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Friday, May 24, 2024

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



How do I relate with a very manipulative and jealous female colleague. I can't confront her because she is dating our boss.

Whatever you do,please do not confront her if you still value the Job...Dont try it!


  1. Ignore and keep her at arms length, your relations with her should be strictly official matters only. Mind your business to the core please.

  2. Two things are involved it's either you ignore her and continue with your work, or you face her and leave the work..just choose wisely..

  3. What then do you want from her ??Does her attitude affects your job?!
    If No, mind your business.

  4. Try and avoid her...if she dey go go right

  5. When things greater than me appears, I lay it at the alter of prayer and consistently declare that this too shall pass. It's just a matter of time. Jesus created the earth by words. Learn the use of words especially in your closet. God will fight your battles and you will have their peace.
    Read ps 18: 43-50. Personally develop yourself on the job. Be a master in your schedule.
    Zip your mouth from discussing any personal issues especially personal growths at work. Don't gossip her with colleagues because walls have ears. Don't try hard to be on her good book. Most days ignore her. Manipulative woman are deadly but God is the deadliest.

  6. By all means avoid her, your rapport with her should be strictly official

    1. SIMPLE! Except poster is looking for something else at her work place.

  7. Ignore her,and do your job.

  8. Lady T /worth more than a thousand dollars24 May 2024 at 15:21

    Pls pretend she doesn't exist. Like ghost her, and keep your dealings with her very straight and professional.
    Don't allow yourself to be dragged into controversies. If she insults you pretend it wasn't meant for you.
    Jealous people are insecure. She is probably acting on her insecurities.

    It's not too much to pray for where you work, and also your colleagues. May God keep far from you, unwanted friends and envious people.

  9. Please control yourself not confront her because you still need the job except if you don't anymore

  10. Some of my genders are devil from the kingdom of hell, please just avoid her and focus on your work

  11. Hmm, if she is dating your boss, you better keep away from her if you like your job.
    Do your work diligently, don't join in office gossips (especially about her), and start looking for a better job iwhere you'd have a healthier work environment.
    Most importantly take everything to your Creator in prayer.
    Best wishes.

  12. Please don’t confront her ooooooo just be ignoring her abeg. Country hard to start to dey find new job oooo

  13. Be professional at all times. The old saying goes, you have to kiss azz until you can kick it. You will have to grin and bear it. Every witch needs a minion, maybe that will have to be the role you play. Also, no matter how bad someone is they all have some good qualities, so look for what is good in her and focus on that. Maybe by being nice to her she connects you to someone who changes your destiny or perhaps she recommends you for some promotion. So, appeal to the areas of her humanity, cause even Satan has done some good deed and this woman will do hers too.

  14. As a HR professional, I will advice you on the following:

    1. Always act professional around her and keep being professional always around the office.

    2. If you work with her directly or indirectly on projects, make sure your inputs, achievements and accomplishments are recorded by you. Create a file or folder on your system, keep this evidence always in case she may want to take 'glory' for the job you did.

    3. Do not confront her; as a manipulative person will use that as a tactic to gaslight, make you look like a fool and work vigorously to kick out of the office...Always maintain a calm stance; it gives you an edge over them.

    4. Every official conversation on assignments or tasks assigned to you verbally by her; Emphasis on OFFICIAL VERBAL CONVERSATIONS. Document it and send to her via EMAIL or any approved communication channel of your company detailing all discussed and copy all relevant stakeholders.

    5. Don't gossip her with anyone; I mean anyone in your office. There is no BESTIE in the place of work. If you must talk about her, your sisters, friends or boyfriend are your best bet but still filter your information.

    6. Focus on meeting and smashing your objectives, targets assigned to you. Aim to exceed expectations and document everything you do. Your career should be all that matter to you.

    All the best

    1. Nice one! Poster digest this.

    2. This 👍👍👍👍. Also pray about it.


  15. Avoid her,you're colleagues not friends.

  16. Focus on your job and how to achieve the predetermined goals and objectives of the organization.


    God bless

  17. Chika (hello iya boys)24 May 2024 at 21:35

    Nne Biko ingrone her evil character ooo
    And mind yaa business ooo..


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