Stella Dimoko President Buhari Says Economic Recession Will Ebb In 2017


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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

President Buhari Says Economic Recession Will Ebb In 2017

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed optimism that the current economic recession will ebb in 2017.

Speaking Monday, in Abuja while declaring open an induction course organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Nigerian Career Ambassadors-designate who were recently cleared by the Senate, President Buhari said:

“We are optimistic that the external factors that partly contributed to push our economy into recession will ebb in 2017. Until then, I regret that the resources available to fund our missions abroad will not be as robust as we would like.

“We are working hard to turn around our national economy by effectively reforming our macroeconomic environment through measures, some of which were outlined in my budget speech to the National Assembly last week.”

The President, who said the prevailing economic circumstances have led to a restructuring of Nigerian missions abroad, reminded the Ambassadors-designate that , “as we are all making great sacrifices at home, we also expect you to similarly make judicious use of the resources put at the disposal of your missions. As Heads of missions, you will be held accountable for the utilisation of all resources under your control. These are lean times, and all of us are expected to do more with less.”

President Buhari specifically charged the Ambassadors-designate to change the narrative of Nigeria outside the country by playing up the positive values and outstanding contributions of Nigerians in the global arena.

“I want to emphasise your duty to change the narrative of Nigeria as seen by the outside world. For far too long, we have allowed Nigeria to be defined by others, always emphasizing our negatives. To the average foreigner, Nigeria evokes 419, terrorism, militancy, communal and religious clashes, insecurity, corruption and all our other faults,” he said.

The President continued: “You have the duty to correct this narrative by taking the initiative to define and portray our country for what it truly is. We are a nation of 180 million vibrant, enterprising, hardworking, hospitable and peaceful people. We are a remarkable nation that has succeeded in harnessing our multiple diversities as strengths such that we are the leading country on the continent. Therefore, you will need to mobilise, sensitise and motivate all your staff so that together you engage with your host governments, the private sector and other segments of the society to explain that Nigeria is much more than the negative image portrayed to them.”

President Buhari also enjoined them to leverage on the achievements of Nigerians within the country and in diaspora: Think of people like Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, Chinedu Echeruo who founded Hotspot application which he sold to Apple for over a billion Dollars; think of Bayo Ogunlesi, who runs over a billion Dollar Infrastructure Fund and is now Adviser to US President-elect; and Jelani Aliyu, an accomplished car designer at General Motors. Indeed, these and other hardworking Nigerian professionals in the diaspora have never forgotten their roots and have been making significant contributions to their communities back home, and even to our economy through their huge remittances.”

He urged them to sustain the work ethic characterized by the love of country, professionalism, excellence, integrity and honour associated with the “Nigerian diplomatic tradition established in 1957 by the pioneers of the Nigerian Foreign Service, sometimes referred to as the “Twelve Apostles” and also “bequeath same to succeeding generations. ”

President Buhari also charged the Ambassadors-designate to stress Nigeria’s commitment to international peace and security through contributions “to nearly every UN peacekeeping initiative since 1960 when we achieved our independence. In addition, we are the stabilizers and shock absorbers of West Africa having helped to contain potentially de-stabilizing developments in the sub-region.”

He urged the Ambassadors–designate always to be mindful of the national priorities that “revolve around the economy, security, anti-corruption, good governance, agricultural transformation and infrastructural development, including rail, roads and power” and use their roles “as Principal Representatives to build meaningful partnerships to attract foreign investments, new skills and technologies.”

President Buhari stressed that “as Nigerian Ambassadors, you must set the standard of putting Nigeria first in all your actions. You must show leadership, fairness and justice to all. Discipline, probity, accountability and zero tolerance for corruption must be your watchwords. You are expected to project the best image and traditions of our country in your conduct and all you do.”


  1. Ok, noted & you will leave by 2019!

    ... Jesus is my worth!

  2. I just look at this clown of a President and laugh.... you are optimistic that the recession will ebb in 2017? what measure have your put in place that you expect to make it ebb? is it the billions you spent in looking for oil in the north while verbally singing diversification of the economy? continue "being optimistic that recessionwill ebb" and don't work towards it.

    1. PG 18
      Very funny, u were the first to go to the abroad to call nigeria corrupt. When people that have sense like me said that was a very wrong move. People say he was damn right. So why tell them to go speak well of nigeria when u don spoil am aready.baba done talk say e no good, who go open ear for pikin again?

  3. Speculations, speculations and more speculations.

  4. Please let it end oo. This economic situation get as e be. This time last year, I know how much I had as cash... God please let this recession stop.

    BTW, Who is Santa CEO? How did I miss you?

  5. Shey president buhari know the meaning of ebb.

    Just bringing more hardship to people. If the country was ok, will anyone put their money in MMM.

    Abeg baba, we are waiting for 2019 make you carry your kaya go to duara where you belong.

  6. *yinmu
    Buhari says Buhari says...
    Can he stop saying and do already.
    Last night news headlines 'FG reaffirms believe that 2017budget will bring a turnaround to Nigerian economy'. Which budget?
    Is it the one that allocation for water resources is higher than that of Education and Health?

  7. How many factories is running already? Let tell ourselves the plain truth

  8. Recession will 'ebb' in 2017?

    Stella, check ur heading biko.

    That aside, if this recession doesn't end, Buhari must be impeached o

  9. Hmmmmmmmm! Baba haff come again*phew* We hope and pray so!

  10. SAI BABA

  11. Recession will with no blueprint economic sir???

    We are definitely voting you out come 2019.

    Even all the boothlickers and sycophants singing your praise before now have all known better.

    #Clueless president
    #Worst in the history of Nigeria

  12. ebb means for something to decline or upturn in he is saying recession should decline by is cheap sha

    okanje...factories are running, not factories is running.

  13. Buhari keep deceiving yourself. How will the recession go away without any sound economic team. Nigerians can't point to anything the 2016 budget ahieved.All the evil policies in place now need to be changed and most importantly, all this sawdust brain ministers needs to be shown the door.Buhari and his evil change should the propaganda, elections are over

  14. Uncle stop saying and start working! People are suffering and you're just giving false promises. See yourself out before 2019 please. Thanks in advance.


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