our bodies are 60-70% water; our brains are 75% water; our lungs are nearly 90% water; and our blood is about 82% water.

    Good morning bvs!

  14. Good morning. Currently at the bank, gone to two different banks and they don’t have cash. Let me just reset my internet banking details and go home to sleep.

  15. Bv Ostrich,

    Thanks a lot. I later looked out to the word 'Corroborate'. I think you're correct. I used Collaborate instead of corroborate.

    They both almost seems to have a similar meaning but the former is the right word in that context.

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate. I have taken note of it.

    1. Oh! You are down here, I just dropped a reply for you under your first comment above. You are welcome.
      Google helps to improve grammar, you can look up words you are not sure of before using them, I do that too.

  16. Good people
    Have a glorious day

  17. Morning to you all.

    I sincere appreciation goes to all individual who wished me well.

    May the good Lord be with you all always

    Let's keep moving

    1. Belated Happy birthday pinky!

    2. Happy belated birthday bros. God's unmerited favour on every side.

  18. Good morning my lovely blogfam 😘
    Thank God for life. The heat yesterday night was something else and nepa did what they know how to do best.

    Amen to your prayers Jewelu star woman. Yes o nothing dey under,we gat to stay up always πŸ’ž. I'm sending you πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ’ž

    The weather looks cloudy this morning,pls the rain should just fall.

    Bvs have a beautiful and fruitful day ahead 😘
    E go surely be ✌️

  19. To whom it may concern:
    God specialises in the impossible!!!!

    Good morning beautiful people πŸ’–
    A favoured day it πŸ€—πŸ€—

  20. Goodmorning Stells. Goodmorning BVs.
    My Baby resumed School today, no Traffic!!!
    Kept the Boarders at Home,We will Resume after Saturday.
    I detest Last minute planning.

  21. It's a beautiful day!
    Use it wisely.

    Licious babe

  22. Good morning.

    Monday morning and rush is like rice and beans.

    Liverpool, this thing you people did to man U is not good o. Dairis God o.

    Man U fans, una doh o.

  23. Blessed morning everyone

  24. I believe and say a big AmenπŸ™ Jewelu.
    Back to school and work continues...
    Yesterday was so choked up and couldn't come check things out. Hopefully when I'm less busy today.

    Wishing everyone a beautiful day ahead πŸ₯°πŸ˜.

  25. Good morning beautiful ones.

  26. Goodmorning everyone, may this new week be good to each and every one of us. I don tire for Naija wahala. Got to bank by 6am and now they are telling us no cash. Give us the old cash make we use manage our life mbok.

  27. Good morning everyone
    Happy new week
    We pray for cash flow this week, mores sales and general breakthrough. Amen.

  28. Hello SDK and my fellow bvs. How are you all?
    It's a brand new week and I'm gon' binge on some movies that I downloaded. I had to look for the last "new movies alert" post on SDK blog for guidance.

    Fidel, no vex, I didn't know that your 'bit scary' was actually serious horror movie to me.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Thanks to the anon that recommended more movies, I appreciate.

    Saturday night, hubby said he loves horror movies that I should send the 'isonu' movie "This is us" to him, via xender. So yesterday afternoon, he told me episode 3 was dedicated to a gay couple. Seriously?
    Out of curiosity, I asked him to let me see cos I deleted it after sending to him. I had never seen where two men were making out before, 🀣🀣🀣, bush geh .
    My eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Oh Lawd! Oyinbo will lot kill us. So all the vices are complete I'm that movie, homosexuality, violence, cannibalism, name themπŸ™†πŸ™†
    Kids should not see such, thank God they don't touch his phone, told him to delete it after watching though.

    My dear niece is leaving this week , I'm missing her already.

  29. Good morning Jewelu and Bvs. Marvellous monday.

  30. Good morning my people on Sdk street. Wishing you all a beautiful Monday 😘😘


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