Stella Dimoko Pidgin Post - Nigeria Air Ko Nigeria Broom Ni


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Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Pidgin Post - Nigeria Air Ko Nigeria Broom Ni

 Nigeria Air? Wetin be that!

How person go name airline wey no exist`You no follow me weak? Dem for just name am last minute choppings for Bubu era!!!! *DROPS MIC*

And abeg make dem update Lagos Airport for Internet with photo of cockroach wey dey sleep..Hiss!!!


  1. I tire for Nigeria,the corruption is too alarming

  2. Stella, abeg leave matter for Matthias. Is it not clear to everyone now why people wanted them out. Now they are back through another door.
    Suffer, we are all in this together.

  3. Naija na cruise, fantastically corrupt. Nobody is held accountable for gross corruption/thiefing

  4. I have been trying to book flight online on the Nigerian Air but all to no avail. I can't even find the site online.

    Pls can anyone help a brother?


    I know one uncle that just left the room as soon as this post came up. I saw him dragging his fellow comrade as well 😂😂😂😂

    If you know how much was budgeted for this, you will cry. Should I also talk about the firefighter vehicles they paraded as well few weeks ago?

    1. Hahahahahaha teejay abeg o

  5. Nigeria Air, tho unveiling was done in a hurry, will fly once all the documentations are done, according to genuine reports.
    The approval process is still ongoing. The children of hate and those who love spreading only bad news about Nigeria can keep dancing and jubilating upandan like headless chikens. Nothing gives them joy other than hearing and spreading bad news about Nigeria. You all will be fine last last. Same thing you people did with Buhari train when it was lunched. Same with 2nd Naija bridge and others. Na here we go dey when those amongst you who can afford flight tickets will queue to fly Nigeria Air. Ise

    I'm outtie

  6. The thing weak me aswear. Naija, I hail oo.

  7. An IPOBic PDP member of the National Assembly, Nnolim Nnaji, used the word "fraud" to describe Nigeria Air but Nigerian Herdsmedia as usual now made it look like the House of Assembly as whole deemed Nigeria Air project fraud. How does Hadi Sirika commit 'fraud' in a project that the FGN has only 5% and the Foreign owner (Ethopia Airlines has 49 and Nigerian Private Sector players have 46%? And the emergency lovers of Nigeria believe this and are jubilating all over the place? If we say you don't love Nigeria, you only want your tribe person to be President, they'll say it's a lie but your actions prove us right time and time again. Well, you all should get prepared to wail for 8 years. Your wailing just started. You have 8 more years of wailing to go.


  8. Laid lai you go ever see them, Ebola don catch them for hand

  9. this must not slide, heads must roll. what do they take the citizens for?

  10. Lol.
    E jus dey start.
    E still dey load.
    No be God go come down come make naija beta.
    Until we decided by ourself and in majority of power to beta d country ....till then

  11. Ste go listen to Charly Boy old Song titled "1990", e don tey wen dem be dey thief our oil money dey share.
    33 years after,the suffering continues, na todayyyy?

    Waiting for the announcement of all the appointees.
    The Senate Presidency seat is for the highest bidder, forget all dem talk about na dis man go work pass, na dis one dey detribalised,na dis one get experience as Governor, story, na who go create envelope pass go be Senate president.
    He ready to open portfolios,create contracts and pay plenty money for non-existing projects.
    Na how dem dey roll be that.
    Air Nigeria na 5 year plan to chop exit money, by law Nigeria get right to borrow that plane and repaint am. Now now now dem don return am to owner,una dey shout. N100 billion don go so.
    Up APC, una never see anything.

    Ndi Ori. Ndi Ori. All of them old politicians.
    Even former Governor of Zamfara wan be Senate president,a whole Zamfara o.
    These people useless pass the o in psychology.

    My own be say Peter Obi must win for court.
    End of Criminal Institutionalized Stealing.

  12. Waiting to read comments…of two bvs in particular.

  13. When David tweeted it, one belle infrastructure called him a liar. Now, who's the liar? All these politician should at least pity us small and the unborn generation.


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