Stella Dimoko Big Brother Star Adekunle Says Co Star Doyin Is Very Insultive


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Monday, October 16, 2023

Big Brother Star Adekunle Says Co Star Doyin Is Very Insultive

Big Brother Naija star, Adekunle Olopade, says co Star Doyin, and 'friend'  “doesn’t think before she talks”.

He said her mouth would get her in trouble someday.
In the latest episode of the To Be Honest podcast, Adekunle said
 “Doyin is very insultive. It is who she is, her mouth will put her in trouble. And I can say it now because me and her are friends. She doesn’t think before she talks.”


  1. Mind your business, saying it would not change who she is.

    1. His love interest, Venita is far far far far worse

    2. You are two faced person Anne K.. I am sure Doyin and ilebaye are your fave you will never see anything wrong in them but if it was Mercy now you would have agreed with Adekunle..shioor

  2. Doyin is typing.....

  3. He is not lying though....but Adekunle u too get ur own for body

  4. She is Soo talkative and she will meet her match later in life

  5. At least everyone here knows I like Adekunle so nothing I type here would be seen as the comment of a "hater".

    That said, I want to say that I pity Adekunle very much in the coming weeks, months and at the reunion as well. He does not understand nor respect boundaries as the post-show has shown so far. He wants to be friends or friendly with everyone and be seen as the cool guy of the season but Soma already took that title and Soma also knows boundaries. The only HM that Soma is not cool with is Lambo; otherwise, he is cool with the 22 others without even trying.

    Knowing his history with Doyin in their season (just last year here o) and how she insulted him and his mother at the reunion (I saw it online and it's still there), you still go out of your way to seek her out to be your padi that you now talk to every day and comment on/about at every opportunity. Doyin that saved your name on her phone as "wicked man" or something like that as you showed us at the AS party two weeks ago, una say na cruise. Okay. In this case now, you don use style abuse her or perhaps he is tryingto make excuses for her, no? When that one responds now, his Islanders will carry cutl@ss. Everybody kuku knows I no send Doyin but she has a right to react especially to/for things said about her post-show.

    I was trying to understand what the problem was with him in particular until I found an interview he did with Mizvic after his season where he said the first person he was attracted to in his season was Doyin; then it all made sense. He was mocked for being rejected by all the girls in his season, he was "mudded" at the reunion, he was depressed after his season and yet he seeks her out for friendship and thinks he has earned the rights to now casually throw coded insults at her. As in, dem don reach that level? He is still looking for something and now that he's been transformed to a hot boy that many babes now fancy including those that didn't rate him before, I hope he respects himself so that he doesn't suffer at the reunion again. Adekunle, zukwanike! Hmmmm....

    **BV Phoenix, biko remember me in your queendom o. I must not miss that reunion. Dey update me when it's about to start abeg. If that reunion no dey blaady, make we know wetin cause am.

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂

      I'm so looking forward to the reunion.

    2. Amebo how do you know Soma is not cool with Mercy? I pray Mercy matter no go wound face front

  6. See this pant saying someone talks too much meanwhile you are not better..venita really helped hide the useless side of snake

  7. Adekunle, are you innocent? Venita tied you like wrapper and you didn't get to interact so much with other house mates for your real persona to come out. In the last week following Venita's eviction, your showed your self as a gossip. Cho cho cho cho with CeeC all the time.

  8. Is Venita a joke to you

    Venita that spews insult like Daenery’s Dragon 🐉.

    Leave Doyin


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