Stella Dimoko President Jonathan's Media Chat......What Do You Think?


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Monday, September 30, 2013

President Jonathan's Media Chat......What Do You Think?

For those who watched the media chat with President Jonathan yesterday Sunday September 29,2013..what is your honest opinion?How do you feel about his replies to the questions asked?Did you think the questions were 'doctored' like last year?

What questions were not asked?

GOD bless Nigeria!


  1. The media chat further showed him as a clueless leader who is full of ego! Imagine him repeatedly saying: 'Because of peoples ignorance, because of peoples ignorance...' Who are the ignorances he was referring too?

  2. dat hausa girl that blogs30 September 2013 at 08:12

    Watched it but he couldn't answer quetions very well. He was asked abt boko haram leader shekau wether he is dead or alive,his response was he don't know,how will he know that d journalist will know better they speak with boko haram themselves.what a dumb response.

    1. Honestly, this man has no business sitting in Aso Rock. That was the question I was looking out for considering the fact that over 30 students were killed at a school in Yobe yesterday and the President was clueless about Boko Haram. It is a shame. Absolutely dumb response. What was he teaching when he was a lecturer?

    2. Honestly, this man has no business sitting in Aso Rock. That was the question I was looking out for considering the fact that over 30 students were killed at a school in Yobe yesterday and the President was clueless about Boko Haram. It is a shame. Absolutely dumb response. What was he teaching when he was a lecturer?

    3. Why call Mr President a dumb ass....he doesn't know I'd Shekau is alive.... simple. At a point American govt couldn't say if Bin Laden was alive or not.

    4. Reno O Is that you? Shameless dog. Boko haram shd go to the top and kill maybe then jona wld know they exist. Nonsense. Mj

  3. All I can say after watching the president's media chat is.......God help Nigeria! We are drowning!!!!

  4. He was being more on the defensive!like they are tryin to accuse or fight' him,
    he is our leader and being accountable to the pple is their right not a privilege!

    1. He was being defensive. He said Asuu was politically motivated to go on strike. What a daft response! The doctors are going on strike soon, are they politically motivated too? He can't pay the state allocations, is that politically motivated too? That man is not well.

    2. I think we should ask how much the states generate in a month....Nigeria's problems didn't start with GEJ.

    3. Nigeria problems didn't start with GEJ - if he can't contribute meaningfully he should please gerrout from there joor!!!

  5. i weep for my nation.

  6. Summary of the chat
    Media: Mr. President, we are drowning.
    Jonathan: We're working, give us time.
    All I can say is, "GOD Bless Nigeria. Vote wisely in 2015. Your vote is your future. Vote for GOODLUCK or UHURU."

  7. He didn't give pertinent answers; he was just beating about the bush as he usually does.
    I can't believe this man was a former lecturer.

    That man doesn't send Nigerians.
    Like Bloglord said, GOD help Nigeria!

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  9. It was rubbish, wasn't straight forward in his answers, findn excuse for every wrong......just like d wrong leader he is!

  10. GEJ is the dumbest thing ,that happened to Nigeria.smh

  11. If only nigerian wil cast thr vote wisely cos dis country is doomed wth d low level of reasoning of d ones we hve had so far
    Corruption dat is eating chewing nd biting so hard into our system our dear president says it's comes 4th in a poll carried out nd dat low access to funds nd poor infrastructures is 1st nd 2nd,pls my dears watz d root factor of d 1st nd 2nd on d poll
    His respone uneasiness nd defensive mode gave him out dat he is just plain nd simply clueless
    On d shekauh guy abeg if u ask me na who I go ask GEJ nd his reply was u journalists shld knw more than me isn't dat disgrace of d highest order.president can't give a concrete YES or NO to a leader of a group terrorising a country he claims to preside over
    Wat a shame indeed I join in weeping for dis country cos it's doomed its a pity am a nigerian by birth but I for prefer Ghana walahi!!
    Amongst all d other brouhaha he vomitted

  12. D media chat can only be described in one term...DEPRESSING

  13. A useless person, not fit for purpose, clueless, an embarrassment, imagine inviting international friends to watch..

  14. I felt like giving jonadaft A dirty scintillating hot slap. He's A weak president.

  15. Their was no need for the media chat.

    1. @milly its "there" not "their" Product of a failed educational system

  16. Gej,sdk new husband

  17. It was realy boring..I watch d whole n I wasn't challenged @all.I didn't learn anything new then I imagined watchin obama on tv.talking bout d state of america economy.e go beta 1day 1day.God Bless Nigeria

  18. didn't watch the media chat but read about the assu reply on vanguard,I go with him on that cos our universities are not doing anything with their internal generated revenue rather our university vc's and their admin staffs are way richer than some ministers our university need to be checked but I blame Jonathan for removing the university governing council and the vc's were doing as they like tank God the university governing council is back and again I don't understand why the state school should be going on strike when the unpaid allowance is not for them.

  19. Goodluck Jonathan is very basic. With no disrespect,he has the mindset of a local Govt ward leader. That's just the way it is.Not teaching an old Dog new tricks,is an old trick.We can only wait...

  20. Bia SDK whr is my comment no make me vex ooo

  21. As we speak,PHCN offices are shut! The workers ve demands that could shame ASUU. The implementation of the road map to power is on.New investors take over in october. Run off and get your pre paid cards from banks before PHCN unions stop them from selling.BTW, Who has power supply at work or home right now besides gen?


  23. @wide eyed . We do have light in Abuja . guess the PHCN guys here are taking their time .BTW I love your write ups . very sensible.

  24. I feal the media chat would have been used to assess very current issues n the president should rehearse before any televised US presidency- its so easy to predict the questions that will arise..Its vital that Nigerians should regard the No 1 citizen as apt and on top of issues to most minute. Detail. However GEJ is probably given us what is available.


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