Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 18


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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Service Year Boulevard 18

As a fine girl that you IS nau.....

Hello Stella darling, am a regular blog visitor though i comment under
anonymous once in a while. Here is my NYSC boulevard i hope SDK family
will like it.

My NYSC started August 2014 i was posted to Abia State. I was not
happy initially because I wanted Oyo state. Fast forward to the day i
left for camp inside heavy showers of rain from our origin to

I jogged inside the rain and camp officials checked our bags at the camp gate.
My friend and I got our mattress immediately and we settled in our
hostel. We were advised to start registration the next day (but as the
strong headed girls that we are now) we started registration that
night till light out and we couldn't get anything to eat that night .

The next morning was strange and stressful we were woken up by 3:30am,
the most painful part of it was bathing out inside cold (cold on the
hills of Umunna Bende be no here o). 

So i and my friend dressed up wearing our mofty in order to skip parades we did it for two sha.
Day in day out camp became more interesting, was part of my platoon
parade and contested for miss NYSC though i did not win but was glad i was
part of it. And gosh! my platoon was the most interesting,we were
like family, our parades was always a turn up party hmmmmm...

I miss our platoon commander dude was a good and nice guy.

After 21days in camp it was time to leave, tension was everywhere,
everybody was anticipating where their PPA would be, i was sad because
camp was becoming to be more fun and was gonna miss my Friends.

My first PPA was a village school, i fell sick immediately when i got
to my LGA and PPA. How would i survive in this bush? Why would NYSC
post me to a rural school?

With the help of my uncle i found my way back to the state capital.
Nysc year was fun, made few friends, had many NYSC boos 
(igbos can too like fair ladies sha). 

My Nysc lodge was the bomb (shout out to all afara-mansion ex corpers) we were like family, i miss the Saturdays sanitation's, unnecessary arguments, annoying money contributions,hanging outs. Oh! I miss hoffers restaurant especially their fresh popcorn and sharwama. 

Umuahia here i come next year.

*You forgot to salute all your ex boos...LOL


  1. o God I must send mine to it was awesome, i miss our Saturday parties and our quarrelling it was fun jweeeexz.....miss sexy panties

  2. Thanks, but next poster should add sugar and milk to make it more tasty and sweet

    *Larry was here*

  3. Hehehhehe..... Shout out to all International students during Service year.. We Rock!!!

    1. So ideato you are an international relations graduate abi,same here oh,gud to kniw

    2. Fakestar!!! what camp were you posted to and what year? Ajepako like you claiming international student.

    3. Lmao.somebody should come and wake me up.ideato easy na

  4. Hahahahah
    I used to pay one lady in Mami to boil water for me every morning..
    Initially I hid it cos I didn't want the other girls to think i couldn't whether the "storm"😂😂😂😂

    My close girls finally got to know,I hooked them up to a scoop or two every morning.
    That was how I defeated my NYSC Camp morning fear!!

  5. I wonder why you all are afraid to serve in rural areas as if the people living there are zombies.

    Anyway congrats. at all at all nai bad.

  6. Everyone has that uncle that sorts out their NYSC ish.
    I'm glad you enjoyed your service year

    1. Except me.
      Right now I need an NYSC uncle to come sort things out for me because these people are slowly trying to make me go crazy...Lol

  7. Wow!That's very intersting.I will soon send mine too!

  8. I was expectin one rltnshp boulevard as dat is d new trend,lolz,in all,twas nice.

  9. Hey,we served at the same was fun.....OCHENDO hostel,boys in that hostel could worry "hold something". Funny soilder........fond memories mehn!!!!

    1. Hold something what a funny solider. Ochendo boys can steal for Africa

  10. chai,, i feel u girl, i served a year after you in abia... aunt stellz ama send my service year gist soon... hoffers popcorn is dope and their shawarma is to die for

    1. You are on Point dear

  11. Awwww!!!!! Thanks stella for posting my story shoutout to all abia state batch b 2014 set

    1. Hoffers popcorn always the best in Umuahia


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