Stella Dimoko London Tatafo Season 46


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Sunday, November 27, 2016

London Tatafo Season 46

Wife of a popular London musician is in a husband snatching mess.
*Yes, you read Tatafo right*

You may ask how possible is it that a married woman is snatching a married man in broad day light koro koro? Anything can happen for this we London, and na wetin dem gist tatafo be dat.

Here's the full story.

This artificially light skinned mother of....., and a wife of a popular musical lyrical artiste in London has broken the rules of matrimony. She was trying to eat her cake and have it, but the owner of the husband she was doing codedly isn't letting her get away with it fiam. The wife of the man she's committing adultery with has promised to take her on with a show down, which right now is about to burst the social media.

This one go pass Abike and Jibike something.

Yours truly has seen a preview of what is about to be exposed. Na so dem send me the pictures and recorded VN for WhatsApp, I say my people must hear this hot gist of wetin I take my koro koro eyes see. Nor be lie.

*(will attach a copy for your eyes only Stella Nwanyi.. make e nor be say na Tatafo expose dem)

This popular musician's wife will not find it easy this time, as Tatafo was reliably informed that this will not be the first time that she'll hijack another person's man. It was also revealed that this man she's doing coded runs with is a close ally to her musician husband who didn't suspect anything.


This yellow pawpaw wife of the musician was said to have even initiated friendship with the man's wife, her boyfriend's wife oh, but the lady never suspected anything. Her friends even confirmed that she started visiting their home under the pretense that she has goods to sell to both husband and wife.

*How she was exposed*

It was said that one day, the man's wife saw that someone was calling her husband's phone repeatedly. So she looked at the caller ID and she saw that the name of the caller was the musician. She didn't think much of it, as she knew her husband and the musician were pals. But when the calls wouldn't stop, she wanted to answer the call because her husband was fast asleep.

**swallos spit**

But before she could pick the call it stopped ringing. But then.. a WhatsApp message came in immediately and the wife decided to open it. Na so she take see every every.

The long thread of the WhatsApp conversation proved that the caller wasn't actually the musician himself, but in fact his dear yellow wife. But meanwhile, madame's husband merely stored the musician's wife as the musician so not to arouse any suspicion. That was how the wife saw their series communication, voice notes, and the erotic pictures exchanged, which she is now threatening to expose to the world to see.

See kasala...

Her husband has been begging her but she refused. She says that she wants to teach this muscian's wife a lesson because she later heard about how promiscuous she's been with her husband's fans and friends. Tatafo was told that this yellow lady has done it to many others who decided to let her off after so much pleading.

Should she be exposed?

Husband claims that nothing has happened yet between them, but wife says she's not buying non of that became their constant communication says otherwise. She also saw that her husband had been giving the musician's wife money every time she asked. The last money he paid into her account was £500 and wife is asking her to refund the money as well. They were even planning a trip to go outside London before this kata kata

Tatafo was also told that the musician has asked his wife to leave his house but family and friends are still trying to make the matter a hush hush one to avoid her being disgraced because of their kids. Una sabi the musician and the wife?

London is on FIRE man!

So if in the coming week una see any picture of a married woman with yellow craw craw laps, with a seductive VN making rounds via any social media platform, please know it is that of this musician's wife and her coded Maga. And remember also that tatafo brought the amebo here first. Na my job I dey do no vex

Na wetin I hear and see this week be that oh. Make I run go hear the updates.

Tatafo will be back

*NA WAH OH!!!..But then most of the Ladies that will comment here castigating her might be who them catch be thief nau.
Tatafo you still dey owe and please do not carry that igbese enter next year abeg you!


  1. Replies
    1. Yoruba women can cheat....they just like side fuck.
      Marriage is not for them

    2. Lobatan!! Dis gist yaf reach ere!!

    3. Sorry to disappoint you Kim, the musician is Yoruba and the philanderer wife is Edo😝

    4. Ta! Apu that thing. Igbo women do it more if I begin list names here many homes go just gba okwu.

    5. Just saw her family picture on Google, she's married with 3 boys.
      Besides she's not Yoruba o.

    6. Same for the marriedmen o,they nor dey use eye see girls.Its like a norm to them..I carry yarsh for them

    7. na only dis kain true things dey happen for London? Tiring

    8. na only dis kain things dey happen for London? Tiring

    9. Yoruba ooo,IBO ooo,Hausa ooo,infact all tribe both oyibo na cheat....if na lie throw stone....

      #oversabi aprokos

    10. @ kid jo, you are stupid motherfucker

    11. Which one is this again? So people still indulge in sending their nude pics after all that's been going on? I'm not even talking about the adultery here, but the fact that the lady is so stupid. Good for her. Mshew

  2. Na wah ooo,don't know what to say.

    God Bless Everyone.

  3. Hian! Things are happening.
    Not in a million years would I be able to decode this. Hehehe, lemme wait for comments. *sips coke*

  4. Their cup don full hehehehehhehe.

  5. What is wrong with women of nowadays!!
    You caught your husband with another woman and you're shouting as if your dog as a husband isn't at fault too... He should be crucified too if you're insisting on crucifying her.
    Am not encouraging cheating... Am just saying 'both'are at fault while casting your stone
    Your husband betrayed your trust, and the woman is a cheat....

    1. Yes, both are at fault. But her becoming friends with the mans' wife is out of order!

    2. Exactly. She should disgrace her husband too.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Why now? Abeg expose everything. Rubbish.

  7. This musician's wife is a married prostitute,can u imagine! What a single girl won't do,these married whores are doing without batting an eyelid. I'm angry,what a weak husband she has or maybe they are birds of a feather..what do I know. #clickstongue#

  8. This musician's wife is a married prostitute,can u imagine! What a single girl won't do,these married whores are doing without batting an eyelid. I'm angry,what a weak husband she has or maybe they are birds of a feather..what do I know. #clickstongue#

  9. na wa oooo.... see me wan burn my potato chips because of tatafo...

  10. So if she shamed the woman, hope she will shamed her husband too. Women are not satisfied, is obvious this yellow pawpaw is in for the money not sex
    But who is she

    1. "Hope she will shamed her husband too?" Mumu,go back to school.You and that lady are the same,going after married men. Tueh!

    2. This your English go blow the Internet world o. Calm down and proof read before sending in your nonsense. Olodo

  11. If u re married and need a side boo please go for a small cute guy that u will be spending ur money on, go for the one that will give u good massage and take u to cloud9 not these old married men. Y go for a married man when u have one at home?

    1. You are a darling!!...
      Sugar son is bae!...
      They respect,worship you and do whatever you ask them to do!...
      I can't imagine having an old man with a protruding stomach as a side bobo!..
      For what nah?...
      Someone's husband?...
      Some of them can't even take you to cloud 9...
      Just one round of sex and they will sleep off snoring like what I don't know..
      My husband will not forgive me if he catch me with someone like that!...

    2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @queen they coming for u.

    3. Not for the sex, for money. Small boy no go fit transfer £500 na!

  12. #If someone wants you, nothing will keep them away, but if they don't want you, nothing will make them stay*

  13. Tatafo stop slut shaming women... Maybe she needs a little distraction... Carol

  14. Omo see gobeeeee!!!! Uhmmm I think I know d musicians wify jere, who else. I knew dis wud happen nah! Onidokudo ni baby yen. Let dem expose her jere maybe she'll learn d hard way. Katikati

  15. Abeg make una release the pisho and video for world pipu to wash

  16. Solek's wife ...hmmmm

  17. Anyway I must yarn ma own oooo....she has fucked up big tym ooo buh let's not criticize her much bcos if u are in her position you will do worse

  18. Dangerous combination of Ratchetness and Razzness na im be the cause of this "yeye dey smell" matter.

    Anyway, e good as ratchet and razz people dey marry each other, make dem no come infect the rest of us with their Mushin madness.

  19. The husband is doing it too life? So what's the big deal? To the wife, why not fight your husband after all he will he the one to ask her out


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