Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Organised Labour Declares Nationwide Strike


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Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Nigeria's Organised Labour Declares Nationwide Strike

Organized Labour has declared a total and indefinite nationwide strike, starting from Tuesday, November 14, 2023. The Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, and the Trade Union Congress, TUC, disclosed this after an emergency meeting in Abuja on Tuesday, November 7, 2023.


  1. Lol. Strike that they will call off before the day is over. Nigerians have lost interest in NLC.

  2. This is like the 20th strike they are calling in 3 months. Nobody takes them seriously anymore.

    To think that NLC used to have so much power before. Yet they threw it all away for bread crumbs.
    Same thing the Judiciary is doing. When they have finished themselves, they should not expect the citizens to fight for them, because they abandoned us when we needed them the most.

    1. You dey mind them, yeye pipu

    2. Who have you fought for before? Have you managed to fight for yourself? What is the basis of the strike since the minimum wage has been reviewed upwards? How does labour have any respect when they called strikes in states where the governors are paying unproductive workers as needed?

      This strike is about NLC trying to rig the IMO and Kogi elections for their party, by deceiving the economically ignorant, nothing else.

      Government should dig up the report by a committee headed by Oransaye that advised that about 80 percent of the parastatals be collapsed into the ministries to avoid duplication of efforts and waste and the staff should be reassessed and those taking short of capacity sent home. If OBJ and his successors had dinner this, we won't be hounded by a largely incompetent and unproductive workforce that wants paid leave every month in the name of strike.

      There are many states where the state governments have sat down with labour to show that based on earnings, labor is the biggest consumer of state funds and despite being just 6-7 percent of the whole labour force, have not been able to defend their post with results. Their only option is to sack staff so there is no continued hemorrhage then you see labour begging. There are some states where the government has never paid the 30k minimum wage at all and the math is clear to everyone.

      By law and reason, each state is to set it's fiscal obligations to labour based on it's capacity. If organized labour want more pay, they should produce more so there's more to share.

      Non governmental labour gets to benefit only from what it produces and they have been growing in leaps and bounds but the same people who have failed at running refineries, delivering quality education, maintaining power or even getting basic e-ticketing off ground are the empty barrels always making the loudest noise.

  3. what is the reason for the nationwide strike? i have never heard from abroad that they are on strike. You people cannot rest, from time to time you declare strike.

  4. Mtcheeeeeeeeew Labour will you keep quiet

  5. Na strike no dey finsh on tym

  6. My back is itching...STRIKE
    I have cough..STRIKE
    I feel hot...STRIKE
    Abeg,it has lost it's worth,no more holds water,they should adopt another strategy if they want to be taken seriously.

  7. They should go and yansh down and stop deceiving themselves not us.

  8. I have been at home since October 30th because my office has been on strike. Government has refused to address the issues concerning our union

  9. This is really sad.

    Are strikes taken seriously anymore in this country?

  10. Nobody cares.
    Nobody trusts them.
    They do not speak for the masses.
    And they have no relevance with the masses.
    They need to read the writing on the wall.
    Unless they just feel a need to be occupied.


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