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Monday, March 13, 2023

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Goodluck Palava

Na wah!!

Kpoi! Kpoi! I greet o! ya side? I hail o!

Two women inside one compound begin shout, pull dross, wear knicker, wear socks and canvas to fight.
Wetin happen? Why una no separate them?!

As one oga police wey dey area come separate them, na im we hear wetin occur!

These two women were best friends, at almost 40 years, no money, no husband!
The yellow one carried the Black one to one mountain. Small time, black woman begin prosper pass yellow!

Na so yellow begin wonder say what is she doing that is different?
Aftoroh, na the same solution they find go!

Na so yellow discuss with their orange friend, that one carry her go one place inside forest.
Things still no change for yellow!
Na there they tell yellow woman say, Black woman don exchange her virtue!

Yellow woman come go back to the mountain to display for the prophet.

The prophet tell yellow woman say he no do anything for them o, say na ordinary prayer and fast wey he advice them to do!
Say even the water wey he bless for them to drink, na them use their hands buy normal bottle water, wey he nor even touch o! Wey he pray say make dem drink to break their dry fast!

Yellow woman nor believe the prophet, she begin chook eye everywhere for answers!

All of them dey point say na Black woman dey behind her problem!
Na so she come fight Black woman say make she give her back her virtue o!

Na one Old Man wey dey the area come call the two women to help them settle kworeh! As Oga police see say na spiritual matter!

Na the Old Man come tell Black woman say, the kain head wey she carry come this life, na the kain head wey be say if two people wan compete for something good and she dey there, either she want that thing or not! Na she go get am!

He come tell Yellow woman say, her own head nor dey like make she dey wish person bad for mind, otherwise, the person go begin prosper pass am!

Mama Ejima say she get 'malaria', Landlady suspect say na belle, Papa Ejima nor dey house since 2months. Matron say she nor gree come do test...As moskito nor fit write statement na, how we for know wetin be wetin na!


  1. Biko bring mama Ejima gist 😂

  2. Oh sisi you're good🤣🤣🤣

  3. 😂😊😂😂😂

  4. Chai yellow woman ekpele oo na so he dey be at times. When you help it will backfire.

    Come and finished mama ejima story. Am sure papa ejima don back her akpako since 3 months ago

  5. This SISI is very good in her craft. It's not easy to write in pidgin at all. Kudos Sisi.

  6. Sisi I hail you I 😂😂😂

  7. Wow. It’s not good to wish someone bad, else they’ll supersede you. Thanks for that food for thought 💭

  8. Sisi wey sabi give better story. Welldone


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