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Friday, March 17, 2023

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Neighbour Wahala

The dance wey armed robber dey dance for indian film na because police join for the dance! body?

Wonder cantit end

This lady come my shop, dey talk about her neighbour wey be single mother, wey just buy jeep.

She dey happy say the single mother wahala go reduce, as na she dey help her babysit anytime she wan quick comot! As she get belle dey expect another baby!

The lady na newly wed, her husband na tenant for there before dem marry, so she come move enter the house join her husband.
Small time, as she get belle, the single mother go follow her gist, assist her for market things as good neighbour wey she be!

As she dey celebrate on behalf of her neighbour, come buy minara, say they wan wash the new car.

Na im i just dey pity her for the inside of my mind!

This life deep abeg!

This lady nor know say her horseband and the single mother dey run things o!

Infact, na the mechanic wey dey repair her horseand car tell me say one day if no be say, he nor want make the man marriage scatter, wey he see 'dross wey get secret' under chair inside car.

He for carry am go give the wife for house!

I say how he take know say the wife nor be the owner?! Abi because she be Hajia, she nor fit wear spicy underwear?!*sideyes!*
Abi heat nor fit catch her, inside her horseband car, wey she decide to comot the dross?!

He say he get one day wey the man and the single mother travel all the way from Mainland go Lakwe go knack!
Na there the man car spoil, wey he call him and he hear the lady voice for background!

I say that one no mean anything! How he know say dem go knack?!
They fit jor stroll go collect breeze for dia na! As the whole Lagos Mainland too choke!

Mechanic say he go meet them for there, he say the lady nor know say na area mechanic the man call.
Be like the other options nor gree go that far and this mechanic say na Ikota he go work that day.

He say as he tanda outside dey follow the man talk, arrange how to fix the car, na im the lady by mistake come reception, see him from glass door, try hide face but he don already see her!

I say e nor mean, dey fit jam for there na!
Na because of the kain gossip she fit nor want make una see her! *sideeyes!*

Na when i go matron side, she sef tell me say she don see dem inside car for night near her former compound.

I say na wa o! Lagos nor need cctv o! When these our people full everywhere with frog eyes!
Wetin consine me, she wey dey do full housewife, wey go sidin gum for telemundo.

Wey nor know say e get why male pikin nor dey quick comot hand for their mama bwess!
Na until dem leave her relocate go the abroad, she go know say the dance wey armed robber dey dance for indian film na because police join for the dance!

I wan go chook ear for the gist of one Aunty wey wan carry full bwess disvirgin oga mecho! i dey come biko...


  1. Hehehehe Sisi of life. Come to think of it my almost 3yr old boy still subconsciously reaches for bwess' every now and then.He's gradually weaning off the need to hold it before he can sleep but I just wonder why, cos his sisters were not like that.

  2. Sisi and gist! Lol. I enjoy every bit of it. Thank you.

  3. Hehehe, things dey occur for your area sisi

    Bring the follow gist biko

  4. Sisi, no bi the lady wey no buy drinks for your shop when her neighbor do naming you dey talk about so?

    1. Your head is there, it is the eweleke from lastweek she's talking about😂😂

    2. Hahaha Sisi we go miss your colum why you wan stop now?

    3. Sisi all your gist suppose dey inside book.


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