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Monday, March 06, 2023

Sisi Senaponi's Corner Philanthropic Carrier

Read and laugh...

Kpoi! Kpoi! Kpoi! Na who dey o! dey markeit? I hail o!

Small time now, when dem dey mention philanthropists, some coconut headed people sef go wan raise hand!

I remember the time wah dey gist with one quiet lady wey collect room near Mama Ejima.

She gist me say for work as receptionist wey she be, plenty men dey always give her card and lunch money.

She say before she land here, the agent of confusion wey suppose help her find house. He say na serene area and very lovely compound!

Na when she pay him, as he rush her say na popular house, wey celebrity dey live! Make she nor go lose the room!

She ask me say who be the celebrity, i say na Baba, as na only him get ipad and dey follow people from obodo oyinbo do business! Na VIP people dey find him come!

I don forget sef, we get anoda one, na Bobo, na celebrity im be! He say him be Artist!

Na everyday people wey nor dey baff, with dada hair, trawziz wey small pikin suppose wear and dark glasses dey find am.come!

Na soso coke coke dem dey follow me buy!
Dey nor dey drink water!

When dey open Bobo door, you go think say na Sango dem follow do meeting!
Even baba wey dey follow dem ancestors do zoom meeting, anor sure say smoke fit reach like that!

Them go say dem be artist, with head color like lizard! Draw draw plenty nonsense for body! Skin wey nor even fresh at all! Come carry confusion add for im problem!

Landlord say incase we know anybody wey wan adopt pikin, since he wan add terrorism to im stupidity!
Landlord say he nor go collect money, say no need to even fill adoption form as he nor want make Bobo remember road come house!

I say even if person carry Bobo give Bobo, Bobo sef nor go collect!

Bobo wey dey tell me say he dey see Angehs inside sleep! Say dem dey give him inspiration to be Artiste.

Bobo wey him middle name na samuel, he jor dey waste him time! When God don ready for am! Na by himself he go surrender give God!

Our tenant say she notice say even as Bobo dey follow all those lizard people, he no draw tattoo or dye hair.

I say Bobo still get sense pass the rest of them! Him mama nor be roadside woman o! Na trainning camp he dey here so! If kasala burst, na inside airport he go miss enter im country!

Poor man pikin wey dey follow big man pikin find trouble, na for kirikiri their day dey dawn!

I say make she nor give up, fit be say na her horseband side, the agent bring her come so! So fit be say na help he help her like this!

She say she see shege before she even land her receptionist job. Say one time one man wey fit born her invite her come an event for one saturday.

She say he promise her work for oyel company as the philanthropic celebrity wey him be!
She say the time wey she dey work for one laboratory like that, Nothing wey her eye nor see!

She say the man nor even recognise her say na she run the tests for am years back!
I say why she nor introduce hersef give him.
She say he pretend like say he remember her when she try say they don meet before.

I say which man sef go see all these clubs wey you dey support home and abroad wey nor go famz you! *kiikikii...she carry in good proportion!*

Na the condiment this man see for reception one year after, wey he nor know say she know say he get HIV and he been try bribe the tech guy make he do fake result for am but that one nor gree collect money!

And she dey date the tech guy that time, so he tell her in confidence how he for jor turn big boy overnight, but na against his believe and ethics!

Now na the same manwan use his blokos and dismantle her glorious destiny on top oyel job!

I say you get luck o!

Person wey dey live in denial say he nor well!

He still dey carry women upandan!Na so you for jor go collect table and chair for hellfire, begin do meet and greet for your fellow participants!
Una know how much the melecine for that thing corss?!

Na the day wah go that hospital for Idiaraba, wah lorss for those their corridor wey dey identical.
Anor know road, i say mah jor use sense navigate before one samaritan sekuriti man direct me.

Na when i ask if dem dey do PVC registration for one place, wah see plenty people sidon aside for bench.

He say no na HIV people be that!
I say dem dey do awareness abi campaign?! He say na dem get the thing!

Anor even know say my mouth dey wide open. Fine fine, healthy, young and old people na im full dia o!

Na make God nor put pur food where e go hard o! Na so the philanthropy for carry this geh go where she nor know, if to say she nor turn mermaid o!


  1. Pesin wey get HIV, dem nor kuku de write am for im forehead. Na make we dey wise and be kiaful for this life.

  2. OMG sisi no go kii person! Na so dos lab ppl dey take bribe dey change pipo results. Many couples to be dey marry bags of disease dem no know

  3. 不不不 Sisi say na trowziz不不
    The day I missed road enter where.dem dey collect the medicine na him I believe say HIV no dey show for face true true.

  4. God go punish day man. See as he dey share HIV upandan for girls wey no go gree stay one place.
    Sisi na the way you dey carry gist enter gist dey sweet me pass for this ya gist Dem. The thing just dey flow like oyel wey dey near fire. Your aproko no get part 2. Welidon.

  5. God no create man pikin dem to dey waka waka. Becos kurukere Waka dey put plenti dorti for body.

    But wusai!

    Before you talk am too much, you go begin hear "somtin mus' kill a man".

    Ngwanu, see am now, wetin dey sweet goat don ready to kill the goat.

    Abeg fear God, make sense follow you!


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