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Friday, March 22, 2024


 #tgif Hailings!

Its a fine Friday and I am just here LOVING MYSELF....
Yesterday i was in a salon fixing eyelashes and could not enable comments for in house news on time and saw some comment yarning opata that i held their comments and even cussing me out..nah wah oh.....Please go to mile 12 market and tell them you want to buy PATIENCE, please dont price it oh.....
Sometimes it is not what it is....
Sometimes i make some reactions and some people will be running around thinking i am referring to them and the people i am referring to will not even get the message that i am referring to them......Na so life be oh.......
Make una dey take am easy abeg you!

I want to address some Allegations against BV OnyinGATE..
Why is she being fingered as Olori Orente an old BV?Where did that come from? who is behind this wicked whisperings that got to me alerting me to be careful? The mentioned Orente has a dubious character that was displayed here and she fell out with some BVs who still comment here.. who remembers Olori Orente?

These liars allege that because one Sunday when i posted Onyingates advert, i quickly removed it and changed the number on the advert, they alleged that i removed Olori orentes numbers and put another one..
Well let me go down memorylane...BV Doggedity sent me an advert he had helped onyingate do, he just wanted to be nice to her since she was so entertaining but he made a mistake with the number which was noted after i had posted and i quickly removed it and replaced with a corrected one.....I am sure Doggedity will remember this....Onyingate is still grategul.
This is me asking whoever is spreading that lie to halt it,I have told Onyin to react to the rumour inside her Sunday column , so let us wait and see what she will say.....
Concerning the alleged Bullying of EX BV Cynhams cakes, let me state here again CATEGORICALLY that she did not stop commenting becuse of bullying but because she was getting free advert from me with the excuse that she could not afford it but was paying for adverts on other blogs.I found out and cussed her out and we fell out and she stopped commenting....If i was the one i would have handled the issue differently but lying that she was bullied is not something i will just let pass....Whoever posted that cock and bull story that she allegedly narrated should go back and tell her that i said she lied.
Dont use my goodwill and then come back to spon me a lie......lori iro!!!
Jeweluchi chocolatenoir i saw what you ranted yesterday about calling me and i brushed you off saying i was watching Jalal..LOL no vexs abeg.
Ehen BV Simply divine.............
OMG I LOVE Prince Salim, he has my kinda defiant character. I love his mindset, i love his eyes and his acting is so top notice...see him body when he remove him shirt, i begin sweat..hahahahahahahahhahha
I love the little girl that plays Jodas daughter...OMG she is too cute!!!
Salim has mistakenly met with Anakali but anakali has sworn not to meet prince salim..hhahhahahahahahaha zee one can twist something...
The childhood friend they want to fix for salim to marry is a princess but best friends with anakali, meaning salim isabout to mingle with ttwo friends...The old dirty woman say he will be entangled with two women and one will love him and one will break his heart....Anakali will break his heart and the gentle Princess will love him but not be loved in return....Hmmm they are still setting the stage for the next set of drama and shocks..
I dont like that boy that looks exactly like his dead dad very wicked boy with pothole face..... salim and his family are in Jodas village to attend the crowning ceremony of that boy....Jodas father is King Bamal abi? e be like the guy kpai but nobody cry, abi i no hear well....dem no dey show joda mama and papa again?her sisters nko?
Roshni won the cooking competition and gave a mumu speech..all of a sudden she dey do like mumu as siddart gbola don sweet am..I like how siddart is handling her, they should ignore her more...yeye faul that thought she is too good for siddart....I am even helping siddart ignore her cos her behaviour pain me....Siddart mum and sister should still help me deal with her oh.....lack of self confidence wanna kee her.
I am also watch Mehek and i am tired of the girl badluck...ah ah e too much!!!
Please simply divine wettin dey?
Your friend Rukaya never strike but she was so excited to see that salim is addicted to the drugs she introduced him to........
n awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..
My people let me make spaghetti and bolognese sauce for the bambinos, if commets are slow to be enabled, i will do so once i am done with the sauce oh...*wink*
Who go dash me one million naira for this Blog?thats like 500 hundred euros oh...I need am to do something...abi nah only to type nonsense una sabi? LOL


EPE is a good place and lively , infact, the fresh fish and lots more at Ebute is what I cherish so much. Well, I just have to appreciate the lagos state governor (both past and present).
My question is, have you ever lodged into an hotel where they sell nothing,no drinks, no food, no music, nothing?
This kind of hotel is good for you Dante and Kelvin, it will make you repent and confess all your sins.
Anyway, when we got to EPE, and we began to look for where to sleep, because the place provided by the person we went to see was so dirty and I can't just deal. Wify and I decided to get a hotel to lodge into. We moved round and couldn't find an hotel that has vacant room(Note: it was on a Friday), so, all rooms have been booked.

We later moved to one area called kolawole bust stop or so and someone directed us to one location. The place is just a throw stone to a bank, we got there and we saw the hotel. We didn't even bother to check the name, we went straight to the reception and we were taken to see the rooms but one thing I noticed is, as big as the hotel was, it was so silent, no music , nothing.
I was even scared to follow the guy because the thing Kan tire me sef. But with faith, we paid decided to pick one. When we were about paying(13k ), the question and answer session began.
An average chubby man signaled and we went to meet him in his office and exchanged pleasantries in the name of Jesus, that was when I knew something is wrong somewhere. He began by asking, "Are you married? Can I see your marriage certificate or any i.d card that shows that you are both married?
In fact, I was so angry but I just kept calm. He continued, ''we don't allow alcohol, no music, no noise except if you want to pray(na church I kan sleep?). I was discouraged but nothing I go do because no place to sleep. We brought out our NIN(showing wife's name as Mrs Adeniji and my I.D showing Mr Adeniji). We paid and the room key was given to us.

For my life, I never use hot and cold water Jacuzzi baf before for my life. I fact, it was a soothing experience. I just dey enjoy myself inside, wify had to come into the bathroom saying "ara oko oshi, you pay 13k for room and you wan use 100k water baf.
I just ignored her and continued with my play away method of bathing. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw wify reading something on the wall then i moved closer, it was then I realized that, the hotel is for Born again chriatians.
All the things pasted on the door is full of bible passages that deals with alcohol, having s#x while not married.
When it was 9pm, some individual converged at the small hall attached to the rooms on that 2bd floor we were and they began to pray. Jesus, I was angry but at a time, I just gave up and joined them in praying. After the prayer, I was approached by a guy and we began to talk. He also lodged in the hotel and he said he has been there for a week now , that he came for a program at EPE and he began to preach the gospel to me.

Me don dey tire for the talk sef, not long, wify opened the room door and called me saying "Ife, please come, it's urgent" immediately she said it's urgent, I knew she only wanted to discharge the guy and when I got inside, it was exactly what i predicted.
I just thanked her cuz me sef don tire. It's worse to the extent that, they don't even sell water let alone beverages, you have to go buy them outside and when coming in, they will check to be sure it's not alcohol.
The next day, we checked out around 10am to attend the event we went for then from there back to Ibadan.
Sincerely, those of you who have bath tub at home or pay large amount of money to sleep in an hotel for a night dey enjoy ooooo. I pray make I get that kind money shaaaa cuz na the Jacuzzi me focused on because the thing gets radio and Bluetooth enabled in case you want to play music through your phone. I never see that kind thing before for my life.
I no dey pass my boundary. There is one hotel we got to sef, na money pursue us. Per night is 90k, I had to tell them to show me the room, Omo, you need see how the room be. Be like heaven on earth.
I pray God blesses me, bless you and every member of this blog, so we can enjoy our lives to the fullest.
Ire oooooo.

Nice hotel initiaitve oh.... there are too many gbenshing joints around in Naija.......I hear there are joints that collect one thousand fast gbenshing.....kai...God bless whoever has that hotel....LOL


-Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.
-The literal meaning of “Once in a blue moon” is once every 2.7 years.
-In 2007, a married couple divorced after realizing they were cheating on each other in an online chatroom, with each other.
-In the year 2022, a 99-year-old man divorced his 96-year-old wife after having been married for 77 years because he discovered an affair she had in the 1940's.




  1. Replies
    1. Good afternoon Esther, how are you and the baby

    2. Dashing you 1m is not the issue, Stella but you giving it to people that are here only for give aways. When some talk, you say leave them. You will say dash me and forget what you will do with it, how can? You always say they should not ass lick you but you favor those that lick your goddamn ass. Real bvs that are permanently overlooked in giveaways are watching.

  2. There are TEN things you should consistently remind yourself in all you do;

    1.You are Born alone and you will die alone.
    2.You came with nothing and you will not take anything along with you when gone.
    3.When your heart stops beating and you are pronounced dead,nothing and absolutely nothing will bring you back to life.
    4.A Day will come when you must die and what will take your life is already waiting for you.
    5.No matter how much you are loved by your family,friends or colleagues,you will eventually be forgotten and life will move on without you.
    6.The only opportunity you have to do anything for yourself or others is now and not later or tomorrow.
    7.I’m sure you don’t visit other’s graves most often;So,do not expect anyone to visit yours.
    8.Each time a day breaks,you are getting closer to your end.
    9.Everything you left behind will be shared by people not liable to the process and means you acquire your vanities.
    10.You can never ever come back to this Earth even for a second and you can never communicate with the other mortals you left behind.

    I couldn't believe my eyes!! who am I that you're so mindful of me? This blessing came at this time I needed it the most... Stella may you know no lossπŸ™ you'll grow from glory to glory, uncountable will fall on your left and right side but non will come close to you and your family in Jesus name (Amen).

    1. Congratulations to you,God bless Stella.

    2. Congratulations 🎊. God is not done with you.

    3. Happy for you, babes. Congrats.πŸ€—πŸ€—

    4. Congratulations πŸŽ‰
      God bless SDK πŸ™

    5. Congratulations.
      Amen,God bless you Stella.


    6. Congrats Gift.

      My good friend those earlier days here. I don't know if we're still good.😁😁

      © TEEJAY

    7. Congratulations πŸ‘

    8. Congrats dear.
      God bless Stella.

    9. Congratulations πŸŽ‰ God bless you richly @SDK

    10. Congratulations to you.

      God continue to bless you Stella.

    11. Congratulations, baby girl.πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚

      Stella is kind like that.πŸ˜πŸ’™
      And I said a loud Amen to all your prayers to her.πŸ™πŸ™

    12. Congratulations 🎊

    13. Contact us for your cleaning services. 0913080118622 March 2024 at 16:30


    14. Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ₯³

      Thanks SDK

    15. Congratulations. God bless SDK

    16. Awwwh. πŸ€—πŸ€—You can say that again. Congratulations dear🌹

  4. Stella, which one is go to mile 12 and tell them you want to buy patience? 🀣🀣🀣🀣. The movie Damsel is so worth it. It's a movie I can watch again. Argylle, hmmm, I stopped watching at the train scene,very annoyingπŸ™„. I'd rather watch sponge bob square pants a thousand times.

    1. Errr Damsel is just there for me sha. Not bad.
      Seen Broke and Proud? Naija YouTube movie but really funny. Problem too full life. Make person laff small😴

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ you dey mind Stella

    3. I loved Damsel very interesting storyline. Please watch Retribution and Ruins on Netflix you will be blown away.

    4. Fidel, Broke and proud was just there o. Not really of fan of Ruth's movies sha.
      MercyBee, Stella na case o.🀣
      Thanks Nkiru, I'll download it.

    5. SDK is the original cruise master,never a dull moment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    6. Fifi, welcome back sweetie 😘.

      I have been reluctant to watch Damsel cuz I am not a fan of Millie. Maybe when I am totally bored, I might just settle. Who can recommend a good horror movie? Preferably a supernatural one, not the slasher kind.

    7. @Nkiru, are they separate movies or movie title is.Retribution and Ruins? Please do rectify

    8. Retribution is an action movie starring Liam Neeson. Ruins is a different movie it a thriller but with no famous actors but I like it was scary with a caution to travellers not to get carried away with strangers that leads them to their deaths!

    9. Movie I've watched over 8 times

    10. BB, never a dull moment o.
      Ak047, it's a good movie.
      Shooter Gyal, I watched it cos you said you kept going back to Netflix. I love the movie.

  5. Picture this!
    You have a customer you know is married and you know the wife also because she has ordered stuff from you severally too.
    The man calls you to order a food tray and big cakes, you initially think it's for madam, but soon enough you discover it's actually for a side chick.
    As a good Christian/Muslim baker, will you still accept the job?
    Oya, let's hear it🀣🀣

    Good afternoon everyoneπŸ’•❤πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’πŸ’ŸπŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ˜˜πŸ˜

    1. Why not? Business is business abeg 🚢

    2. I'll do the job and mind my business,after all wisdom is profitable to direct.
      What God has joined together no man should put asunder,no be me go break home.

    3. You know my religion permits four wives ba?
      So we would definitely support in coming Amariya.

  6. A good afternoon to everyone. Hope our day and weekend goes well.

  7. On the news flash few minutes ago, three university students feared dead in stampede for rice in Nasarawa. This is so heartbreaking and painful for the families of the deceased. This is what hunger can cause.

    Unless you're a parent, you'll never understand the feelings of losing a child, let alone the one at the university.

    May God comfort the families.

    I think Nigerian authority should educate and train people on managing crowd and stampede. This is becoming a repeating occurrence most especially when there's a palliative to be shared among the people.

    © TEEJAY

    1. Sad 😭😭😭
      May God rest their souls.

    2. Five dead and 10 fighting for their lives.

      All because of 7kg rice 😭😭😭😭

      It happened in my state uni.

  8. So the literal meaning of “once in a blue moon” is once every 2.7 years? Wow! I've learnt something new today.

    Weekend salutations to you all πŸ’™

    1. Good afternoon dearest 😘😘😘

  9. You shouldn’t fight everything that comes your way, live upset, can’t sleep at night. The enemy didn’t get the upper hand; he didn’t somehow get control of your life. God is still on the throne. The betrayal wasn’t fair, but God didn’t stop it because it’s leading you to your destiny. You didn’t like the disappointment. It looks like the enemy is prevailing, like the opposition is holding you back, but you don’t know what God is up to. What you can’t see is on the other side of that crucifixion, so to speak, is a resurrection. On the other side of the betrayal, the sickness, the disappointment is a new level of your destiny. Stop resisting and start resting.

    Joel Osteen

    1. This Joel is always on point. He must have had so many hard life's experiences that latter ended testimony

  10. Good afternoon everyone 😊

    Me too like that Pinky hotel oooo

  11. Olori Orente, dubious character????

    I saw it coming.

    I think this same Olori Orente was responsible for the issue I had here with a Bv back then simply cos I wrote about her bad treatment to bvs who patronized her shoes business. She will give them spoilt shoes and when they complain, she will sound so rude to them. Instead of responding or taking corrections, she did what she did at the time. Even one other Bv P.T supported her and insulted me.

    This life......

    Today, I'm still here. All those who thought I would have scammed Stella and Bvs and then ran away. I'm sorry I disappointed you all. I will still be here as long as the blog exist.

    © TEEJAY

    1. Pele o boda teejay. Epele gan sir.
      Must you always make issues on the blog about you? Like, one issue go come up, then you go find a way to make it about you.
      You are still here, but how may times you don cast?
      How many times have you displayed childishness (let me not use the word I so want to use)?
      How many times you don talk say you no go do "this or that" again, yet you still do?
      How many times you don type epistles on how you have changed, how you are a better man now, how you have grown, yen yen yen, yet, you've gone back to factory setting? E.g, Your "I am craving crocodile eggs and tambolo sauce" don dey surface again, small small.
      You are still here, but you don begin (again) to wan be friends with one female at a time. From "Zaram dear, Zaram love, Zaram one thing one thing" (abeg Zaram no vex, biko), to Big mama. Boya as you read reminder say she don marry, now, today, you don wan use scope move to Giftmoshea.
      Oga Ade, abeg, grow up.
      Some of those who have left the blog are doing super duper well and your "claim to fame" is that, "You are still here".

      If you like, abuse me, it won't have any effect, cos I am only being blunt. At least I am telling you, what "your friends" won't.

    2. I think the Olori bv that sold shoes is Olori Isis and not orente.

    3. By the way Anon 15:10 A.K.A Bv Game mistress. You don't need to go anonymous. Yes you read me well. You have used the Boda on Dante here last week. So I know it's you. No one here uses that but you.

      I see your heart.

      ©. TEEJAY

    4. Simply divine
      Olori isis is different. She sold rubber shoes and she had already disappeared before Olori orente became popular and started selling Okirika shoes.

    5. So only one persin uses boda in the entire blogosphere? Na wa for you o

    6. Miss Aboki,

      Let her deny it let me drop two occasions she had used it. I repeat, she's the only one using Boda here I know the things bvs uses here that will always give them out when they go anonymous.

      Let her come out with her full chest and deny it. Then I will drop it.

      © TEEJAY

    7. Teejay and Yul Edochie are members of the same WhatsApp group.

    8. Chai, na man br ds abi na woman? Teejay never disappoints 😁 - very petty and immature. Pls get busy and fully engaged.

    9. Hahaha, just dey read this. Boda ode🀣🀣🀣 wetin go carry me go anon to reply you?! Ori n ta bobo you sha

  12. Waaaaawu, how Onyingate go take be Olori orente? Abeg, Abeg oooo, they are nothing alike. This how they make people stop their contributions to the blog. And still complain about the lack of variety posts. Human beings are so insatiable. Hian 😏

    Fidel, welcome back. So good to have you back. Remain strong, dearie 😘

    Bv Shyla, I'm waiting for your comeback. Can't wait to see your bubbly comment on here. Keep staying, Strong.

    Y'all enjoy the rest of the day 😘😘😘

    1. Only me know who Onyigate be.

      I no go tell anybody eeeh😁😁

      © TEEJAY

    2. Omotola, see me laughing here and want to pee on myself. These bvs are something else.

      Oyin, oya come and give them your response o🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    3. Please Teejay stop. If it's a joke just stop. You don't know who OyinGATE is.

    4. 16:11, 🀣
      Before you know it now, people will flock into his mail box for amebo

    5. Anon 16:11,

      Okay I don stop. Make you no vex again you hear.

      © TEEJAY

  13. Good afternoon Stella and BVs πŸ˜πŸ’•

  14. Oluwaseun for his mercies endureth forever.

    I dey come make I get cold water

  15. Good afternoon ma 😁
    You like Salim πŸ™„πŸ˜³, when Salim finds out that Anarkali is Nadira, he'd hate her so much he unknowingly ended up destroying her life, which made it impossible for him to marry her. He ended up marrying maan bai, Jodha's niece. Yes, king Bharmal is dead, with his mom and wife but it was forwarded, you know the series is about Jalal and Jodha telling the story of their love, so some narrative is just for us to know what happened in the past. Jodha's brother Bghagwan dad is now king of Amer.
    Yes, Aram bano is very beautiful and smart too.

    That Haider is the devil himself. Very wicked and vindictive. God forbid bad thing, he looks like a Lion.

    Ruks can never stop scheming and plotting against Jodha. Jodha's her problem, she really did Jodha dirty.

    Roshni and Sidharth will unite again because they can never be apart.. Kritika has one kind bad character I disliked but she later changed when she was dealt with 😁😁. She became nice. The biggest villain is Yash. Shabnam was also dangerous.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    1. Honestly, you dey try. Maybe Stella should just create a dedicated blog post or column for una two abi who are the remaining zeeone lovers here sef? 🚢🚢🚢

    2. If Stella create that post, na only her and 2 others go dey open am oom the way i jump and pass this their zeeworld gist ehn.

  16. Hello ihn 😘
    Good afternoon everyone.

    Jewelu star woman enjoy your zeeone πŸ˜‚ I dey jump and pass the comment cause I can't relate🀣

    So our gotv subscription expired last month and in the quest to cut cost,we decided not to subcibe for now (not with their recent increment) so I decided to dust our free to air strong decoder. Oh God!! Sorry to say this but these Ghanaian are weirdos, infact they're shameless. We'll just be watching a movie then boom they're advertising on how to ennlarge gbola,bumbum and boobs😲😲 they even advertise how to do money rituals shamelessly. You'll see them massaging a woman's boobs life chai naija we are decent people,we get shame. You cant watch a movie with a minor in peace because you'll be embarrassed with their shameless adverts.

    Bvs I salute you all.
    E go surely be ✌️

    1. E don tey wey I don sabi say Ghanaians no get shame. Naija dey holy where Ghanaians dey.

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Anything free to air? Count me out! I'd rather off the tv forever and ever amen! Tah!

    3. May God keep blessing you πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° in every area of life in Jesus name. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  17. I wish u can tell us more about bv orente, because some people still see her as their idol.. πŸ˜‚
    I remembered that year.

    1. I wish so too because I used to see alot of comments here singing her praise.

    2. She did giveaway back then, so it's normal for some beneficiaries to be grateful by showing her support. She was not a bad person like that.

    3. If she scam people then she's a bad person,don't cover bad character.

    4. Can't you people comprehend simple writeups - she didn't scam anyone, but only deceitful and ungrateful to SDK by paying for adverts on another platform. Bad of her! Lots of you here are scammers - applying for give aways multiple times with different IDs or lying and applying for give aways when not qualified

  18. I remember BV Orente wella,was she the one that sold shoes then?
    And I also remember Stellz having issues with Cynhams cake then,but Stellz didn't mention names,she just mentioned a BV getting free adverts from her but paying to do it somewhere else(I don't know if Stellz eventually casted her name).
    Una happy weekend o.

    1. The few times bvs called Olori out for bad service, she will form being suicidal and threaten to end it all. Stella will now be appealing to bvs to take it easy on her. She later changed ID to love and light.

    2. I remember her shoes wahala with bvs. She sold okirirka shoes.
      The shoes will open mouth when bvs wear them for the first time and she will say her shoes are ok, nothing is wrong with them

    3. A lot has happened on here for real!!

      Hello Miss Aboki

    4. I learnt she attempted suicides and her husband was calling Stella, told her to stop commenting.. The story plenty

    5. This blog is drama filled, no dull moment.

      Hey Choco 😘
      Good looking out to you. *Side eyes at Miliki*

  19. IHN

    Good afternoon everyone πŸ₯³
    I wish you all a bright and beautiful day πŸ₯‚

  20. How can bv orente be the same as Oyingate? Somebody that got giveaway and disappeared

  21. Good afternoon fam
    See that hotel up there, that's the kind I imagined having while growing up,I wanted to become a hotel owner but a godly one o

  22. There's another bv that used to get free advert here then, I was shocked the day I saw her paid ad on LIB. I called her out here and she denied and even dared me to post link. Of course the link was nowhere to be found on LIB and I became the liar.

    1. Yeah miss Aboki.

      It was @Michaaka foods.
      She had supporters who didn't understand what you were trying to drive at.
      In house news April 23,2019.

      She stopped commenting,wonder why?
      I doubt olori orente is here getting a stand alone post.
      Some crook is on the loose.

    2. She called me a liar too including emkay

    3. Yea, that's her. Let me go and read that post again.

    4. I just came back from that post. so Teejay been follow beef me sef, I'm glad I gave it back to him wotowoto. Kikikikiki

      Chai, I been get bad mouth that year sha. Thank God I don repent.

  23. Good afternoon SDK and BVs. I remembered olori Orente,petite and very beautiful,when she quitted her job and started selling okrika shoes,SDK supported her.

  24. Pinky,

    I no fit lodge for that kind hotel. E better say I find night vigil go since na Friday than lodge with that kind condition of a hotel.

    With 13k you can get an average hotel here in ph that's a bit better. But a standard hotel goes from 35k and above per night.

    I remember lodging in a hotel back then where I paid 30k per night. The hotel made sense I swear. The lady is an actress. I don chop life eeeh😁😁😁😁

    Stella, that kind short time hotel known as guest house is very lucrative here I can tell you. Even brothel is a booming business.

    © TEEJAY

  25. Some people get time to be dragging issues ,how do you manage your time ?any way a scammer will never tell what he does for a living but as the saying goes everyday for the thief one day for the owner ,there is nothing like repentant scammer ,once a scammer is always a scammer .

  26. What happened to Orente? Pls someone shud gist us. I remember back then she was ttc and ppl were joining her to pray for fruit of the womb. Pls wat happened after that?

  27. BVs can be so dramatic. Even Onyin's advert has become an issue as well? I mean something that minuscule can actually get people warm and all bothered up? Everything that happened is as exactly as Stella stated. NEITHER Onyin nor Stella herself contacted me before I designed that advert. Stella was even giving side eyes when I sent it to her. She was wondering what the catch was. But there was none and there still remains none.

    1. Oga stick to one blog id na
      Today you are Dogalmighty
      Tomorrow you are DOGgedity

    2. Hold up Dog.

      "NEITHER Onyin nor Stella herself contacted me before I designed that advert".
      How did you get the number you deleted?
      What materials did you use to design? And from who?
      Make it make sense to us please.

      Secondly... on the 22nd March 2024, there was a STAND ALONE POST for the same number, a post strictly for valued loyal bvs?
      So olori orente has been here then.

    3. BV Lady Port. When I'm on my phone, I'm DA. When I'm on my laptop, I'm DOGgedity. But so long as there's Dog there, na me.

  28. Good afternoon
    Enjoying my weekend ooo

  29. Good afternoon everyone

  30. Why will they even think Oyin is Olori Orente? Chai! Bvs and conspiracy theories ehn🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣na wah.

    Fidel sis, welcome back.πŸ€—πŸ«‚

  31. Welcome ihn
    Hope everyone is fine?
    SDK thanks for addressing this issue ,some bvs can be suspicious , quickly to judge and accused others..
    One said my business is adio that I have spent the 50k they gave me..
    I didn't bother myself to reply..
    They can't even figure out the real scammers here..
    They like typing rubbish.

  32. This sun no just wan gree for anybody.😒

  33. Good afternoon Bvs and Stella nwanyi oma. First, I want to specially thank Stella for the alert, I got it and I am very grateful. God will continue to bless you. my prayer in this lent season is that God should grant you all that you desire. Amen.
    Ehen! This our blog sef, una too like drama, Oyin, don't let them get to you. I enjoy what you do every Sunday, keep up the good work.
    enjoy the rest of the day y'all.

  34. Thank you so much SDK for the alert .
    May God favour you everywhere you go. I appreciate you.

    Pls house,thank SDK for me. This means a lot to us.

  35. I don get alert o
    I don get alert o Halleluyah
    SDK you will never lack good things.
    Help shall arise for you every time you need it. You shall go from glory to glory. Thanks ma'am

  36. Fridays get me excited πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
    . Jeweluchi choc noir 🍫🍫🍫❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. My darling how are you doing today I hope you're doing okay
      Nice reading from you , I'm getting on up and about today and I'm thankful for this πŸ™ πŸ™ŒπŸ½
      Thank you for your kindness πŸ™ 😊 ☺️ ❤️ πŸ’œ

    2. My lover πŸ˜˜πŸ’ž thank you so much for all the beautiful prayers and I say a big amen to all of them. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your family πŸ’•

    3. Thank God for you @ Jeweluchi chocolate noir🍫. Uw.
      Amen @ bv Osundi. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. Thanks for the alert SDK. I appreciate you very much. Your coast will never run dry

  38. Good day lovelies.
    Good Friday in a week.
    Christ is the reasonπŸ™

    I munched 4 big red apples at once now my stomach is dented🀭
    Got to round off early today so I go shop for baking items, all dem raisins, oatmilk,almond,peanut,hazelnut for the biscottis, blondies and brownies.
    This Easter got to be lit πŸ”₯πŸ‘Œ

    Stella...When was Cynham trolled? Thought she left with her group members? Maybe you ask her to paste evidence if any. Can't recall.
    Don't price Patience πŸ˜‚, in this economic recession? They'll price, certainly, everybody's eye dey red.

    Olori and Oyin...The mistake doggedity made was deleted, how did he even come about the number?
    2...on the 22nd of March 2024, a stand alone post with the title "Perfume Oil for sale" was made bearing that same number, what's going on?
    Is olori orente here in another name?
    Or someone's playing a game? Whatever emails were used to apply for the post should be reviewed because it's not fair on Olori orente,she don dey her dey.
    It smacks of scamming.
    If you, Stella wake up tomorrow to phone calls and mails saying that you advertised your goods on a blog owned by someone who doesn't want to hear your name, how would you feel?
    Somebody's up to a game in your inbox and the earlier you fish out that person the better for you and all bvs.
    Review all senders' emails regarding those perfume adverts.
    It's easy like that. Or you paste the emails let bvs assist you. true.
    Don't stress yourself about getting loved. It comes easy.

    Stay strong guys.

  39. SDK thank you for the alert
    Plenty blessings I wish you.
    Thanks for always coming through for us. Me and my family appreciate you.

  40. Stella thanks for the credit alert. I'm very grateful. May Almighty God replenish your pockets.

  41. Have an awesome weekend Stella


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